Monday, December 14, 2009

FR 36 First solo mission as Suicide member!

If you guys can recall, I mentioned to some of you that I once did a solo mission before the comunity, and I eyed this very cute asian chick. she opened me, but there was a dude who was also compeeting for her, and he came with his 6 friends. I had no friends, and as hard as I fought, compeeting against 7 cockblocks was pretty impossible. I remember this night I wen't home really depressed, because I realized I had never really had friends that cared for me, the few friends I had in Jersey would never go out of their way to help me like those guys helped him. I would never expect that only a month or 2 later I would find such an amazing circle of friends.

Fast forward to today- With Suicide crew, and other friends I've made amazing progress in only 1 month and a half. Today I called them, and other guys, and nobody seemed to be going out. I had a few more options, but it was clear that solo was still something I was purposely overlooking. I was very nervous and recalling my last solo experience. this was going to truly test how much progress I really made. I could have gone straight from work, but I was making excuses to my self, and decided to go home first. I called people, and wasted my time trying to tell my self I was doing my best to make it. I got ready and it was late. I was all ready contemplating the idea of staying home. It was clear I was sabotaging my self. It was 1:30 and I was still home, They shut down adams morgan at 2:30, it takes 30 mins to walk there, which means if I went, I would only have 30mins to sarge. Thats exactly what I did. On my way there my emotional circutry was firing, I had a very weird mix of emotions.

Vicious unleashed- I arrived there at exactly 2:05 and the place looked deserted, and cold. I had no time to waste, so I quickly scouted the venues to see which was better. Most were empty. I saw heaven or hell but theres a cover there, How ever I had come with the intention of excercising my persuasive powers. I befriended the bouncer and got in for free(Something I could never do before) I spotted a few chicks. My AA was kicking, then 1 made eye contact. I used the dancing opener. It hooked, It went well until I went for the makeout. She was married. My focus was still persuation but the best I could get outta this chick was a kiss on the cheek, and a face turn from the makeout. Still it was something I wasn't able to do before. I also managed to stop a girl on the street, with pure eye contact, and danced with her. I was clearly a different man.

New weapon- If you recall in 1 of my FRs I made an insta wing. I was runing out of time and no sets whatsoever. How ever I was aiming to try my new weapon. I went in this little place and spotted like 7 dudes, 1 was gaming the only 2 chicks, while the other one was giving advice, They also seemed to have PUA uniforms(Don't ask me what they are, I just know how to spot them) I stayed and watched. They started walking out. As we hit the down I asked 1 of them so is this like field training(lol) he played stupid and kept walking. I went to the leader and said, I can see when guys are running game(or something along those lines) Mind if I join you?(leadership tone) The guy said sure thing man blah, blah, blah. The rest of the night I totally became the leader, and started calling the shots. I told them tales of Suicide missions, and my crew(without revealing the comunity) they were captivated. I bummed 2 shots, and 2 beers outta them, and opened a lonewolf in front of them. They number closed me and are eager to hang with me again.

Dreams of a new lifestyle- Some of my life long dreams, are so close to me, I can feel them. and with this new ability I have to make friends everywhere I go, another one of my demons has vanished, and once again that feeling of satisfaction has taken over.

FR 35 Power shift!

Tonight I don't really count as a FR because I had Major help but it was very fun while at the same time it felt very wrong. Our boy Mike diamond bought a table in midtown. It was something I wasn't used to so I had a hard time adapting to it. I First tried my skill with out the help of the table. Couldn't hook at all. Then I decided to be selfish and cheat alittle. I was amazed at how little dignity girls had, and how fake they were. I literally wasn't able to connect with any of them, and the fact that they were soo fake and pretended to like me and the rest of the crew because of the table, disgusted me. Either way I've never liked midtown cuz to me people there all ready seem fake most of the time(yeah maybe my limiting belief) But I really don't like the type of crowd that goes there. I was anoyed, disgusted, and amused at how far they were willing to take this. I decided to become a straight up ASSHOLE. hardcore. I know its not healthy, and blah blah, but Hey it was gonna be a new experience and I disrespected those people so why not. I was literally probably like tony montana in the end scene of scarface, when hes high, gone and a complete monster. I got drunk and brought girls to the table, to later kick them out in the most horrible ways. One particular one, wanted to grab a drink, and I took it from her.
Vicious- "No you're not drinking"
HB gold digger- "Why"
Vicious- "First of all you're all ready drunk, second of all you don't deserve it, sit over there"
HB gold digger- I don't like your attitude
Vicious- Leave the fucking table, go, I don't want you here!
The HB gold digger, put her head down, grabbed her stuff and left. Another one that had previously shut me down, came over with a bunch of guys and they were sitting at our table. I turned to andy and asked him if he knew them, he said no.
Vicious(to the chick and the guys)- Who do you guys know in here, why are you here
HB- You mean we can't even sit here
Vicious- this is not your table, I don't want you here, You can sit over there.
HB(to all her friends)- Let's get the fuck outta here, they don't want us here
Vicious- LOL does it affect you that much that we don't want you here? Just go over there.

After that night I heard similar stories from the rest of the crew. I found out most of us were being straight up assholes. I'm always against arrogant assholes, And I'm not this way my self, but I'm also a big fan of trying new experiences out, and so I did, I now know how Bitches feel and why they're such bitches. And by bitches I don't mean girls in general, I mean the few Bitches that like to hurt people's feelings. Overall I learned some very important leassons this night. I also learned how very empty shallow people feel inside and why they're so bitter. Its because no one cares about them at an emotional level. Its truly frustrating feeling. I thank Mike diamond for giving me this experience, I learned so many things. That whole night I didn't game, I just wanted to see how stupid people really were.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

FR 34 Battle of game styles!

Tonight was facinating. I had a blast. I got a call from Live forever to meet at ESL. the guys from the meet up were to game there. I haven't gamed in a bit so I was a bit nervous, also knowing that I'm still stuck on the 3 plateaus. But I was also excited. I arrived at ESL and met up with Live forever, Mike diamond, Weekend at bernies, Tigro, Andras, and some other PUAs. I've been hanging so much with the Suicide crew that I totally forgot other game styles existed lol.

Joining the Suicide ranks- The one thing that the Suicide crew is known for is hooking sets, but It's 1 thing I've really struggled with. I had just arrived and Live forever all ready had bussiness for me. We rushed to the inside. I spotted 2 Very attractive european women. I knew if I didn't approach them on my own, Live forever was gonna be on my ass . So I went straight for the kill. I kept in mind the advice on my 3 plateaus. Came in with strong tonality. They hooked hard(I was like WTF) as I gamed them, Andras joined in to wing. I had just met him and heard good things about him. He didn't dissapoint, and turned out to be a pretty good wing man. Not only was I able to hook, but I managed to stay in set for about 20 mins which to me was pretty impossible Since I have poor conversation skills. Male friend came, and I introduced my self, number closed her, and ejected shortly after(should have stayed)
This told me it was gonna be a good night.

Battle of styles- Very soon as I interacted with other comunity members, I realized Vicious style and the style the Suicide crew has adopted was very weird to other comunity members, but on that same note, it was very effective as well. I attempted to wing tigro, but our styles were way too different and so were our mindsets, in a good way. Tigro thought I was making field mistakes, when in reality LOL breaking social rules is the core of suicide crew's style. Soon he saw Live forever in action, using the same style to great success. While at the same time I saw Tigro hooking a set with his own style. After exchanging game, we each grew to respect each others game type.

Vicious style- I met a dude who didn't seem to be PUA but was there to pick up chicks. I decided to take him with me to try some Suicide challenges. My 1st challenge, he had to use the head opener(putting your hand on a girls head and keeping it there) This was totally weird and unusual to him so his AA kicked, but he did it hit and run style. Wasn't exactly what I had in mind but hey, he did it. My turn. He requested I dance with the chick in front of me(I've done this thousands of times. piece of cake) I used my dancing opener and she hooked hard. I ejected after a while of dancing. Then he failed the Marry me opener(you have to ask a chick to marry you) So I gave him a lighter one. He wasn't able to excecute it but was doing very well. A gutsy energetic kid. He was able to expand his mind about whats possible. I kept doing the head opener to great success and was finally hooking sets.

Temporary ONITIS!- I spotted a very cute Korean chick. Asian chicks are my kryptonite so I was choding. Suddenly I met Brother James. I bragged about my head opener. He said you don't need openers, I said, this one is fun. He requested a demo. It was on. I used it on the Korean chick. It hooked hard. As I kept gaming her my attraction was growing. She was into me and Fucking kino went to sleep again. She even started kinoing me, and I couldn't get my self to kino her. I chatted with her for about 25 mins, She let me invade her space and I couldn't get my self to kino her. The friend tried to cockblock me the whole time but couldn't do it. I ejected, gamed some more and then came out to the patio with my new wing. I spotted a 2 set, he was all ready on his way to them, It turned out to be the same korean chick with the friend(CRAP) Luckily he opened the friend and not the Korean chick. He got their names and introduced me to them(not knowing I had all ready gamed them) I pretended to just have met her, and she laughed. This time we were very close to each other, I looked her in the eye and my heart started pounding, and my penis was waking up It was clear I had to go for the kill but this oneitis was fucking me up. After some light kino, she said I have to use the ladies room. I number closed her and reached over and kissed her. she responded very well to it, and then left to use the rest room. I was dying to makeout with her. Found her later on that night but couldn't really get my self to reapproach. She got number closed by other dudes. It's clear I had some competition. Oh yea also got semibusted by the friend since she came back and said "Your friend is a very good wingman" LOL funny thing is the dude knew nothing about the game, and I don't use routines, so how we got busted is beyond me, but I was like, huh? Yeha I guess he is(like I didn't know what was going on)

Special thanks- My 3 plateaus- Tonality, Conversations, Kino. and tonight I beat the shit outta the 3, managed to make some good allies, and kissed one of the cutest asian chicks I ever kissed in my life(1st cute Asian chick through cold approach) I give special thanks to Live forever for coaching me with such patience, The Suicide crew, and all the Puas that have helped me. Thank you for making my life better.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

FR 33 A taste of true social freedom!

Btw IDK If you guys have noticed that I'm leaving my FRs undetailed, and I'm not setting clear challenges etc. It's because I'm taking the whole December off as vacation although I'm still sarging. I just can't do it as consistently because of all the holidays, work, NJ visits, etc. as well as the rest of the Suicide crew. We'll be back in full action by January

The crew hit MC Faddens today. It was semi target rich, and there were some pretty decent sets. The mood was on, and as usual I arrived late since I had work. It turns out that Southern style had brought with him that legendary state that automatically pulls girls towards him, and Live forever was kinda twisted all ready and seemed to have . I was the only one who didn't seem to have that glow with me. but then again, I always excecute even when I'm out of state. I all ready knew it was gonna be a good night.

Hide and seek- So I'm ready to get my ass shut down, till Southern style mentions there's an old friend waiting for me. Suddenly my memory comes back. I remember the Fat chick from the previous FR threatened she would be there on thursday! "Oh crap" Sure enough, she wasn't hard to spot. Live forever takes me outside to coach me. As I hit the downstairs, I try to weasel my way past her without being spotted. I manage to open the door, thinking I was sleek. And there she comes! ugh. after like 3 attempts to open me, and me playing it cold, she gets the hint. thank goodness. Live forever coaches me and directs me.

My struggle- As usual. I attempt the missions but I still can't execute effectively. Once again, I get frustrated, and dissapointed, but extremely eager to overcome this. I open sets using the loud tonality. they finally start hooking but that still leaves the Kino, and conversational plateaus to deal with. Live forever keeps demoing for me and I still can't do it. ugh! Southern style is left gaming all my abandoned sets(bastard!) Southern style hooks sets left and right as expected.

True social freedom/bringing the matrix to life- Normally I don't give much credit to people who use alcohol as a crutch but I must admit, this was such an amazing display of game. Live foreve went on an absolute rampage. He used the most ridiculous self invented routines, did some of the most socially unaccepted things, and got away with it. His frame was so unbelievably strong, that people felt absolutely owned by him. He coached me while I was in set, in front of them. For this one night he was truly socially free, and had brought a reality to life that I had only read about. Although there was NO way in hell I could possibly reproduce such a thing with my current state, Thanks to this, I was able to eliminate some of my limiting beliefs. Now I know, anything can really be done with the right beliefs. I mean if I told this guy to bark at someone, he would have done it and hooked!

I still couldn't overcome my sticking points the rest of the night, but once again, the learning experience and exposure I got were priceless!

Leassons learned

People are too worried about their own insecurities to give a shit about your actions

Must remember to make conversation playfull as oppesed to deep.

Must remember to lead the conversation to useful seduction subjects

Friday, December 4, 2009

FR 32 Three tought challenges!

So if I understand correctly, the way this works, is you start out really good. then you hit a plateau, and start sucking. after alot of asswhooping, you break it, and you do good again until you hit another one, and so on and so on.
My first plateau was a fucked up social fear. I created the suicide missions, and later the Suicide crew was created out of that same plateau that held us all back. After shitloads of pain and struggle, we managed to break free. not totally but enough for us to work. This was probably the toughest for Southern style. And he's finally free. At this point, I make very quick progress, until inevitably I hit the next one. this one turns out to be a bitch. This is sexual fear, It's so fucked up, that I start breaking down. After plenty of analysis, and loads of self arguments, I manage to stop the breakdowns. I start doing good, and getting makeouts. I think I'm through with it, but it comes back to bite me in the ass.

3 tough challenges- So I'm stuck in this sexual fear plateau. But as I attempt to kino in order to get past it, I notice I can't hook sets for my life. This ultimately reveals my next plateau, which happens to be tonality/voice projection. Thanks to Live forever I'm able to realize how creepy I come across to people. Once I'm able to semi-hook sets, I notice how poor my conversational skills are. This is due to my lack of knowledge about culture or anything in general, and my inability to make my convos interesting. These 3 have been kicking my ass left and right. But I actually enjoy the ass whooping. It feels like your second day in the gym. you know, that day you have a hard time sitting on the machine cuz even your ass is sore, and you know you're about to go through some serious pain.

My coach/the antidote- I hit up ESL with Suicide crew, and some other guys. We focus on hooking sets. This whole time I've gotten advice but I haven't been able to execute it. Live forever is my coach in these 3 plateaus. The focus is tonality. Finally, after a while of trial and error, I'm able to have the right tonality for a while. I'm able to hook sets better but I'm still not able to retain them. after the tonality practice, We come up with the goofiest openers, and they actually hook pretty fucking well. So now I work on my conversational skills. after alot awkward silences, I'm able to start seeing the structure of conversation, and getting some basic transitions. At the end of the night, I practice kino through dancing but I've been out all day and forgot to put on deodorant so my armpit stinks LOL. I scare 2 girls away with the whole armpit.

The fire burns- the girls in a 2 set decide to be complete bitches to me because I approach them. Normally I would let it go, but lately I tend to bite back when I'm attacked, because I genuinely believe that I'm doing them a favor by approaching them, and thats no way to thank me. 1 tells me to go away. I'm like wow and I stick out my hands like saying touchy. the other one says, don't think about touching my friend(basically thinking that I'm so desperate that I'll touch them after they're being bitches) After all this bitchines I figure out why they're like this. Something in their tone gives it away. It turns out they're super insecure because they're very average, and theres some hot women compared to them. I capitalize on it. I reopen them, take a look at them, and say "you guys are like, the hottest ones in this whole place" in a super sarcastic tone and disgusted body language. I had no clue this was gonna be such an atomic bomb. After I drop this bomb, they look at each other in a very insecure way, and don't know what to do with them selves, they feel insulted and cought off guard. Then I say "have a good day" in a burlesque tone. They feel so shut down its pathetic. jeeze I still can't believe there are women that insecure out there.

Although this night wasn't the best as far as pick up goes, I learned SO much its insane, I was also finally able to scratch the surface with the 3 plateaus

Leassons learned
-Nobody gives a damn, cuz most people are too insecure about themselves anyway
-this one is hard to explain via text but I learned kinda how to transition conversation wise.
-the head opener(lol My creation thank you very much)- this one is cool as hell. Just put your hand on a woman's head, and leave it there creepy like for a little bit. normally they'll turn around and put their hand on your head. its so funny and hooks extremely well
-the funny dance(Live forever's)- I still suck at this one but it's so money once you get good. all you have to do is dance super goofy and retarded in front of your target. When done properly it builds massive social proof, and attraction

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

FR 31 Giant Suicide vortex!

This day was very weird in a good way. There has been a great need for a system for Suicide crew. I met up with Southern style, and we worked all day on a very powerful system meant to increase Suicide crew's efficiency as well, as it's growth potential, as well as providing each member with a customized game plan with great resources. I can't give much more away, but we started our master plan and is all ready moving to action.

Southern style's awakening- We hit MC Faddens. It wasn't very target rich, but it had some hot women. We started our approaches as usual. Southern style, Zafer, Styfley, and Weekend at Bernie's were all ready handling bussiness. As usual, I approached but wasn't hooking many sets. Everything seemed normal, but Southern style was on fire. What ever was holding him back, sure as hell dissapeared cuz this man has been on fire ever since I got back. His innate ability to hook sets became invaluable. I went away for a second. Southern style had full control of the entire scene. When I came back, Zafer had hooked this very hot hired gun following Southern style's script.

Giant Vortex- Suddenly the entire crew we came with, was in the middle of the venue. Southern style had such a powerful aura, that the crew quickly adopted. Before we knew it, it turned into a huge vortex of fun. Every single person on the venue, specially the hot chicks started being drawn to us. It got so crazy that we literally became the life of the entire venue. our social proof was up the roof, and the struggles we had together made us become close friends. That closeness combined with everyones powerful states created and unstoppable force.

The good samaritan- I had spotted a 3 set. 2 hot chicks, and the super fat sidekick. I was digging one of the hot chicks. I had a hard time approaching her due to all the obstructions between us. As I fought my way through the crowd, the fat chick spotted me and started trying to grind me(ugh how unlucky) I made about 3 attempts to eject, but she was determined to game me. I was gonna shut her down, but Southern style, and Zafer gave me the "don't be an asshole" look. They had a point. I hate bitches, so I couldn't be an asshole. Someone had to take one for the team. I humored her, and there went my chances to game the hot friend. Suddenly I hear the hot friend mention how attracted she is to a dude. The dude is super tall and built, and has a pretty boy face, But he is extremely shy(wall flower) I try to hook them up(there goes my chance to game the hot one. but then again, I all ready lost it due to the fat chick choosing me) Hooking them up is not an easy task. they're both EXTREMELY shy, and I have to keep playing cupid for a while, until they finally talk and exchange numbers. On other news, I can't seem to be able to get rid of the fat chick. She even tries to make out with me ugh. I still manage to have fun and enjoy the music even though I got a 250lb load grinding on me. In the end she threatens to see me on tuesday and thursday(I'm scared shitless lol) and number closes me. Although I didn't get anything special outta this interaction, I was able to see how chicks feel when a chode approaches them, and I was also able to do 2 good deeds so I felt good about my self, and of course I had a fucking blast thanks to Southern style and the rest of the crew.