Monday, December 14, 2009

FR 36 First solo mission as Suicide member!

If you guys can recall, I mentioned to some of you that I once did a solo mission before the comunity, and I eyed this very cute asian chick. she opened me, but there was a dude who was also compeeting for her, and he came with his 6 friends. I had no friends, and as hard as I fought, compeeting against 7 cockblocks was pretty impossible. I remember this night I wen't home really depressed, because I realized I had never really had friends that cared for me, the few friends I had in Jersey would never go out of their way to help me like those guys helped him. I would never expect that only a month or 2 later I would find such an amazing circle of friends.

Fast forward to today- With Suicide crew, and other friends I've made amazing progress in only 1 month and a half. Today I called them, and other guys, and nobody seemed to be going out. I had a few more options, but it was clear that solo was still something I was purposely overlooking. I was very nervous and recalling my last solo experience. this was going to truly test how much progress I really made. I could have gone straight from work, but I was making excuses to my self, and decided to go home first. I called people, and wasted my time trying to tell my self I was doing my best to make it. I got ready and it was late. I was all ready contemplating the idea of staying home. It was clear I was sabotaging my self. It was 1:30 and I was still home, They shut down adams morgan at 2:30, it takes 30 mins to walk there, which means if I went, I would only have 30mins to sarge. Thats exactly what I did. On my way there my emotional circutry was firing, I had a very weird mix of emotions.

Vicious unleashed- I arrived there at exactly 2:05 and the place looked deserted, and cold. I had no time to waste, so I quickly scouted the venues to see which was better. Most were empty. I saw heaven or hell but theres a cover there, How ever I had come with the intention of excercising my persuasive powers. I befriended the bouncer and got in for free(Something I could never do before) I spotted a few chicks. My AA was kicking, then 1 made eye contact. I used the dancing opener. It hooked, It went well until I went for the makeout. She was married. My focus was still persuation but the best I could get outta this chick was a kiss on the cheek, and a face turn from the makeout. Still it was something I wasn't able to do before. I also managed to stop a girl on the street, with pure eye contact, and danced with her. I was clearly a different man.

New weapon- If you recall in 1 of my FRs I made an insta wing. I was runing out of time and no sets whatsoever. How ever I was aiming to try my new weapon. I went in this little place and spotted like 7 dudes, 1 was gaming the only 2 chicks, while the other one was giving advice, They also seemed to have PUA uniforms(Don't ask me what they are, I just know how to spot them) I stayed and watched. They started walking out. As we hit the down I asked 1 of them so is this like field training(lol) he played stupid and kept walking. I went to the leader and said, I can see when guys are running game(or something along those lines) Mind if I join you?(leadership tone) The guy said sure thing man blah, blah, blah. The rest of the night I totally became the leader, and started calling the shots. I told them tales of Suicide missions, and my crew(without revealing the comunity) they were captivated. I bummed 2 shots, and 2 beers outta them, and opened a lonewolf in front of them. They number closed me and are eager to hang with me again.

Dreams of a new lifestyle- Some of my life long dreams, are so close to me, I can feel them. and with this new ability I have to make friends everywhere I go, another one of my demons has vanished, and once again that feeling of satisfaction has taken over.

FR 35 Power shift!

Tonight I don't really count as a FR because I had Major help but it was very fun while at the same time it felt very wrong. Our boy Mike diamond bought a table in midtown. It was something I wasn't used to so I had a hard time adapting to it. I First tried my skill with out the help of the table. Couldn't hook at all. Then I decided to be selfish and cheat alittle. I was amazed at how little dignity girls had, and how fake they were. I literally wasn't able to connect with any of them, and the fact that they were soo fake and pretended to like me and the rest of the crew because of the table, disgusted me. Either way I've never liked midtown cuz to me people there all ready seem fake most of the time(yeah maybe my limiting belief) But I really don't like the type of crowd that goes there. I was anoyed, disgusted, and amused at how far they were willing to take this. I decided to become a straight up ASSHOLE. hardcore. I know its not healthy, and blah blah, but Hey it was gonna be a new experience and I disrespected those people so why not. I was literally probably like tony montana in the end scene of scarface, when hes high, gone and a complete monster. I got drunk and brought girls to the table, to later kick them out in the most horrible ways. One particular one, wanted to grab a drink, and I took it from her.
Vicious- "No you're not drinking"
HB gold digger- "Why"
Vicious- "First of all you're all ready drunk, second of all you don't deserve it, sit over there"
HB gold digger- I don't like your attitude
Vicious- Leave the fucking table, go, I don't want you here!
The HB gold digger, put her head down, grabbed her stuff and left. Another one that had previously shut me down, came over with a bunch of guys and they were sitting at our table. I turned to andy and asked him if he knew them, he said no.
Vicious(to the chick and the guys)- Who do you guys know in here, why are you here
HB- You mean we can't even sit here
Vicious- this is not your table, I don't want you here, You can sit over there.
HB(to all her friends)- Let's get the fuck outta here, they don't want us here
Vicious- LOL does it affect you that much that we don't want you here? Just go over there.

After that night I heard similar stories from the rest of the crew. I found out most of us were being straight up assholes. I'm always against arrogant assholes, And I'm not this way my self, but I'm also a big fan of trying new experiences out, and so I did, I now know how Bitches feel and why they're such bitches. And by bitches I don't mean girls in general, I mean the few Bitches that like to hurt people's feelings. Overall I learned some very important leassons this night. I also learned how very empty shallow people feel inside and why they're so bitter. Its because no one cares about them at an emotional level. Its truly frustrating feeling. I thank Mike diamond for giving me this experience, I learned so many things. That whole night I didn't game, I just wanted to see how stupid people really were.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

FR 34 Battle of game styles!

Tonight was facinating. I had a blast. I got a call from Live forever to meet at ESL. the guys from the meet up were to game there. I haven't gamed in a bit so I was a bit nervous, also knowing that I'm still stuck on the 3 plateaus. But I was also excited. I arrived at ESL and met up with Live forever, Mike diamond, Weekend at bernies, Tigro, Andras, and some other PUAs. I've been hanging so much with the Suicide crew that I totally forgot other game styles existed lol.

Joining the Suicide ranks- The one thing that the Suicide crew is known for is hooking sets, but It's 1 thing I've really struggled with. I had just arrived and Live forever all ready had bussiness for me. We rushed to the inside. I spotted 2 Very attractive european women. I knew if I didn't approach them on my own, Live forever was gonna be on my ass . So I went straight for the kill. I kept in mind the advice on my 3 plateaus. Came in with strong tonality. They hooked hard(I was like WTF) as I gamed them, Andras joined in to wing. I had just met him and heard good things about him. He didn't dissapoint, and turned out to be a pretty good wing man. Not only was I able to hook, but I managed to stay in set for about 20 mins which to me was pretty impossible Since I have poor conversation skills. Male friend came, and I introduced my self, number closed her, and ejected shortly after(should have stayed)
This told me it was gonna be a good night.

Battle of styles- Very soon as I interacted with other comunity members, I realized Vicious style and the style the Suicide crew has adopted was very weird to other comunity members, but on that same note, it was very effective as well. I attempted to wing tigro, but our styles were way too different and so were our mindsets, in a good way. Tigro thought I was making field mistakes, when in reality LOL breaking social rules is the core of suicide crew's style. Soon he saw Live forever in action, using the same style to great success. While at the same time I saw Tigro hooking a set with his own style. After exchanging game, we each grew to respect each others game type.

Vicious style- I met a dude who didn't seem to be PUA but was there to pick up chicks. I decided to take him with me to try some Suicide challenges. My 1st challenge, he had to use the head opener(putting your hand on a girls head and keeping it there) This was totally weird and unusual to him so his AA kicked, but he did it hit and run style. Wasn't exactly what I had in mind but hey, he did it. My turn. He requested I dance with the chick in front of me(I've done this thousands of times. piece of cake) I used my dancing opener and she hooked hard. I ejected after a while of dancing. Then he failed the Marry me opener(you have to ask a chick to marry you) So I gave him a lighter one. He wasn't able to excecute it but was doing very well. A gutsy energetic kid. He was able to expand his mind about whats possible. I kept doing the head opener to great success and was finally hooking sets.

Temporary ONITIS!- I spotted a very cute Korean chick. Asian chicks are my kryptonite so I was choding. Suddenly I met Brother James. I bragged about my head opener. He said you don't need openers, I said, this one is fun. He requested a demo. It was on. I used it on the Korean chick. It hooked hard. As I kept gaming her my attraction was growing. She was into me and Fucking kino went to sleep again. She even started kinoing me, and I couldn't get my self to kino her. I chatted with her for about 25 mins, She let me invade her space and I couldn't get my self to kino her. The friend tried to cockblock me the whole time but couldn't do it. I ejected, gamed some more and then came out to the patio with my new wing. I spotted a 2 set, he was all ready on his way to them, It turned out to be the same korean chick with the friend(CRAP) Luckily he opened the friend and not the Korean chick. He got their names and introduced me to them(not knowing I had all ready gamed them) I pretended to just have met her, and she laughed. This time we were very close to each other, I looked her in the eye and my heart started pounding, and my penis was waking up It was clear I had to go for the kill but this oneitis was fucking me up. After some light kino, she said I have to use the ladies room. I number closed her and reached over and kissed her. she responded very well to it, and then left to use the rest room. I was dying to makeout with her. Found her later on that night but couldn't really get my self to reapproach. She got number closed by other dudes. It's clear I had some competition. Oh yea also got semibusted by the friend since she came back and said "Your friend is a very good wingman" LOL funny thing is the dude knew nothing about the game, and I don't use routines, so how we got busted is beyond me, but I was like, huh? Yeha I guess he is(like I didn't know what was going on)

Special thanks- My 3 plateaus- Tonality, Conversations, Kino. and tonight I beat the shit outta the 3, managed to make some good allies, and kissed one of the cutest asian chicks I ever kissed in my life(1st cute Asian chick through cold approach) I give special thanks to Live forever for coaching me with such patience, The Suicide crew, and all the Puas that have helped me. Thank you for making my life better.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

FR 33 A taste of true social freedom!

Btw IDK If you guys have noticed that I'm leaving my FRs undetailed, and I'm not setting clear challenges etc. It's because I'm taking the whole December off as vacation although I'm still sarging. I just can't do it as consistently because of all the holidays, work, NJ visits, etc. as well as the rest of the Suicide crew. We'll be back in full action by January

The crew hit MC Faddens today. It was semi target rich, and there were some pretty decent sets. The mood was on, and as usual I arrived late since I had work. It turns out that Southern style had brought with him that legendary state that automatically pulls girls towards him, and Live forever was kinda twisted all ready and seemed to have . I was the only one who didn't seem to have that glow with me. but then again, I always excecute even when I'm out of state. I all ready knew it was gonna be a good night.

Hide and seek- So I'm ready to get my ass shut down, till Southern style mentions there's an old friend waiting for me. Suddenly my memory comes back. I remember the Fat chick from the previous FR threatened she would be there on thursday! "Oh crap" Sure enough, she wasn't hard to spot. Live forever takes me outside to coach me. As I hit the downstairs, I try to weasel my way past her without being spotted. I manage to open the door, thinking I was sleek. And there she comes! ugh. after like 3 attempts to open me, and me playing it cold, she gets the hint. thank goodness. Live forever coaches me and directs me.

My struggle- As usual. I attempt the missions but I still can't execute effectively. Once again, I get frustrated, and dissapointed, but extremely eager to overcome this. I open sets using the loud tonality. they finally start hooking but that still leaves the Kino, and conversational plateaus to deal with. Live forever keeps demoing for me and I still can't do it. ugh! Southern style is left gaming all my abandoned sets(bastard!) Southern style hooks sets left and right as expected.

True social freedom/bringing the matrix to life- Normally I don't give much credit to people who use alcohol as a crutch but I must admit, this was such an amazing display of game. Live foreve went on an absolute rampage. He used the most ridiculous self invented routines, did some of the most socially unaccepted things, and got away with it. His frame was so unbelievably strong, that people felt absolutely owned by him. He coached me while I was in set, in front of them. For this one night he was truly socially free, and had brought a reality to life that I had only read about. Although there was NO way in hell I could possibly reproduce such a thing with my current state, Thanks to this, I was able to eliminate some of my limiting beliefs. Now I know, anything can really be done with the right beliefs. I mean if I told this guy to bark at someone, he would have done it and hooked!

I still couldn't overcome my sticking points the rest of the night, but once again, the learning experience and exposure I got were priceless!

Leassons learned

People are too worried about their own insecurities to give a shit about your actions

Must remember to make conversation playfull as oppesed to deep.

Must remember to lead the conversation to useful seduction subjects

Friday, December 4, 2009

FR 32 Three tought challenges!

So if I understand correctly, the way this works, is you start out really good. then you hit a plateau, and start sucking. after alot of asswhooping, you break it, and you do good again until you hit another one, and so on and so on.
My first plateau was a fucked up social fear. I created the suicide missions, and later the Suicide crew was created out of that same plateau that held us all back. After shitloads of pain and struggle, we managed to break free. not totally but enough for us to work. This was probably the toughest for Southern style. And he's finally free. At this point, I make very quick progress, until inevitably I hit the next one. this one turns out to be a bitch. This is sexual fear, It's so fucked up, that I start breaking down. After plenty of analysis, and loads of self arguments, I manage to stop the breakdowns. I start doing good, and getting makeouts. I think I'm through with it, but it comes back to bite me in the ass.

3 tough challenges- So I'm stuck in this sexual fear plateau. But as I attempt to kino in order to get past it, I notice I can't hook sets for my life. This ultimately reveals my next plateau, which happens to be tonality/voice projection. Thanks to Live forever I'm able to realize how creepy I come across to people. Once I'm able to semi-hook sets, I notice how poor my conversational skills are. This is due to my lack of knowledge about culture or anything in general, and my inability to make my convos interesting. These 3 have been kicking my ass left and right. But I actually enjoy the ass whooping. It feels like your second day in the gym. you know, that day you have a hard time sitting on the machine cuz even your ass is sore, and you know you're about to go through some serious pain.

My coach/the antidote- I hit up ESL with Suicide crew, and some other guys. We focus on hooking sets. This whole time I've gotten advice but I haven't been able to execute it. Live forever is my coach in these 3 plateaus. The focus is tonality. Finally, after a while of trial and error, I'm able to have the right tonality for a while. I'm able to hook sets better but I'm still not able to retain them. after the tonality practice, We come up with the goofiest openers, and they actually hook pretty fucking well. So now I work on my conversational skills. after alot awkward silences, I'm able to start seeing the structure of conversation, and getting some basic transitions. At the end of the night, I practice kino through dancing but I've been out all day and forgot to put on deodorant so my armpit stinks LOL. I scare 2 girls away with the whole armpit.

The fire burns- the girls in a 2 set decide to be complete bitches to me because I approach them. Normally I would let it go, but lately I tend to bite back when I'm attacked, because I genuinely believe that I'm doing them a favor by approaching them, and thats no way to thank me. 1 tells me to go away. I'm like wow and I stick out my hands like saying touchy. the other one says, don't think about touching my friend(basically thinking that I'm so desperate that I'll touch them after they're being bitches) After all this bitchines I figure out why they're like this. Something in their tone gives it away. It turns out they're super insecure because they're very average, and theres some hot women compared to them. I capitalize on it. I reopen them, take a look at them, and say "you guys are like, the hottest ones in this whole place" in a super sarcastic tone and disgusted body language. I had no clue this was gonna be such an atomic bomb. After I drop this bomb, they look at each other in a very insecure way, and don't know what to do with them selves, they feel insulted and cought off guard. Then I say "have a good day" in a burlesque tone. They feel so shut down its pathetic. jeeze I still can't believe there are women that insecure out there.

Although this night wasn't the best as far as pick up goes, I learned SO much its insane, I was also finally able to scratch the surface with the 3 plateaus

Leassons learned
-Nobody gives a damn, cuz most people are too insecure about themselves anyway
-this one is hard to explain via text but I learned kinda how to transition conversation wise.
-the head opener(lol My creation thank you very much)- this one is cool as hell. Just put your hand on a woman's head, and leave it there creepy like for a little bit. normally they'll turn around and put their hand on your head. its so funny and hooks extremely well
-the funny dance(Live forever's)- I still suck at this one but it's so money once you get good. all you have to do is dance super goofy and retarded in front of your target. When done properly it builds massive social proof, and attraction

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

FR 31 Giant Suicide vortex!

This day was very weird in a good way. There has been a great need for a system for Suicide crew. I met up with Southern style, and we worked all day on a very powerful system meant to increase Suicide crew's efficiency as well, as it's growth potential, as well as providing each member with a customized game plan with great resources. I can't give much more away, but we started our master plan and is all ready moving to action.

Southern style's awakening- We hit MC Faddens. It wasn't very target rich, but it had some hot women. We started our approaches as usual. Southern style, Zafer, Styfley, and Weekend at Bernie's were all ready handling bussiness. As usual, I approached but wasn't hooking many sets. Everything seemed normal, but Southern style was on fire. What ever was holding him back, sure as hell dissapeared cuz this man has been on fire ever since I got back. His innate ability to hook sets became invaluable. I went away for a second. Southern style had full control of the entire scene. When I came back, Zafer had hooked this very hot hired gun following Southern style's script.

Giant Vortex- Suddenly the entire crew we came with, was in the middle of the venue. Southern style had such a powerful aura, that the crew quickly adopted. Before we knew it, it turned into a huge vortex of fun. Every single person on the venue, specially the hot chicks started being drawn to us. It got so crazy that we literally became the life of the entire venue. our social proof was up the roof, and the struggles we had together made us become close friends. That closeness combined with everyones powerful states created and unstoppable force.

The good samaritan- I had spotted a 3 set. 2 hot chicks, and the super fat sidekick. I was digging one of the hot chicks. I had a hard time approaching her due to all the obstructions between us. As I fought my way through the crowd, the fat chick spotted me and started trying to grind me(ugh how unlucky) I made about 3 attempts to eject, but she was determined to game me. I was gonna shut her down, but Southern style, and Zafer gave me the "don't be an asshole" look. They had a point. I hate bitches, so I couldn't be an asshole. Someone had to take one for the team. I humored her, and there went my chances to game the hot friend. Suddenly I hear the hot friend mention how attracted she is to a dude. The dude is super tall and built, and has a pretty boy face, But he is extremely shy(wall flower) I try to hook them up(there goes my chance to game the hot one. but then again, I all ready lost it due to the fat chick choosing me) Hooking them up is not an easy task. they're both EXTREMELY shy, and I have to keep playing cupid for a while, until they finally talk and exchange numbers. On other news, I can't seem to be able to get rid of the fat chick. She even tries to make out with me ugh. I still manage to have fun and enjoy the music even though I got a 250lb load grinding on me. In the end she threatens to see me on tuesday and thursday(I'm scared shitless lol) and number closes me. Although I didn't get anything special outta this interaction, I was able to see how chicks feel when a chode approaches them, and I was also able to do 2 good deeds so I felt good about my self, and of course I had a fucking blast thanks to Southern style and the rest of the crew.

Monday, November 30, 2009

FR 30 Hope and Despair. The dream lives on!

Jersey travels- You guys were probably wandering why I suddenly dissapeared again. I went to visit my family in NJ. I had time to reflect over somethings, but while I was there, There was only a sargable 3set. My town is small and everyone is dead inside. they all saw me as their one hope, and magic bullet. this put tremendous preassure on me even though I kept telling my self I was doing this for my self. I blew the 3set, and all my other social interactions were with people from my past such as ex highschool students. I found most of the guys, and girls that used to hate me. the guys changed tremendously and apologised for all they did to me in the past. most of the girls kept staring at me(I think they were impressed by the new me) but they didn't talk to me. few of them were bitches like they always have been. I chatted with the guys, and for some reason I was no longer my usual self. once again I was afraid of fucking up, and the one girl I talked to(also from highschool) told me she was single without me even asking. But I was so afraid of fucking up that I just said "look shes cute and single, which means you guys can hit on her(implying my friends)" she laughed and thanked me. I know she gave the hint but it seemed that I had reverted back to my introverted self again for the time there. It was such a fucked up feeling.

My 1st night in DC- I came back to DC and was in no mood for sarging. I went out with the Suicide crew but I was acting so weird I couldn't even explain to my self what was going on. I guess it's this time of the year, and I'm still alone. Also I sometimes get frustrated when I see all these drunk women, and people who carry a lifestyle thats opposite to what I want. I'm aware that this is part of the process and the bigger picture, but sometimes it throws me off alittlebit.

Despair- As soon as I arrived to Lucky bar, Live forever all ready had missions for me. I was feeling scared, but more than scared, I was feeling this emptiness and dissapointment, as I watched all these people with low moral values, and standards, while at the same time I was feeling this thing I can't explain as I saw other beautiful couples, and I couldn't shake it off. With the help of the suicide crew I forced my self to approach and attempt the spin maneuver as directed by Live forever(Live forever is my kino/Voice projection coach) My state was so far off, and my attitude so negative that I was getting shut down left and right.

Hope- The crew split up, and Southern style and I met with kim. There were sets, and the night was alive but I was totally gone, and although my body was there, there was no way for anyone to bring me back. Southern style pulled me to the side and talked to me. Suddenly after a complete state break, Live forever shows up out of nowhere, grabs my arm and takes me to a 3 set. It was then that I remembered the reason why I even joined the comunity, and to refresh the dreams in my head.

Spinning the night away- although Live forever showed an amazing display of game, by spinning like 15 chicks, and creating some massive attraction, and kino. I still couldn't do it successfully. I attemped the spin with the 3 set he pointed out, but my state was horrible, and I got shut down. Then he picked another girl. she opened.(I was glad I was able to even hook something with this fucked up state) I spun her, and danced her around, and did different dance moves. then I put her on my arms and kissed her. I spun her some more, and her friend cockblocked me. It was my 1st hooked set for the night. The night was almost over, and Live forever commanded that I do at least 1 more spin to call it a night. I did, and it hooked. After talking to her and building rapport, she turned out to be a psycho, so I ejected.

The dream lives on- Although I couldn't recover my state that whole night, I was able to remember my life long dreams, and what I set out to do. While in the car, I could still taste the grape flavor lip gloss from that girl's mouth, I was also watching Live forever, as he cheered me on, and was genuinely interested in my success. I was also remembering Southern style's words. Pondering all this over my head was all the proof I needed to know that I will achieve my dreams. Btw guys, I hate writting all this emo shit, It would be easier for me to just writte facts, and leave all this out, but I feel it necesary to be 100% honest and open about my struggles, in order for me to keep a record, and truly learn from my field experiences. I also want this to be a guide to the newbies when I get really good. thank you guys for your support

Monday, November 23, 2009

FR 29 The new risen star in Suicide crew!

2 week focus(5 day weeks)
- Conversation skills, Sexual fear, Smile

being able to stay in sets long, Having the ability to build common rapport with people in general, Being comfortable enough touching women and setting sexual frames to have consistant makeout attempts, Having a compelling nonthreatening smile.

Daily challenge
30+ minutes of conversation practice/study
5+ conversations of atleast 1 minute with random women
5+ minutes smile practice
2+ claws(Wrapping my arm around girls necks)

Suicide crew meet up- Every Suicide crew member skipped everything and left everything to come to the meet up. although we werent going to discuss game much this was a very important meeting. it represented the unity and acomplishments of the suicide crew. Gotta admit I cheated alittle bit and drank, but today wasn't about game. Still the PUA spirit wasn't gonna let us stay home all day.

The new risen star- I'm talking about our newest Suicice crew member Zafer. When I first met him, he seemed very nice, but I also sensed weakness in him. He wasn't even able to approach indirectly. He soon proved me wrong. He started making some very quick progress. not only was he able to handle the fire we put him through, but he turned out to be a great support to the Suicide team. Because he's so mature he is able to guide and the crew when we're being boneheads, also because he is so humble, he is able to learn from everyone, and very quickly, and his dedication allows him to excecute what we teach him extremely well.

New weapon in action- We met Sonic in clarendon, Live forever started opening and hooking some very hard sets. I on the other hand wasn't able to hook sets. Sonic also started hooking pretty much every set. Since I wasn't able to hook any set I decided to use my new weapon.(the one I used in my last FR) I stopped approaching and started focusing on the music. I quickly gained some high energy and began opening chicks with the dancing opener. They immediately hooked pretty well and was able to grind a couple sets. I still knew how ever that this not being able to hook sets through just talking was a big issue. Live forever and Sonic started giving me some pointers and advice. We venue bounced after that.

Target practice

Live forever's advice- Use your diaphram, and talk very loud, you should be able to interrupt any conversation with your tonBoldality.
excercise- Open that 2 set with I gotta tell you a crazy story, and then don't say anything after that, see if they keep talking.
Result- They stopped and after like 5 seconds they were like well? whats the story? I said "Oh theres no story I just wanted to check your attention span" I ejected LOL they were pissed.

Sonic's advice- Always have something to say even if its not interesting, and make it sound exciting with your tonality, Use body rocking until they're fully invested in you, Talk about subjects that interest you.
excercise- open that mixed 3 set and try to captivate them
result- I had no idea what to open with so I used the I don't mean to be rude but she is very beautiful opener. It hooked for a little while but then the same thing happened.

Makeout mania- Through out the rest of the night I still wasn't able to hook any sets, but these guys gave me some awesome advice. I kept practicing, until I saw this not so cute asian chick(like a 6), and walking towards me and I semi used the dancing opener, I wasn't gonna game her but I figured she'd make good target practice. She hooked and I isolated her, then I used my makeout techniques from the last FR. We madeout for a while, then the Suicide crew met up and I found out Zafer had also had a makeout with this cute chick, following Live forever's advice.

Highlights(Leassons learned will be in parenthesis like this)

Cute asian 8.5 metro pregame- She was waiting for the metro I sat next to her, And opened her, I used my identity to build rapport(my metro game is getting super tight) she hooked very hard but for some reason I didn't go for the number. It wasn't fear so IDK what it was, it was weird. After I got up and went in the train, she turned her head and kept looking at me(Using your identity is the most powerful way to build rapport because it's something you passionately believe in)

HB7 Cockblocking contest- She opened me with sorry(her ciggarrete was near me) after like 5 seconds I'm like ahhh(being sarcastic) she laughs. we chat, once again I use my identity and she hooks very hard. I iso her, then suddenly like 5 random friends start showing up one at a time with the sole intention of cockblocking me. I fight them off pretty well, then she is so hooked she won't allow them to pull her away, and she number closes me, and threatens me to call If I don't call her(once again, Identity is the most powerful form of rapport building)

Revealed sticking points

Voice projection
The way I open
Conversational skills
body rocking

Total claws- 3
makeout attempts- 1
makeouts- 1
Total 1+ min. conversations- 4
total conversation practice- 0 mins
total smile practice- 0 mins

BTW to those of you who read this, I thank you very much. this damn report took me literally like 5 hourse, cuz bad shit kept happening every time I was finished and I would have to start over again.

FR 28 A taste of victory! breaking new limits!

2 week focus(5 day weeks)
- Conversation skills, Sexual fear, Smile

being able to stay in sets long, Having the ability to build common rapport with people in general, Being comfortable enough touching women and setting sexual frames to have consistant makeout attempts, Having a compelling nonthreatening smile.
Daily challenge
30+ minutes of conversation practice/study
5+ conversations of atleast 1 minute with random women
5+ minutes smile practice
2+ claws(Wrapping my arm around girls necks)

Believing is seeing- So everybody says seeing is believing, but What I learned is that believing in something, without seeing it, leads to ultimately seeing it. So far I've had this strong belief in what I want. I've struggled in Jersey for a long time, without a single result. I've always wanted to have awesome friends, and to be good with chicks. I've always wanted to open up to people. All these dreams I've had seemed out of reach, and now that I'm watching them unfold before me, I get this amazing feeling I can't descrive to you.

Lucky bar breakthrough- It was the typical Suicide crew, but I felt different than usual. I was "in the moment" Suddenly I no longer had to worry about what to say how to open. Before getting in that state, I had all ready opened but they weren't going well. I recollected my self, closed my eyes and got in tune with the music. Before I knew it I had massive energy. In my last FR I managed to kino even though, none of them were attracted to me. This intenalized in my head that kino wasn't a big deal. I was able to escalate every set after that with ease, I got my 1st makeout since I've been here, and what would have been my 2nd, but her friend pulled her away. Suddenly interactions seemed easy and predictable. I was dazzled by my new found power.

Remaking new friends- after this whole wealth of knowledge I had aquired at lucky bar, I met up with David, Wolf howls, Mr B, Julian and Ari. Although there were some difference among some PUAs, Everyone has been very nice to me, I've learned alot from my Suicide crew and all these guys. They took me in and gave me advice on various subjects. They also told me some of their adventures. although I had previously met these guys, I really got to know them better this time.

Highlights(leassons learned will be in parenthesis like this)

HB7 makeout- I came in high energy and started dancing with her. I moved her around and spun her all over the place. Then I said, "omg I love your energy, ready to get dizzy?" and started spining her really fast. I hughed her, and looked her in the eye, then I gave her a little peck. she complied, so I went in for the makeout. after making out, she responded "you're so bad, you're gonna get me in trouble with my boss" we made out again, then she said "wait my boss is near" I should have isolated to somewhere else but I forgot to do it, then I said, have you ever tried the rico suave kiss(Live forever's line) I put her on my arms and made out with her again.(a great way to get the makeout is to start invading her space, if she lets you, go for the makeout)

HB7.5 almost makeout/ cockblock battle- I tried this energy charged opener again, samething happened. she then asked me if I knew salsa(I totally suck at dancing so you guys can pull it off) I thaught her some very basic moves, suddenly I spot the cockblock friend's hand trying to grab her, I turn my target and block the cockblock lol with my back. After alittle the cockblock seems to have disapeared. I dance her a little more, and just when we're about to makeout, the cockblocking hand of doom pulls her seconds before the makeout.(Getting hyped up about the music even if it sucks, is a great way to get in state, once in state, barge right in and lead the girl)

I opened every other set in a similar way and they went similarly

Overall leassons learned

Invading her space- after hooking a set, get closer and closer to her face, or the side of her face as you're building rapport, If she doesnBold't back down most likely she will go for the makeout so go for it, not to mention it will come off as spontaneous, and not planned out. chances are it wont be a full blown out makeout since she'll prolly feel uneasy, if its just a kiss, fall back, chat some more, and go for the makeout.

dancing opener- awesome opener, scream and sing along if you know the lyrycs. come into a set while dancing(do NOT creep up from behing them, don't come in half assed) make eye contact with target while smiling and grab her hand and spin her around. everytime I've done this with energy it hooks, even in big sets

Revealed sticking points

Creeper- Considering I can rarely hook a set during nightgame through talking, I have to work on how I actually open since I tend to creep them out sometimes, this is even when I'm spontaneous about approaching.

Hooking sets/Voice projection- I need to learn to speak from my dyaphram cuz I have a hard time talking loud or and usually have to lean in(you can lean in after hooking sets, but it looks really creepy while opening)

Conversation during night game- After opening, I have a hard time sparking up exciting conversation, and I either go in interview mode or say value taking stuff

Total claws- 3
makeout attempts- 1
makeouts- 1
Total 1+ min. conversations- 5
total conversation practice- 28 mins
total smile practice- 0 mins

Saturday, November 21, 2009

FR 27 Dancefloor madness

2 week focus(5 day weeks)
- Conversation skills, Sexual fear, Smile

being able to stay in sets long, Having the ability to build common rapport with people in general, Being comfortable enough touching women and setting sexual frames to have consistant makeout attempts, Having a compelling nonthreatening smile.

Daily challenge
30+ minutes of conversation practice/study
5+ conversations of atleast 1 minute with random women
5+ minutes smile practice
2+ claws(Wrapping my arm around girls necks)

Today I met up with Jdubbs and I found Wolf howls, and color. Theres nothing too special about this report but it was very educational. It was raining like crazy outside so we came to midtown all wet. Although no set went anywhere, I approached the hottest sets in the venue. they all reacted friendly but not attracted. This completely reassured in my mind that women in general are nice. I had a big kino fear since I was all wet and stinky. I managed to half assedly claw 1 girl. Jdubbs was very straight up and bold, and although I didn't completely agree with everything he said, I really apreaciated all of his advice and willingness to help me.

Total claws- 1
Total 1+ min. conversations- 5
total conversation practice- 0 mins
total smile practice- 5mins

Thursday, November 19, 2009

FR 26 Burning the ships!

2 week focus(5 day weeks)
- Conversation skills, Sexual fear, Smile


being able to stay in sets long, Having the ability to build common rapport with people in general, Being comfortable enough touching women and setting sexual frames to have consistant makeout attempts, Having a compelling nonthreatening smile.

Daily challenge

30+ minutes of conversation practice/study
5+ conversations of atleast 1 minute with random women
5+ minutes smile practice
2+ claws(Wrapping my arm around girls necks)

This being my second day with my new focus and having just recovered, I was anxious to find out weather I really did kill the state breaks or weather this was just a big fluke. I had spent almost a whole day exchanging challenges and ideas with Southern style. We truly placed everything on the table, and were ready to put everything on the line. We met up with Superman, Jdubbs, and Fiddemus. While I've been very consistent approaching, my success rate wasn't very good. I knew it was because I didn't believe in my self or my material. Superman being very good at state control coached me on how to let my self go in order to believe in my self.

Big epyphany- While I kept hearing this, and pondering it in my head, it made sense but I couldn't apply it realisticly. Finally after a few approaches attempting this theory, while waiting in line to have lunch it finally hit me. I did my 1st real successful approach while waiting in line. Suddenly I remembered a true story in think and grow rich, about an army captain who arrived to the enemy land in which the enemy outnumbered his men 3 to 1, and they had superior weapons, yet the captain's first order was to burn the ships so they couldn't get out of there alive unless they won. This ultimately gave them the win.

Burning my ship- All this time I had done the ballsiest approaches you could imagine, but it seemed like there was something that I couldn't let go of while approaching. this was ultimately destroying my success. I decided to put everything on the line. I stopped thinking. I was willing to pay for the lack of preparation. I decided to have absolute belief in my self and my ability to pull through. I opened with something stupid, with ABSOLUTE faith I was going to be able to do this. Like magic this conversation seemed totally different from even my past heroic successes. It was emotinally charged. The approaches I did later weren't many but they were very powerful and undescribably amazing to both my target and I. For the 1st times in a long while I was able to connect with someone on such a deep level.

Night life ESL- I went home with this new found power and got ready, I worked on my looks, took the time to straighten my hair, Ironed my clothes and the works. Pumped my self up and met the crew. There were very few sets but I still opened and everything I opened was golden. things slowed down and I was able to think clear as water.

Total claws- 2
Total 1+ min. conversations- 8
total conversation practice- 0 mins
total smile practice- 5mins

Highlights(leassons learned will be in parenthesis like this)

HB asian 8.5 moving- This girl in my eyes was stunning and I was dying to talk to her. Since she seemed to be totally my type, my AA kicked, but I went with my new found power and told her I absolutely loved her style. My state was so powerful that she completely opened up. All I could think of was how much I liked this girl and loved talking to her. We talked for a long time, and I had a very solid # close(Emotions are contagious, women totally feel what we feel, and their reactions tend to be a reflection of our beliefs)

HB 8 blow out- I approach this moving target.
Vicious- "hey"
HB bitch- "what do you want(mean tone)"
Vicious- I think you're absolutely gorgeous
HB bitch- I'm not interested, so stop talking to me(Very rude tone)
Vicious- Wow(sarcastic) LOL are you for real?(burlesque tone) LOL you go and make sure you have a good day(laughing at her)truth is I felt absolutely nothing but disgust. I felt no pain whatsoever, and in fact I felt pity for her(Once you approach enough, you build your true belief system, and you realize you're doing THEM a favor by approaching. and They're the fuck ups, not us PUAs)

Metro HB7- I was on my way home and I spotted this girl waiting on the metro. I cold read her state. We chatted about metro, and had another deep conversation. she was cute, and cool, but not my type so even though she made it very obvious, I still didn't go for the number(When you start getting picky, its a good sign that you're growing as a PUA)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

FR 25 Vicious' Victory over state breaks!

2 week focus(5 day weeks)
- Conversation skills, Sexual fear, Smile

being able to stay in sets long, Having the ability to build common rapport with people in general, Being comfortable enough touching women and setting sexual frames to have consistant makeout attempts, Having a compelling nonthreatening smile.

Daily challenge
30+ minutes of conversation practice/study
5+ conversations of atleast 1 minute with random women
5+ minutes smile practice
2+ claws(Wrapping my arm around girls necks)

Claws will be residual since my availability to do night game is uncertain1 minute conversations will be recidual since my conversational skills need work I can't always pull them off.
The week starts mondays, It ends sundays

This fr is from yesterday so its not exactly fresh but I'll give it a go.
Ok after taking some time off and pondering things etc, I figured out how to really get past my state breaks and came back to the game much stronger and this time with a air of stability and maturity. I had done very little day game and was still shaky about my state breaks, and bummed out about not completing my day. I forgot my phone at home so couldn't go anywhere. By the time I arrived it was almost 12(they close the metro at 12) Southern style called me and told me they were at MC Faddens. This was my 1 chance to make the entire day up. He assured my ride back so I ran to the station. Had to take a bus and run for a good 30 mins. I was stinky sweaty and agitated.

Full recovery- I found Live forever, Southern style, Wolf howls, And Mike diamond. My sexual fear was kicking in, but once again I had the old air of confidence and nerves of steel I've been known for. With live forever's coaching I was able to claw 5 girls which would have been impossible to me a week ago.

Inner battle- The reason why I had so many state crashes is because I have the tendency of sticking to my plans, which collided with my immense fear of kinoing. Since I couldn't acomplish my missions, I was kicking my self. Combine that with my preassure of being an example to others, and fear of letting my friends down and your result is a massive state break. For once I couldn't practice what I preached.

How I won- I realized that I had forgotten my initial reason for doing this. Even though I ultemately wanna help other guys. I'm not here for tittles, or to impress anybody, and my friends don't like me cuz of my game. So weather I'm the best PUA or I suck, They'll still be there. They like me for who I am inside. Once I made all these realizations, and took a breather and identified the reasons for my state breaks, I learned how to let go of useless baggage and focus on the present. I closed my eyes and listened to the beat of the music, and thus was able to do 5 claws.

leassons learned
Things are only weird if you make them weird
Even girls who are unnatracted to you will let you kino them.
the only thing that can really beat fear is experience
the best way to recover from a state break is to give your self a minute and toss every thought, and feel the music or the moment. even if you have to close your eyes to do it
best way to combat state breaks is to find out whats causing them and create a strategy to attack the cause.

Total claws- 5
total 1 min conversations- 1
total convo practice time- 40 mins
total smile practice time- 0 mins

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

FR 24 My darker side!

It was a saturday I had planned for pretty much the whole week. Considering Live forever is quite the kino master, We decided he was going to work on my kino all day saturday. As you all know, lately I've had some serious state issues due to my excessive sexual fear. I was getting my self pumped up. Live forever was bussy and kinda unatentive due to his massive success lately(can't blaim the guy, gotta take the chances when they're there) so we got to lucky bar kinda late. Before I knew it, I had another state break down and started seriously choding out and fucking up. My aim for the night was to do 5 to 7 claws(this is when you out your arm around the girls neck and get really close to her)the most I could do was 1 claw and a half assed hugh. I must have done like 5 approaches total. After that we bounced to another venue since Live forever had to meet up a day 2 who turned out to be worth it. He got a BJ and introduced us to her friends. I kinda clicked with one of them but I was so out of state and fucked up in the head I let the interaction die.

MONDAY- I head out with superman. Gotta go to work and its kinda late. We spot an HB in a bookstore. Superman opens her and we start chatting her up. Superman has very good conversation skills. We insta date her and get her #. then I head to work.

My darker side- Lately I've had the most horrible breakdowns, and when I'm in these negative states, it fucks up my game so bad that I can't even approach, and if I do its in a terrible manner and it gets me imediate shutdowns. These state breakdowns are due to my Sexual fear which involves, kino, sexual subjects, or even getting close to some one which is why I can't even do day 2s. Everytime I must act and fail to act, it makes me remember my life long failure to get women, and it makes me lose hope. My issues have been laid out on the table, and its a hard challenge, but I'm taking measures and I wont give up till I defeat this.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

FR 21,22,23 Vicious returns! A new chapter in the book.

This is gonna be a compressed report of my latest adventures. My internet has been down so its been hard for me to post.

So as you all know, I was working very hard on defeating my fear, and was achieving some good results. everything was going well, but suddenly I hit a plateau, and couldn't seem to get past it. at that very same time, everything in my life started going absolutely horrible. Suddenly everyone everywhere I was going, was giving me shit and absolutely humiliating me. people at work started hating on me, I got sick, and just everything sucked. I decided to take a little break, and unclutter my mind. I kept going out but with less intensity, and the thing got so bad, I actually started breaking down, and completely choding out.

Suicide crews healing power- Prior to the comunity, I haven't really had many good friends, and I'm not used to people wanting me to succeed. My entire crew was there through it all. they stuck it out, motivated me, protected me, and completely put their hands in the fire for me. In addition to that, awesome guys, like Wolf howls, Dave, and Caveman Spent their time on me, instructed me, and lead me. Although I was still getting horrid results, and I was feeling empty and unnatractive, all these guys showed absolute faith in me. Surely enough little by little, I regained my stability, and things started getting better.

Breakthrough- After freezing up again, and hardly being able to approach, I started approaching, again. Peoples reactions started getting slightly better because I started believing I my self a little more. When I hit the clubs with the crew, they kept getting better and better results while mine seemed to be avearge. Thats when it hit me like a ton of bricks that I just had to amp up the energy and believe in my material more. I also finally was able to unmask another enemy that had controlled my whole life. It's called sexual fear. I was able to overcome social fear to great success but not sexual fear. My inability to kino, or even talk about sexual themes has been responsable 100% for the results I've been getting. Unmasking this was both very scary and very relieving, because now I can fight back, now that I know what I'm fighting against

Kino mastery/ great friendships- My sexual fear controlled me so much that it bled into my opening and I started getting some serious AA again. But due to the Suicide crew, I held in there, and Live forever turned out to be quite the Kino master. Don't believe me? read his recent FRs, hes been getting makeouts like crazy. Having him on my side started really paying off. Still all these days, I still couldn't get my self to kino. But just having such a solid guy in the crew gave me hope and relief.

The calm after the storm- After all these hellish days, I was able to extract some very valuable knowledge, and I was also able to gain a firm foundation and stability. It also gave me clarity of mind and made the proccess much simpler, as well as revealing most of my real sticking points. Now I have peace of mind, and focus. With such a great team on my side, you guys can soon expect some serious progress in my following FRs.

FRs- Since the info is not fresh in my head cuz its been a while, I'll give you a very basic roughdraft of each of the 3 FRs

FR 21 Beggining of the storm- In the previous report, I got slapped, and more and more of my all ready gamed targets continued to show up. Me worried about completely burning my rep in DC along with other issues, I get really sick and my mood is gloomy. I got out with superman and fidemus to foggy bottom. Frozen up by AA I do very little approaches, and get shut down horribly.

FR 22 The storm- I'm starting to recover from the flu. I catch up with the crew. to my amazement, They're all improving incredibly, while I seem to have regressed. We hit mcfaddens. I'm in my head and acting completely emo and chode. Suddenly this retard pushes me and I get pissed off. Call him out on it. He threatens me, I stand my ground, and he pushes my neck. I get infuriated, and Live forever absolutely pissed off, he stands up to him and all his other lying little bitch friends. Southern style holds me back and bouches for me. and Live forever. The bouncers show up and the chodes bitch friends start lying to get him to stay in the club. Live forever does not rest until theres justince, and hes willing to gladly get kicked out for me if he has to. after a long debate, they kick out the chode, but the manager talks shit to Live forever so we all decide to fucking leave and we bounce. By this time We're all out of state thanks to me. They're both amazing friends to me, we go to suckier venues, and Live forever bounces. Amping up social preassure- We go to lucky bar and all those venues. I'm completely negative and choding. I hate my self right now. Suddenly we find a bunch of comunity members. among them, Dave, Wolf howls, and caveman to name a few. Dave makes me completely fuck up sets on purpose so I could get over my social preassure. This day was very educational but very painful.

FR 23 New chapter in the Suicide crew book- all this time of absence in my part, Live forever has held the crew together and lead them amazingly. while Southen style has kept it fresh and continues to improve it by bringing new awesome guys to the Suicide crew. Amazed by what I see and with my new breakthroughs I come back.

Tougher challenges- My 1st venue is the pentagon city mall. and We agree that the Suicide crew needs to reach a new level. We find the first very tough challenge. A seated 2 set with what appears to be a mom and a daughter having lunch. Of course if I'm gonna preach something I better wailk the talk. I start shaking but I go for it. I pull the chair and sit next to the old lady and tell her I think her daughter is very beautiful. I chat them up and then the old lady cockblocks me. I can feel my confidence and drive coming back to me. Following after that, each member in the original crew steps up to complete challenges they've never been able to do. Live forever does a similar set to mine but with 4 hot women. it goes kinda well. Southern style approaches the hottest girl in the venue, and Superman gets assigned the narcist challenge(couldn't stay long enough to see if he completed it)

My 1st fight against my newfound enemy- we hit the night clubs, I begin approaching. this time their reactions are alittle better. Live forever is killing it. suddenly while walking I look next to me and Live forever is making out with this HB. He shortly makes out with another girl after that. Impressive. He shows me how he does it, and I just can't seem to pull it off. Thats when it was clearer than water to me. I had to believe in my material. clearly that was the biggest difference between him and me shortly after with his aid and instructions I was able to do my 1st real kino attempt to good success. I won't do highlights and will do a very brief list of overall leassons. My mind is not fresh and this is all ready a super long FR.

Overall leassons learned-
To get good, you must 1st destroy your current self and start out fresh by doing absolutely every chode thing you can do.
You have to trust your material no matter what
to spike up a conversation, teasing and smiling is absolutely crucialIts always better to overdo something than underdoing it.

New focus- Teasing/attracting, Kino, makeout

Saturday, November 7, 2009

FR 21 Bitter sweet victory!

2 week focus- Opening, transitioning, plowing

Milestone 2- consistent # solid # closes

Daily challenge
7+ approaches(Direct or plow)
6+ plows
2+ close attempts

Bitter sweet victory- This was by far my best/worst day since I started doing this.Best day- This was my best day for a number of reasons. 1st of all, I learned more about pick up, and my self today, than I have since I started doing this. I had the privilege of meeting many members of this comunity who I look up to and highliy admire. I got to go in field with them and even got to wing one of them. amazing guys like, mr B, Dave,Wolf howls, and many more awesome comunity members. I had the privilege and oportunity to meet and help other really cool comunity members. I watched with my very own eyes how my suicide crew members all broke barriers and watched how their game reached greater levels. I also believe this day was specially good for building an even stronger bond and friendship with our crew. Not to mention with the comunitys help I was able to take my game to the next level.

Worst day- My game was horrible today. ever since college park I got shut down by every single chick. later at the venues I had nothing but chode game. This day to me was emotionally destructive. I had the most embarrassing and humiliating moments I've had in a long time. I realized how weak Boldmy game was compared to all the other puas. It was very hard and it felt like I was going through hell.

Todays completion list
total approaches- 37(approximately)(32 directs)
plows 34
close attempts-1

Highlights(leassons learned will be in parenthesis like this)

HB 8 bar- I walked up to her and opened her with the you're really cute line. she says to me "Oh I remember you" (I had all ready approached her that same night. It was sooo fucking embarrassing)(if unsure use a more neutral line like hey)

hb6 slap- Dave told me to use a really corny line on this chick so I went for it. she was super drunk, I really didn't feel like approaching her, but Dave is awesome and I couldn't miss this oportunity. She couldn't hear me no matter how loud I was cuz she was wasted. suddenly out of nowhere the bitch fucking slaps me in the face. I was pissed off and embarrassed but I managed to keep my cool. then he instructed I reopen her again. and I did. she actually still responded but she was sooo fucking wasted and I was so anoyed that I said "ugh you're wasted" and ejected(Believe it or not. shit like this helps destroy your ego which makes you much humbler and stronger)

3set hb9s- I oppened the hottest set in public bar. It was 2 chicks and a dude. the dude kinda disaproved of me but didn't really try to cock block me. I hooked with 1 of them and kinoed a little bit. then I ejected.(You can kino much more than you think in night environments. It takes the same material, and you practice the same stuff, so if your going to go through hell for this, might as well go for the hottest sets)

My 1st almost makeout- I was pushing Southern style to pull a chick away from a dude. he did, but to my surprise the douchebag set me up by saying I was really shy and wanted to talk to her lol. I had no choice but to game her. Live forever was determined to get me a makeout so he was on my ass about kinoing more. he even did a demo for me on this hot hired gun. I kinoed this chick much more and hughed her, and caresed her hair etc. but then I said I wanna kiss you(lol fucked it up I know) she said she didn't know me well enough. I said, well lets get to know each other better, but my comfort game was horrible. I attempted 3 times, and she kept saying the same thing, and I kept fucking up the comfort game until she said, I'll be back wait for me here. I knew this was her way of ejecting so I let her go.(kino makes all the diffence when it comes to increasing sexual tension)

Almost make out 2- as I'm walking back, I spot this tall hb. Shes with her bf but she still makes eye contact with me, and smiles. I pull her from the bf, and chat her up. again Following live forevers advice, I kino much more. And almost get a makeout but she starts mentioning her bf being there. I don't know how to handle that and decide not to go for it. as I'm saying bye to her she kisses me in the cheek.(The way to learn kino is like everything else. kino excessively, and get shut down till you find the perfect balance. It's better to over kino than to under kino)

4 set- I opened a 4 set. got their attention for a few seconds, then I went into chode interview mode, and lost the group(must tease and I need to work on my attraction material. with fun playful tone, you can get away with anything)

Metro pick up- On my way back home. I sit next to this chick. Chat her up. build comfort and # close her.(Day game and night game are very different)

Revealed advantages
Approaching machine.
decent opening.

Revealed stiching points
Kino very weak
need attraction material.
must spike up conversations

Friday, November 6, 2009

FR 20 A warrior's armor!

2 week focus- Opening, transitioning, plowing

Milestone 2- consistent # solid # closes

Daily challenge
7+ approaches(Direct or plow)
6+ plows
2+ close attempts

High quality problem- It seems I'm going to have to adjust my daily challenge according to my needs. Lately I've noticed its been getting harder and harder to meet the 7+ approaches a day. I havent had time, but even so, I knew there was something more to it than that. It wasn't AA because I really have no hang ups about approaching. today it finally hit me.

A warrior's armor- Superman talked about the game giving you presents when you remain active and loyal to it. This armor is mine. I somehow developed such a chill vibe when approaching, that people either naturally open me. or are very receptive when I open. Because AA is not bitting my ass any longer. when I do open, I have enough Intuition and conversation to stay in set much longer, with the added bonus of being able to easily build massive rapport, to the point that if I eject, they reopen me. Finally, since Rejection no longer affects me, I'm able to fly through shit tests like its nothing. These suicide missions are really worth the pain.

Metro approaches- Since I've had to catch up with my personal life lately, I've been runing late all these days, and today was the same. I had gotten off work and had a little over 1 hour to jump from stop to stop and find targets. there weren't many but I figured there were enough to complete the sets in no time, how ever, the 1st I approached lasted 30mins(approx) I thought it was only that one, but the rest went in a similar manner, I had to make my self eject in order to complete the quota.

Highlights-(leassons learned will be in parenthesis like this)

HB7.5 riding metro- As soon as I arrived to the station, there was a chick there, reading some kinda manual. I walked up to her and asked her, what is that. she was very receptive. It was a camera manual, I transitioned to taking pictures, to the moments in the pictures, to cold reads about her. I also had my camera so I showed her pics which made the conversation more interactive. I had no destination so we both got on the same metro. Oh btw while I was chatting with her, I recieved a long phone and stressful phone call from my boss, which I thought killed the set, but She waited patiently, and even reserved a seat next to her for me. We had an exciting conversation in the metro. When I 1st approached her, I wasn;t very attracted to her, but she was the most attractive there, but as I got to know her, I became much more attracted to her. Heres the bad news- after a while I went for the close. It went very well and solid, she was anxious to meet me again, cept for one problem. When she put the # on my phone, I closed the phone thinking the # was saved and lost the fucking number. ugh im still so pissed(Always give your self some time to make sure the # exchange actually goes through)

Mix 2 set drunk girl- There was a guy and a girl waiting on the train and since I didn't have choice of sets and I did have an extreme urgency I approached the girl indirectly. It escalated well. I acknowleged the dude, and even ignored the girl a little bit. The girl got interested in me, but I found out she had come from another state and was only visiting. We go on the metro, talked about all kinds of things, and I sat next to the chick. I don't think the dude was her bf because she was way too flirty after we chatted, and he was way too passive. As the set went on how ever, I smelled alcohol in her breath and noticed she was alittle tipsy. I didn't attempt to close since she lives far. I think she wanted me to close her but I just didn't want to.(Talking to many people even if they're not hbs or targets is a must for building fundamental conversational skills)

4 more targets- all the rest went on a similar fashion. I used my new staple opener which is cold reading their mood. They opened well and we transitioned easily into normal conversation. These girls how ever didn't really inspire my admiration much, but I did get to connect with them pretty well. (I'll say it again. the easiest way to build rapport is to find out what they're into, and bring up any knowlege you have on the subject)

Todays completion list
total approaches- 6(indirects)
plows 6
close attempts-1

Thursday, November 5, 2009

FR 19 Facing the ghosts of my past! Can I beat them?

2 week focus- Opening, transitioning, plowing

Daily challenge
7+ approaches(Direct or plow)
6+ plows
2+ close attempts

first let me start by telling you again. I didn't complete my tasks and I feel like shit for not doing it. I hate excuses and I don't like to make any but, I really had no sets to work with. how ever I think I could have still done more. and I feel like such a loser for even making excuses, but I will make up for these incomplete days.

The nightmare begins- So today I went out with Southern style and the streets were deserted(I guess we picked a bad spot) Since there wasn't much to game, this was a great time for me to get to know southern style at a much more personal level. we shared stories, and came up with some good concepts. but anyway, while at work, I was all ready feeling bummed out for not approaching. To top things off, today because of a series of unfortunate events, my mind started regressing back to old chode days, and by the end of the night I was sooo depressed, and this feeling of failure became so overpowering, that it started challenging everything I've believed in and protected.

The Ghosts in my past- So one of my biggest enemies my whole life has been Anxiety. Finally I managed to attack and submit it to my will. but just when I thought I was immune to my past, an even greatter enemy showed its face today. Usually in social circles I can be the alpha male most of the time, how ever Since people hated me my whole life, I recall this feeling of absolute emptiness and loneliness I used to feel. At work I'm usually the alpha male of the group and the chicks love me, but theres a guy there whos a natural at this. and has some serious social intuition. This guy competes with me(not openly) to gain social power. Pretty much, every woman that has worked there, has been massively attracted to me, but this guy has taken them from me and taken their prefference over me, one by one. Since I've lost social battles my whole life, this is something that really really gets to me, and I can't help but to get this disgusting feeling of anger(mainly at my self) deception, and helplessness as well as loneliness.

Defeat- So all these women he has taken from me, went from having a special bond with me to even finding me anoying because of him. and the ones that still like me, would still take him over me any day. I've been talking to a girl at work and shes been more into me than anyone else. I mean I didn't think he would actually manage to take this one from me either, but today, he started flirting with her, and I started feeling the shift in power. No matter what skills I use(and I do have good ones) and I'm not too socially uncalibrated, no matter what I do, I just can't beat this fucking guy. And hes better at group controling and masterminding than I am. Normally I would back down and feel like shit. But I absolutely refuse to give in to my old fears, and misfortunes. I'm determined to beat this guy because its not about him. It's about me defeating another old enemy of mine that has kept me misserable for too long. will stop runing and face this head on. I won't lie though, I still feel like shit. I feel like I'm still the same person I was 4 years ago. Please tell me the fastest way to gain social Intuition. I'm gonna need everything available to me. It's time I stop letting people take everything away from me. Please give me advice, I really need it. sorry about the negativity. I'll get over this, I just have to beat this.

Todays completion list
total approaches- 2(indirects)
plows 2
close attempts-1

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

FR 18 Seeing the matrix!

2 week focus- Opening, transitioning, plowing

Daily challenge
7+ approaches(Direct or plow)
6+ plows
2+ close attempts

Inner voice- Today I learned some very valuable leassons, and I can say for the 1st time I was able to take a closer peek into PUA land. I hung out with Southern style, and Live forever in george town. Then later at night in mc faddens. From the moment I set foot outside the station, I felt different than usual. Suddenly I noticed what that feeling was. As I started doing approaches, It felt like I had a guru behind my ear telling me what to do. I could see the social dynamics as clear as water. The rest of my day went great. This FR is complicated and hard to explain because most of my acomplishments were not external but rather from within, which lead to external acomplishments as well.

Southern style/A heros victory- Up to date Southern style hasn't shown any external progress, but every time I go out, hes there. Even when he can't approach, I can see the warrior within him attempting to break the same chains that have held us prisoners and miserable our whole lives. the chains we all must destroy in order to achieve anything. I knew the day would soon come when he would finally break the chains of silence. Today, he rose up to the challenge, and while he was terrified and shaking, he still approached, and showed AA he was no longer going to be submissive to it. he even close attempted. but I don't wanna spoil it too much. let his FR speak for him instead. This showed me clearly the differerence between us and chode land. Its not the skills that make the PUAs great. It's the pain we're willing to endure in order to force life to give us what we seek.

Todays Completion list
Approaches 13 estimate(10 directs)^
plows- 11 estimate^
close attemps- 5^
closes- 4(4 solids)^

Highlights(leassons learned will be in parenthesis like this)

HB 8.5 moving target- I was walking and saw this really cute asian. Team suicide pushed me to open so I cought up to her and used my regular suicide openers, but this time I engraved some cold reads, as well as my body language to prove my points more vividly. She reacted well but was rather shy. she started asking typical interview questions but I couldn't tell if she was just being polite, or was straight up shy. I still went for the close, and by the speed in which she gave me her number I noticed her interest level was actually very high(Cold reading is such an easy way to build rapport)

My battery is pretty much dead. I'll have to show the rest of the highlights in another post

Seeing the matrix/overall leassons learned
The best way to get anyone to open to you is talking about anything that has to do with them. thats why my best opener lately has been cold reading their mood and calling them out on it. followed by a cold read trnsition about their ppersonality.
best way to build rapport is to find out what their into and bring up what ever knowlege you have on the subject as well as personal opinions about it(make sure you're honest about it)Getting them to talk about stuff they are knowlegeable in is great because you learn more and it makes your interaction much more solid
Playful Vibe gives you the key to saying anything you want and getting away with it

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

FR 17 Failed report

2 week focus- Opening, transitioning, plowing
Daily challenge7+ approaches(Direct or plow) 6+ plows
2+ close attempts

I had no time since I was moving from my place. I was running late to work. When I got off work, It was almost 11 and I had done 0 approaches. not even warm ups. I joined southern style, and Wolf howls. there were no girls, so we just watched the game and chilled for a little. I rushed back to the metro since they close at 12. I was going home completely empty handed. I was wiped out tired. I saw this girl on the phone, but couldn't really get my self to talk. I didn't want to. Then I spotted 1 more, and since I really had nothing to say I greeted her and told her I had to talk to 7 people cuz I was shy(horrible way to game but I couldn't go empty handed, and didn't wanna get into involved conversations) She hooked for a minute then I ejected.

Total approaches- 2(indirects)*
close attempts-0*
closes-1(don't ask)

Highlights(leassons learned will be in parenthesis like this)

hb 8 sitting down- I had nothing to say so I told her I had to approach 7 people, and that I was shy. she said I was doing pretty good for a shy guy, we chatted for a minute then I ejected(You really can say anything as long as your belief system supports it)

HB7 russian- While she was standing I approaced her with "You look very sad(In a cocky way) are you ok?" Good reaction, she opened up after that, but she had a fiance. I still talked to her anyway, and sat next to her on the metro. she even said she was going to visit me at work(When they say this to me, it usually means they want me to # close them) But I really didn't feel like closing her since I'm no cheatting tool, and this could only lead to misunderstandings.(Cold reads are under rated and are awsome not just for transition, but opening as well, and their ability to get people to open up is amazing. Gonna be using these alot more of these from now on)

Monday, November 2, 2009

FR 16 New Focus day 1. Wildfire

So if you guys remember correctly. I all ready made it to the next level. and My new challenge starts today november 1st

1st Focus goal- Bringing AA to a manageable level
New 2 week focus- Opening/transitioning/plowing successfully
New Daily challenge(starting on nov)7+ approaches(Direct or plow)
6+ plows
2+ close attempts
Starting Date- November 1sr 2009

Sparking the flame- Today I wasn't feeling the pua spirit, but since it was the 1st drill day, I had no choice. I met up with Southern style, and Wolf howls in the mall. These guys supported me and gave me pointers, which helped me approach. I pretty much kept getting shut down and my AA was high again. I soon warmed up and had 1 good interaction compared to all the bad ones.

Feeding the fire- I left for work and later met up with Southern style and Wolf at a high energy High value venue. Most Women here were with dudes and were very high Value women. When I walked in, I saw 2 HOT asian chicks in the middle of the dancefloor. and They seemed so out of reach and in their zone that I was terrified. after much pondering I did a hit and run on them. Suddenly when I came back with Wolf, he insisted that I reopen them. I reopened them Twice even though they werent receptive in the begginig. With his advice and similar challenges he imposed on me. I reached a new level of freedom and new level of BALLS.

Unstoppable wildfire- After these challenges, my energy skyrocketted, and most of the girls here seemed to be out of my league, at least my limitting beliefs kept telling me that, but with my new found courage, and high energy level, I began doing crazy approaches that if it weren't for my awsome wingmen Wolf howls(amazing coach), and Southern style(awsome friend) I would have never dared to approach. I learned new lessons and my old Unwavering spirit was restored. Make sure you read the highlights in this FR. they're the main content in this FR.

Total approaches- 10(9 directs)^
Plows- 9^
close attempts-1*

Highlights(Leassons learned will be in parenthesis like this)

Asian 2 set SHBs- This is the set I was talking about. After timidly approaching while there was a multitude of people focused on them, and ejecting imediately(They reacted neutral), Wolf howls insisted that I go back and try this time by forcefully turning them towards me and saying something cocky. I tried a second time, but my pull was timid and my voice not high enough(they completely ignored me). He insisted I go back and make it more forceful. the third time they told me they had bfs but were much more receptive and open. they even smiled(Being dominant both with voice and kino is the only way to lock into a set)

HB 8 Pull- This girl was talking with a guy, and Wolf instructed I pull her away from him. I was terrified, but Wolf kept pumping me up. It was time to unleash Vicious. I pulled her away from the dude. She was neutral and went back to talking to the guy shortly after talking to me. This gave me a glance of what was possible with a nice set of balls(This is what makes the difference between us and Average chodes)

HB 8.5 VIP girl- This chick seemed to have very high social value, and was with 2 high value dudes. Wolf even admitted that that set was alittle tough on him as well. After agonizing fear I walked up to her and did the forceful pull wolf showed me, and said "You have the hottest style in here" she totally focused on me and stopped talking to the 2 dudes. We chit chatted, and I ran outta convo and ejected.(Do not let the dudes intimidate you, and go over their heads. such confidence can have massive rewards, and most of the time they don't do anything)

Hired gun HB 9- In wolfs eyes, shes an 8, In mine shes a 9. This was a very hot Dancer girl who also happened to dance extremely well. Everyone was staring at her, and cameramen kept taking pictures of her. I decided that I couldn't leave without approaching her. This seemed way too farfetched, but the thought of approaching something like that, in that context to me would mean a new conquest. My ambition got the best of me. while she was dancing I kept making eye contact with her, and when I saw the chance I made her come to me and mentioned how impressed I was by her dancBolding(In a non perverted way) and went into details about it. the fact that someone actually cared about her passion for dancing as opposed to her being a piece of ass meant so much to her. she got really excited and gave me a tight hugh. and even tried to keep the conversation going. This reaction was so shocking to me that I didn't know what to do and I chickened out and ejected(Honesty combined with bluntness go a long way)


Way more balls
None verbals are stronger
More social intuitionMy opening is better

New found skill- opening forcefully

Sticking points
locking in
Kiss anxiety


After direct opening its better to use coldreads, than to go into chode interview mode
Guessing peoples emotional state, and figuring out why is an awsome way to build rapport and get people to open upTurning people towards you when opening is such a powerful way to lock a set

Sunday, November 1, 2009

FR 15 chode mode

This is basically an overview of the times I wen't out during my off duty days

Thursday- I hung out with southern style, Zero and sonic. Thinking since I all ready did loads of day direct approaches, I got this bagged all ready. AA comes back and whoops the living hell outta me. that day I felt like crap, couldn't approach much, and when I did, I ejected right away. Southern style, pushed me to sets, motivated me and went through hell just to help me out. Awsome dude

Friday- I hung out with Fidemus, and Jdubs. My AA was somewhat high but I was still able to approach. As I did approaches, Jdubs kept giving me awsome feedback. and made me think about alot. 1 # close(weak)

Halloween night- Hung out with fidemus, Because of misscomunication, I couldn't gather the rest of the crew. We 1st went to cafe citron, then to adams morgan. While in adams morgan, we got lost in the shuffle and couldn't stay in touch. I got outta work late and wasn't in the mood to talk but I still pushed my self to a couple sets. 1 #(solid)

-My AA has reached a mild state during night game. much better than having to use alcohol.
-My AA is almost none existant during daygame
- Due to reduced AA almost every set opens well. I very rarely get shut down.
-My newfound social intuition helps me gage my targets interest and allows me to act accordingly

Sticking points
-My follow up game is horrible, I tend to go into chode interview mode
-My phone game anxiety is up the fucking roof, which makes my day 2s pretty impossible.
-My conversational skills need some serious work
-need to lock in
-I can still be timid about opening during night. Need to be way more commanding- need to tease girls during the night

Thursday, October 29, 2009

FR 14 Gathering the elite!

Today was awsome. btw I'm not supposed to start my new Daily challenges till the 1st, but I just can't help to go out and break the chains that have held me back 1 by 1. I was out the ENTIRE day and got to feast my eyes on many different skillsets, levels, and game styles.

Suicidal crew- First I went out with Superman, southern style, and Live forever. Although my focus lately has been escalating as opposed to suicides, I decided to roll with it today so Live forever, and Southern style could have something to fall back out. Southern style wasn't in state, which is ok since we all have those disgusting days, and day game is much tougher to recover from when you're not in state. Live forever went in hyper mode and started doing crazy approaches. Superman coached them alittle bit. and I was the guineapig LOL.

Gathering the elite- It was Supermans birthday, and he invited the whole crew. We sat down, watched the game and had dinner. I got to chat with Wolf howls, Fidemus, Live forever, Jdubs, Zero, Southern style, Superman of course, and later Sonic, and many more comunity members

Comunity action- I was so freaking excited, I got to know the comunity members on a more personal level, and I got to see them tearing up venues. Litterally my eyes couldn't focus cuz there were comunity members everywhere picking up women. I wall flowered my self for a while just so I can learn frBoldom these guys. The feeling of closeness and brotherhood was overwhelming

Highlights(leassons learned will be in parenthesis like this)

Jelousy plotline- After watching them go, it was my turn to do some venue tearing of my own. I kept approaching chicks but for some reason my conversational skills weren't sharp today. Thats when I remembered the old Vicious days. I opened sets and made small talk, and then used them to gain social proof. Once I hit the downstairs There was a spanish HB8 who I had previously opened, and an hb6. The hb6 had all ready given me her number, and I spiked her attraction by palm reading. Once they were both there, They started compeeting for my attention, and I started reading both their palms. I danced with one then the other one. I wanted the spanish one so we started hughing, she tried to make me hold her drink and I drank it Then she kissed me in the cheek 3 times and I still bitched out and didn't go for the makeout I'm still super pissed(Opening many sets and leaving them open to come back to them is very easy and powerful cuz they social proof you. now they do all the hard work, not you)

Accidental cockblock- I saw this guy talking to possibly the hottest girl in the venue. Since I still have AA during the night, I decided to be balsy and cockblock the guy. I walk up to him and say, are you guys going out? he says no. and I hit on the girl, only to find out later that he was a comunity member in training session. I felt like such a douchebag. so I walked up to him and apologised.(Being balsy can have consecuences lol but in the end it pays off)

HB8- I approached this asian chick walking down the street. she reacted friendly but not attracted. later on she seemed more attracted but I didn't go for the # close(I think the reason why I'm having a hard time closing is because I'm failing to qualify. this is something I need to work on)

HB9 Make up artist- This girl was very intimidating, and since no one wanted to do the dirty work, I decided to be the guineapig once again. It went well, I talked to her for a while, when I tried to close, she said she had a BF, I still plowed, and after 3 more plow attempts, I ejected(Once again, I need to work on my qualifiers, Approaching hot chicks makes you more selective, and thus better with women)

Questions- How do I escalate sexual tension effectively? please give me details and examples, I'll really apreciate it. Thank you guys for taking the time to read my posts

Total approaches- 20(aproximately)(19 directs)
Plows- 18(aprox)
# close attempts- 4 # closes- 2

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

FR 13 Foggy-New AA destroyer system!

Today I hit up foggy bottom with Southern style(Superman joined later)since Southern style is kinda new to day game, we decided to focus on wiping out his AA. Due to our own needs(Superman and I), we developed a short and very effective system for dealing with AA which has helped us tremendously. I will baptize it as Operation Suicide. I saw this system clearly in action today on southern style, and also earlier on me and superman as well

Operation suicide lvl 1
Objective- Maximum exposure to rejections in order to become imune to them. as well as drastically reducing AA
Mindset- fuck skills and rules. focus on blowing the set, and stacking direct approaches
Approaching tools- 2 part opener(open 1st, then go direct. this will reduce AA exponentially) Momentum(set a target and walk very fast, barge right in and approach. This will give you courage long enough to approach. even though its a shitty way to approach you're trying to blow the set right)
Rules-Must have a fixed number of minimum direct approaches per day, as well as fr follow up- If Focus PUA does not pick a target. his wing must-Selected target will be chased and in sight until Focus PUA approaches. how ever long this may take.(sometimes it takes hours)-once shutdown. plowing and sticking around is necesary

The wildfire spreading

Southern style- Not used to day game, with this system he managed to do like 8 approaches, and 3 of them were direct. the reactions were awsome. and i'm sure he'll soon start stacking up 15+ directs. I absolutely admire the comunity members. they're so devoted and dedicated. strong men who fight for their dreams, and help others.

Superman- He's becoming more and more solid with his attraction. His understanding of females is quite useful too. this guys progress is amazing

Vicious- This time my AA worked in my favor, and that uncontrolable fear became almost none existant. This fear has held me prisoner my whole life, so I have an undescribable feeling of acomplishments even though I still haven't achieved what I set out to achieve.

HIghlights(leassons learned will be in parenthesis like this)

HB 8 # close- I'm trying to get Southern style to go suicide and get rejected. He requests that I show him how I get rejected and not give a shit. me "pick a target" southern- "that one" I turn around and start chasing her. I walk next to her and direct approach her. she responds we'll. I plow and number close her. positive reactions happened with other sets as well(even though I'm going suicide I think the mere fact that I'm much calmer now shows through my noneverbals and chicks are much more receptive to me)

HB 8 asian- I approach in a similar manner. she reacts well but shes in a rush to class(you have to really like the target when you approach. this will make it more genuine)

Whats your advice when people don't reply to your 1st text. when is it best to reattempt or attempt for the phone call.
I still need advice on setting up for the date. how do I set up the date[/font]
Total approaches- 8(8 directs)
Plows- 7
close attempts- 1
closes- 1

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

FR 12 The next level!!!

OK after seeing what Superman did out there, and noticing how unhesitant I tend to be to approach now, I realized I reached my AA goal much quicker than I had anticipated. although I still get AA and I sometimes don't approach, I believe I all ready brought it to a manageable level. so I'm gonna keep calibrating my timeframes until I get good at them.

Wing advice- Today I hit Dupont with Fidemus. it was dead so we headed to the pentagon city mall. While at Dupont he started debriefing me and my style and gave me some very solid advice of things that I need to work on etc.

Pentagon city mall- There weren't that many sets but there were some ok ones. While browsing for clothes, we started opening sets. Once again I got to see Fidemus at work and took notes. Overall it was a good day and I got to learn alot, Plus this time I started focusing on succeeding instead of focusing on AA. I started to see a pattern and reached the next level in social dynamics understanding.

Highlights(leassons learned will be in parenthesis like this)

Busted by HB7- Since all I've done is direct and I hate to bs I didn't know how to be honest while at the same time opening indirectly. So I used an excuse and opened asking for hot venues around DC. I quickly transitioned and generated attraction and everything went well until she asked where I lived and I said Columbia Hts. she said and you've never been to adams morgan? I don't believe you, blah, blah, blah shut down.(Its a good idea to can some openers on your own that you genuinely care about and NEVER FUCKING LIE under any circumstances)

Hired gun pick up- I walk into A&F theres a hired gun on the mans Jeans section. I ask her what she recomends me. gives me standard answer. I'm like no Whats YOUR opinion. and be straight up and don't give me the "oh it looks good answer" I hate that(Smiling playful tone) she laughs and starts telling me about it.
Me- yea I can tell you LOVE shopping(in a sarcastic maner) thats why I'm asking you
HB- LOL yea I take hours shopping. where are you from
Me- Just moved from Jersey
HB_ omg I just moved 3 months ago from colombia
Me- Oh you're colombian?HB-(speaks in spanish)We build some rapport, and I start trying jeans on. then it's time to run since I was supposed to meet with Fidemus and I was all ready late. As I'm heading out(lol havent even asked her name) I'm like these jeans fit but I gotta run, my friend is waiting(whip out my cellphone) I ask for her name and phone number. (I've noticed that the best transitions are by far cold reads, even when they're totally inacurate)I'm afraid I have to run and don't have time for further details

Total approaches- 10(5 directs)
Plows- 7
close attempts- 1
closes- 1
Next focus - Gonna take some time to regroup and do my personal stuff(I'll still be sarging but with less intensity) gonna work on my style. and other stuff till the 1st of november. New 2 week focus- Opening/transitioning/plowing successfully
New Daily challenge(starting on nov)- 7+ approaches(Direct or plow)
6+ plows
3+ close attempts
Starting Date- November 1sr 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

FR 11 The power of the unseen forces!!!

1 Month focus- AA destroyer
Daily challenge(completion rate is represented in days)7+directs, hbs7+(9/11)
1+close attempt(5/11)

Mysterious power- Today I got to experience something amazing. Superman showed me a form of power that I had read, or heard about, in many places, but I had never seen this power up close and in my face used by a comunity member.

My approaches- My approaches were nothing special and I just did what I do everyday. with that in mind, I will dedicate this entire FR to Superman and the valuable leassons he thaught me today.

Overpowering Vibe- Today A money, Superman and I headed to college park. As we walked down the street, we set some pretty ambitious goals. Of course with out counting on the fact that It was cold and completely dead. We spotted the 1st target, while A money and I were debating, Superman stepped up to the challenge. keep in mind that up until now hes the 1 with least aparent acomplishments, and his AA has had him bound. Imediately I sense something different about him, even the way he moves and shakes hands. the girl reacts friendly.

Inner strength revealed- A money has to leave us. The place is still deserted, but the new Superman simply will NOT accept defeat under any circumstances. He starts approaching fearlesly and gets awsome reactions. Even the sets I approach, theres no way I can lose them because he has the power to raise the energy, bt, attraction, and interest within seconds. In my approaches, when the interactions begin to die out, he refreshes them with amazing ability, creates conversations out of thin air, etc. This is so ridiculous that I demand that he gives me answers. He reveals to me its his sexual energy and confeses to me of certain BIG sacrifices hes made(I have no right to reveal them unless he gives me permission)

The power of belief- We suddenly spot an HB8.5 half asian half white. He approaches her, Chats her up and quickly attracts her. his mind is set out, sharp, clear and his confidence up the roof. suddenly he says "come with us" Insta dates her, and builds some serious comfort. This girl is so into him, SHE pays for his drinks. after chatting for a while, he # closes her and continues to search.

The rewards for persistance- It gets late, dark, cold, and no targets. I begin to chicken out and getting ready to head home. he repeats to me a quote that I believe Vindicarlo uses(not sure) "If you dedicate to going out everyday, the game will give you presents" He has clearly stayed true to this since I've met him. hes been there without fail. We take the bus to various spots, roam to all kinds of places, and we can't leave because he says he wants his present and expects to get it. after a LONG while(we even tried to literally run after some chick half a mile away) we decide to head on home. As we're boarding the metro, this 2set walks in(1 of them was easily a 9) It turns out they used to know him. we sit with them, chat them up. he attracts the 9 and # closes her with date prospects. he then smiles and says, so that was my present.

My stats
Approaches- 11(9 directs)
Plows- 4
close attempts-0

Highlights(Today I will only show supermans power and the leassons he thaught me)Supermans power- Sexual energy, strong belief, persistance, burning desire, Constant improvementLeassons learned-Sexual energy is the most powerful form of energy out there. always be pushing the interaction to new levels(cold reads are an awsome transition)Develop unwavering faith and you'll destroy all oposition No matter what the odds are, stick to your plans.