Thursday, October 29, 2009

FR 14 Gathering the elite!

Today was awsome. btw I'm not supposed to start my new Daily challenges till the 1st, but I just can't help to go out and break the chains that have held me back 1 by 1. I was out the ENTIRE day and got to feast my eyes on many different skillsets, levels, and game styles.

Suicidal crew- First I went out with Superman, southern style, and Live forever. Although my focus lately has been escalating as opposed to suicides, I decided to roll with it today so Live forever, and Southern style could have something to fall back out. Southern style wasn't in state, which is ok since we all have those disgusting days, and day game is much tougher to recover from when you're not in state. Live forever went in hyper mode and started doing crazy approaches. Superman coached them alittle bit. and I was the guineapig LOL.

Gathering the elite- It was Supermans birthday, and he invited the whole crew. We sat down, watched the game and had dinner. I got to chat with Wolf howls, Fidemus, Live forever, Jdubs, Zero, Southern style, Superman of course, and later Sonic, and many more comunity members

Comunity action- I was so freaking excited, I got to know the comunity members on a more personal level, and I got to see them tearing up venues. Litterally my eyes couldn't focus cuz there were comunity members everywhere picking up women. I wall flowered my self for a while just so I can learn frBoldom these guys. The feeling of closeness and brotherhood was overwhelming

Highlights(leassons learned will be in parenthesis like this)

Jelousy plotline- After watching them go, it was my turn to do some venue tearing of my own. I kept approaching chicks but for some reason my conversational skills weren't sharp today. Thats when I remembered the old Vicious days. I opened sets and made small talk, and then used them to gain social proof. Once I hit the downstairs There was a spanish HB8 who I had previously opened, and an hb6. The hb6 had all ready given me her number, and I spiked her attraction by palm reading. Once they were both there, They started compeeting for my attention, and I started reading both their palms. I danced with one then the other one. I wanted the spanish one so we started hughing, she tried to make me hold her drink and I drank it Then she kissed me in the cheek 3 times and I still bitched out and didn't go for the makeout I'm still super pissed(Opening many sets and leaving them open to come back to them is very easy and powerful cuz they social proof you. now they do all the hard work, not you)

Accidental cockblock- I saw this guy talking to possibly the hottest girl in the venue. Since I still have AA during the night, I decided to be balsy and cockblock the guy. I walk up to him and say, are you guys going out? he says no. and I hit on the girl, only to find out later that he was a comunity member in training session. I felt like such a douchebag. so I walked up to him and apologised.(Being balsy can have consecuences lol but in the end it pays off)

HB8- I approached this asian chick walking down the street. she reacted friendly but not attracted. later on she seemed more attracted but I didn't go for the # close(I think the reason why I'm having a hard time closing is because I'm failing to qualify. this is something I need to work on)

HB9 Make up artist- This girl was very intimidating, and since no one wanted to do the dirty work, I decided to be the guineapig once again. It went well, I talked to her for a while, when I tried to close, she said she had a BF, I still plowed, and after 3 more plow attempts, I ejected(Once again, I need to work on my qualifiers, Approaching hot chicks makes you more selective, and thus better with women)

Questions- How do I escalate sexual tension effectively? please give me details and examples, I'll really apreciate it. Thank you guys for taking the time to read my posts

Total approaches- 20(aproximately)(19 directs)
Plows- 18(aprox)
# close attempts- 4 # closes- 2

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

FR 13 Foggy-New AA destroyer system!

Today I hit up foggy bottom with Southern style(Superman joined later)since Southern style is kinda new to day game, we decided to focus on wiping out his AA. Due to our own needs(Superman and I), we developed a short and very effective system for dealing with AA which has helped us tremendously. I will baptize it as Operation Suicide. I saw this system clearly in action today on southern style, and also earlier on me and superman as well

Operation suicide lvl 1
Objective- Maximum exposure to rejections in order to become imune to them. as well as drastically reducing AA
Mindset- fuck skills and rules. focus on blowing the set, and stacking direct approaches
Approaching tools- 2 part opener(open 1st, then go direct. this will reduce AA exponentially) Momentum(set a target and walk very fast, barge right in and approach. This will give you courage long enough to approach. even though its a shitty way to approach you're trying to blow the set right)
Rules-Must have a fixed number of minimum direct approaches per day, as well as fr follow up- If Focus PUA does not pick a target. his wing must-Selected target will be chased and in sight until Focus PUA approaches. how ever long this may take.(sometimes it takes hours)-once shutdown. plowing and sticking around is necesary

The wildfire spreading

Southern style- Not used to day game, with this system he managed to do like 8 approaches, and 3 of them were direct. the reactions were awsome. and i'm sure he'll soon start stacking up 15+ directs. I absolutely admire the comunity members. they're so devoted and dedicated. strong men who fight for their dreams, and help others.

Superman- He's becoming more and more solid with his attraction. His understanding of females is quite useful too. this guys progress is amazing

Vicious- This time my AA worked in my favor, and that uncontrolable fear became almost none existant. This fear has held me prisoner my whole life, so I have an undescribable feeling of acomplishments even though I still haven't achieved what I set out to achieve.

HIghlights(leassons learned will be in parenthesis like this)

HB 8 # close- I'm trying to get Southern style to go suicide and get rejected. He requests that I show him how I get rejected and not give a shit. me "pick a target" southern- "that one" I turn around and start chasing her. I walk next to her and direct approach her. she responds we'll. I plow and number close her. positive reactions happened with other sets as well(even though I'm going suicide I think the mere fact that I'm much calmer now shows through my noneverbals and chicks are much more receptive to me)

HB 8 asian- I approach in a similar manner. she reacts well but shes in a rush to class(you have to really like the target when you approach. this will make it more genuine)

Whats your advice when people don't reply to your 1st text. when is it best to reattempt or attempt for the phone call.
I still need advice on setting up for the date. how do I set up the date[/font]
Total approaches- 8(8 directs)
Plows- 7
close attempts- 1
closes- 1

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

FR 12 The next level!!!

OK after seeing what Superman did out there, and noticing how unhesitant I tend to be to approach now, I realized I reached my AA goal much quicker than I had anticipated. although I still get AA and I sometimes don't approach, I believe I all ready brought it to a manageable level. so I'm gonna keep calibrating my timeframes until I get good at them.

Wing advice- Today I hit Dupont with Fidemus. it was dead so we headed to the pentagon city mall. While at Dupont he started debriefing me and my style and gave me some very solid advice of things that I need to work on etc.

Pentagon city mall- There weren't that many sets but there were some ok ones. While browsing for clothes, we started opening sets. Once again I got to see Fidemus at work and took notes. Overall it was a good day and I got to learn alot, Plus this time I started focusing on succeeding instead of focusing on AA. I started to see a pattern and reached the next level in social dynamics understanding.

Highlights(leassons learned will be in parenthesis like this)

Busted by HB7- Since all I've done is direct and I hate to bs I didn't know how to be honest while at the same time opening indirectly. So I used an excuse and opened asking for hot venues around DC. I quickly transitioned and generated attraction and everything went well until she asked where I lived and I said Columbia Hts. she said and you've never been to adams morgan? I don't believe you, blah, blah, blah shut down.(Its a good idea to can some openers on your own that you genuinely care about and NEVER FUCKING LIE under any circumstances)

Hired gun pick up- I walk into A&F theres a hired gun on the mans Jeans section. I ask her what she recomends me. gives me standard answer. I'm like no Whats YOUR opinion. and be straight up and don't give me the "oh it looks good answer" I hate that(Smiling playful tone) she laughs and starts telling me about it.
Me- yea I can tell you LOVE shopping(in a sarcastic maner) thats why I'm asking you
HB- LOL yea I take hours shopping. where are you from
Me- Just moved from Jersey
HB_ omg I just moved 3 months ago from colombia
Me- Oh you're colombian?HB-(speaks in spanish)We build some rapport, and I start trying jeans on. then it's time to run since I was supposed to meet with Fidemus and I was all ready late. As I'm heading out(lol havent even asked her name) I'm like these jeans fit but I gotta run, my friend is waiting(whip out my cellphone) I ask for her name and phone number. (I've noticed that the best transitions are by far cold reads, even when they're totally inacurate)I'm afraid I have to run and don't have time for further details

Total approaches- 10(5 directs)
Plows- 7
close attempts- 1
closes- 1
Next focus - Gonna take some time to regroup and do my personal stuff(I'll still be sarging but with less intensity) gonna work on my style. and other stuff till the 1st of november. New 2 week focus- Opening/transitioning/plowing successfully
New Daily challenge(starting on nov)- 7+ approaches(Direct or plow)
6+ plows
3+ close attempts
Starting Date- November 1sr 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

FR 11 The power of the unseen forces!!!

1 Month focus- AA destroyer
Daily challenge(completion rate is represented in days)7+directs, hbs7+(9/11)
1+close attempt(5/11)

Mysterious power- Today I got to experience something amazing. Superman showed me a form of power that I had read, or heard about, in many places, but I had never seen this power up close and in my face used by a comunity member.

My approaches- My approaches were nothing special and I just did what I do everyday. with that in mind, I will dedicate this entire FR to Superman and the valuable leassons he thaught me today.

Overpowering Vibe- Today A money, Superman and I headed to college park. As we walked down the street, we set some pretty ambitious goals. Of course with out counting on the fact that It was cold and completely dead. We spotted the 1st target, while A money and I were debating, Superman stepped up to the challenge. keep in mind that up until now hes the 1 with least aparent acomplishments, and his AA has had him bound. Imediately I sense something different about him, even the way he moves and shakes hands. the girl reacts friendly.

Inner strength revealed- A money has to leave us. The place is still deserted, but the new Superman simply will NOT accept defeat under any circumstances. He starts approaching fearlesly and gets awsome reactions. Even the sets I approach, theres no way I can lose them because he has the power to raise the energy, bt, attraction, and interest within seconds. In my approaches, when the interactions begin to die out, he refreshes them with amazing ability, creates conversations out of thin air, etc. This is so ridiculous that I demand that he gives me answers. He reveals to me its his sexual energy and confeses to me of certain BIG sacrifices hes made(I have no right to reveal them unless he gives me permission)

The power of belief- We suddenly spot an HB8.5 half asian half white. He approaches her, Chats her up and quickly attracts her. his mind is set out, sharp, clear and his confidence up the roof. suddenly he says "come with us" Insta dates her, and builds some serious comfort. This girl is so into him, SHE pays for his drinks. after chatting for a while, he # closes her and continues to search.

The rewards for persistance- It gets late, dark, cold, and no targets. I begin to chicken out and getting ready to head home. he repeats to me a quote that I believe Vindicarlo uses(not sure) "If you dedicate to going out everyday, the game will give you presents" He has clearly stayed true to this since I've met him. hes been there without fail. We take the bus to various spots, roam to all kinds of places, and we can't leave because he says he wants his present and expects to get it. after a LONG while(we even tried to literally run after some chick half a mile away) we decide to head on home. As we're boarding the metro, this 2set walks in(1 of them was easily a 9) It turns out they used to know him. we sit with them, chat them up. he attracts the 9 and # closes her with date prospects. he then smiles and says, so that was my present.

My stats
Approaches- 11(9 directs)
Plows- 4
close attempts-0

Highlights(Today I will only show supermans power and the leassons he thaught me)Supermans power- Sexual energy, strong belief, persistance, burning desire, Constant improvementLeassons learned-Sexual energy is the most powerful form of energy out there. always be pushing the interaction to new levels(cold reads are an awsome transition)Develop unwavering faith and you'll destroy all oposition No matter what the odds are, stick to your plans.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

FR 9 Reality check friday night

1 Month focus- AA destroyer
Daily challenge(completion rate is represented in days)7+ direct approaches 7/9
1+ plow 6/9
1+ close attempt 4/9
Overcompensation- 7/9

So I tried to gather a bunch of comunity members, but today took quite a turn for the worse. Precisely today there was some type of award thing going on near my job(got to see the dude from the movie step up, and Ann marie, took pics of both) anyway, because of that, I couldn't leave at the time planned, and to make things worse my phone battery died. Got off late and tried to catch up to the guys, but for some reason we had a hard time finding each other. Then Fidemus came to adams morgan and I chilled with him.

Fidemus- Due to the time crunch there weren't as many approachable sets, but while I thought I was gonna have to be pushing this guy to approach, he turned out to not only be fearless at approaching, but also amazing at it. He opened some dificult sets like it was nothing. clearly I had something to learn from this man. I think it was because I'm not used to approaching big groups that my AA kicked hard. clearly I didn't have the tools to open these set. I hesitantly went for some of them anyway. Other times I had to just stand back and watch how the pro did it.

Total approaches- 6(directs)
plows- 4
close attempts-0

Highlights(leassons learned/observations will be in parenthesis like this)

Fidemus 2set approach- I was the 1st one to walk in the karaoke, and there was a 2 set, while I hesitated, fidemus immediately approached them, instantly creating kino. The girls were receptive of him.(Kino while opening can be very powerful if used correctly)

5set hbs- I had no Boldclue how to open them(I hate opinion openers so can't use that) I tried to talk to 1 of them and they all shut me down(I noticed thanks to Fidemus that I tend to lean in when I'm in loud environments which is very bad. I think its better to somehow engage the entire group)

HB 9 BF Confrontation- LOL this was a funny story. I was sitting with fidemus trying to find a target without looking like a hunting shark. suddenly he spots an HB9 by her self and says, "that one" I go and try to open, shes obviously not receptive(the bf was nearby) suddenly he comes to me and pushes me. I look him in the eye and say(in a commanding tone)"I didn't know she was your girl but Don't push me"He still has his hand on my chest. makes a smaller push. while still with his hand on my chest, I start walking towards him and say louder "DON'T PUSH ME" he drops his hand and the security shows up and says "Is there a problem?" me- I don't know I guess it depends on what he does. and that was pretty much it(The best way to avoid conflict is to give them the chioce while keeping the dominant frame. this will make them wander why you're so confident, and at the same time since you're not attacking, they don't feel the need to Prove anything. so they'll be like "its not worth the risk")

Revealed sticking points
Leaning in
overall bodylanguage when approaching
voice projection/tonality

FR 10 Opener epyphany!

1 month focus- AA destroyer
Daily challenge(completion rate will be represented in days)7+directs, hbs7+(8/10)
1+plow(7/10)1+close attempt(5/10)

Before work- So I was feeling lazy today, so I didn't wanna do much daygame. I preopened a chick at the metro. we talked about music, etc. when her metro arrived, I tried to # close her. she gave me a bad shut down. since I thought she was into me, this one cut deep. I had a hard time recovering. It usually doesn't affect me but today it did. I couldn't go direct during work lol, but I did have an awsome playful vibe.

Adams morgan- I met up with Fidemus, and I had a long list to fill since I did no approaches, prior to this. But my AA has been known to kick abit harder in adams morgan(guess I gotta get used to the place)

Epiphany- Once again, Fidemus started doing fearless approaches and kept opening big groups of beautiful women like it was nothing. In fact, lol 1 time I was looking for him and he was all ready sitting down with 4 SHBs. I kept watching and asking him questions about his approaches. I suddenly started seeing a pattern. I was my turn. I started by approaching an hb8 with the things he told me in mind, but still nervous. It opened kinda well but no attraction. from then on I kept approaching through out the night and not a single shutdown. every single woman or group I opened, was receptive.(cept for a fat girl that the only reason I opened was to warm up and cuz she looked like she was bored) granted sometimes the conversations died out pretty quick but I learned how to open thanks to this dude. as to what the epiphany actually is, I'll leave that for the highlights since its better with actual approaching examples.

Highlights(leassons learned will be in parenthesis, like this.)1st approach 2set hbs9- As soon as we walked to adams morgan, I spotted 2 beautiful girls(1 was asian) Since asians are my thing, my AA kicked so hard I froze. Fidemus was minding his bussiness but he saw that I liked them and couldn't approach. he imediately opened them and got them talking, and quickly introduces me to them. they're very receptive(guy never seizes to amaze me) This was my 1st taste of this epiphany(Chicks no matter how hot are more than willing to meet people, but sadly most guys who approach them either lurk way too much, or are wasted)

6 set SHBs- Fidemus spots a big ass set of beautiful women and commands me to approach them. LOL I play stupid and pretend I can't see them. Then I decide to man up and walk up to them, I go like Hey guys. Hows it going. I'm in the set and start talking to 1 in particular. the other chicks break into smaller little groups. I stay in set for a good 15 or 20 mins then I eject.

Halloween costume chicks- I enter the reef and theres nothing but a 3set of HBs8s dressed up- I walk up to them and I'm like Hey everyone turn around(they were looking out the window) I wanna see your costumes. I'm in, fidemus walks by and I introduce him to them, and we do pretty good and then I eject(don't worry guys soon I'll start trying to really escalate. I'm taking 1 step at a time)

HB 9 by the bar area- I approach a hot blonde, I pat her on the shoulder and I'm like hey whats going on. and there I go

Epiphany- Not drinking is such a fucking plus because girls are 100% much more receptive and listen to you more. Body language combined with tone are the only things that matter in an opener. 99% of the chicks there, want to meet guys and you don't have to do anything special or hide any intent. they know why you're talking to them. Just appear confident, and talk to them.

Total approaches- 9(directs)3(indirects)
Plows- 12
close attempts- 1
closes- 0

Friday, October 23, 2009

FR 8 Direct approach field leassons!

Ok this is by far the most boring FR and I'm only writting it because I promissed a daily fr, how ever. I will use this space to talk about what I've learned about direct approch during these suicide missions(after FR).

1 Month focus- AA destroyer
Daily challenge-(completion rate will be in parenthesis like this The numbers represent days)7+ direct approaches,
1+ plow(5/8)
1+ close attempt(3/8)

Today I woke up Very early and only slept like 3 hours total, I was late for my meeting so I had to reschedule. by the time I came back home it was all ready 12. I cooked food, and took a long ass nap, didn't have time to sarge, had to head to work. I had only done 2 approaches prior to work. at work I did a couple but none direct so it didn't count. I got off around 11 and still had 5 directs to go, I had less than an hour cuz they close the metro at 12. The station was deserted so I was litterally runing trying to find targets. I desperatly did half assed directs cuz I didn't even have time to stay and chat. As I got on the metro I did 1 indirect and plowed pretty well, but as I chatted I passed quite a few stops, which took even more time, by the time I reached home I still had a couple to go so I lurked around like a desperate shark.

Total approaches-11(9 directs)
close attempts-0

Highlights(leassons learned will be in parenthesis like this)

Asian HB7 metro seat- I spotted her and sat next to her. made it kinda obvious on purpose. Used my asian language opener(never fails to create massive fucking attraction and is awsome at breaking bitch shields) Chatted, she worked for an international company and was only gonna be here for a few days so there was no point in number closing her(Find out what people are into and use what ever knowlege you have about that. amazing cheap way of creating attraction)

Broken limits- AA numbness. I literally feel numb to AA when I'm about to go direct more
frecuently than before.

Day Direct approach infield leassons- The 2 part direct approach is very effective because it totally changes their reaction.
part1- walk up to them and get their full attention first. wait till they're fully focused.(neutral is much better than comanding tone)
Part2-Pause, compliment(I was doing commanding tone, but they tend to bitch shield more. Hyper tone is much more effective)If you do this right they should be receptive, but alot of the times it'll seem like you're blown out cuz they keep walking. do NOT eject. Instead plow until you find out what they're into, and use what ever knowledge on the subject to talk about that(you can even use this to qualify and create attraction if you do your noneverbals right) If you reach this point without getting blown out, chances are theres all ready attraction built, as well as some comfort. at this point you can try to instadate(not tested) or # close(tested)

-Number Husttle- Many times they will refuse to give you the #, or will try to play you out with it. not because they're not into you, but cuz they don't wanna feel slutty or possibly cuz they're testing for persistance. If this happens, Insist in a playful, funny, none clingy way. It's particularly important to verify you got the number in front of them, and get them to save your number in front of you. In fact if you husttle the number outta them, chances are it will be even more solid than a regular # close.Those are my infield very inexperienced observations. please comment on them if you think they're flawd

Thursday, October 22, 2009

FR 7 Pulled through fucked up breakdown!

1 Month goal- AA destruction
Daily Quota- 7 direct approaches, hbs 7+.
1 plow,
1 close attempt
completion rate- 6/7

My emotional state- Lets start by saying, today was weird. I woke up with more AA than usual. I was in a bad mood and not in a social vibe at all. I was planing to leave a little early and just go to the metro and do my 7 right before work. Superman called me(again, his persistance never ceases to amaze me) perhaps this was the single thing that got me a little more cheerful. Since I didnt have much time, we had no choice but to game in china town(not very good during weekdays)
Logistics- The lack of targets made it hard to approach. To make things worse, my AA was so ridiculously high, I couldn't be much inspiration to superman. He manned up and did a metro hit and run suicide LOL(His suicides are always the funniest) I approached a 3 set(barely) and a single target. both very receptive, but I couldn't plow due to AA. time ran out. Had to head to work and had only done 2 directs.

A determination test - At work there werent manny approachable chicks, and the ones that were there I didn't have the balls to approach. I had just gotten off work. was by my self, remenicing of NJ and started feeling very shitty. AA up the fucking roof, not many HBs in the street, and I still had to do at least 5 directs, and plow as well as number close attempt. It was getting late and I was tired. I also didn't have much money to hit a venue so I decided to got from station to station

Full break down- Before entering the station I did 1(very forced direct) Went from station to station, literally for 1 hour and could not approach. to make things worse there were nothing but 2sets and 3sets. I leaned against a railing and totally broke down. a 2set next to me(well dressed corporate women) me feeling shitty, anoyed and frustrated. kicking my self for not being able to pull through. me being stubburn I knew I couldn't leave without doing at least the 7 directs, and I couldn't approach, so I had no idea for how long I was gonna be there

Wing assistance/ a second wind- When I feel the shittiest I get a phone call. Just when I needed it. It was Superman!(I love the fucking guy)He says, just checking in on you. how many sets have you approached
me- 3
Superman- So you still have 4 more to go?(surprised/disappointed tone)
me- yeah, I feel like shit, I've beed going from station to station, I can't approach
Superman- remember why you're here, we're all in this for the same reason. push your self, etc.
me- theres a 2 set, but I can't do it
Superman- go, push yourself, I'm here for you man, thats why I checking in on you, etc
After a nice kick in the ass from superman and me feeling supported, I start to regain my composure. I go for the 2 set, they react very well. I plow, and chicken out getting the number and start bouncing from station to station again. still feeling like shit but this time with more determination. The end. everything else will be in the stats, and highlights.

Total approaches- 9(8 directs)
plows- 2
close attempts- 1
closes- 0

Highlights(leassons learned will be in parenthesis, like this)

2 set- I tell them they're very cute. They react very well but I don't think they're very attracted. it turns out they work for the government. they begin getting more attracted when they get to know me. they seem impressed by my balls and honesty as I tell them I was honestly shitting my pants but still had to approach. after a nice plow, I eject(Having friends who support you and want to see you succeed is INVALUABLE. Standing up for what you believe in is very attractive to people)

Arlington HB8- spot her and chase her to metro waiting area. AA once again getting the better of me, but my desperation for going home plus picturing Superman commanding me to approach her, makes me go direct while theres literally 30 people watching us(all waiting for metro). she reacts very well but I can see shes not going for it. I still plow. when she tells me she lives in arlington(this is where my main social circle is) My AA SKYROCKETS! since it occurs to me that not only am i probably gonna see this chick, but shes also gonna tell my new friends in arlington. I literally start feeling a phobia, and absolute eagerness to eject, but I soldier on and even though she hasn't openly shut me down, shes giving me the hint. AA is at its peak telling me to go away. This is when I decide to go full suicide and tell her "give me your number"
her- oh I have a bf. which way are you going
me-stuttering um ah metro center I think
her(trying to be as nice as possible, smiling)- it was nice meeting you. thank you, I apreciate the complement
me- have a good one.
even 20 mins after the approach, I feel my emotional circutry firing, and uncontrolable laughter(Facing your greatest fears can give you such a feeling of freedom and acomplishment that everyone MUST experience at least once in their life.)

HB9 bench approach- Lol this was Superman style approach. as shes sitting down, theres an old man on the other end of the bench snd a spot in the middle. I sit next to her and say hey(neutral tone but loud) she can't hear me(got headphones) LOL suddenly she sees me and jumps scared shitless. takes off headphones and gives me a fuck off look. I guess she thinks I'll use an excuse to talk to "you're very cute"HB- aww thank you(awsome reaction, and high bt)before I could say anything else, the fucking old man and this hater bitch cockblock me, telling me to move cuz she wants to sit(but I can tell they do it cuz they're hating on me) I don't know how to react to this and move and it kills the interaction(I found what makes the difference between a successful direct and an unsuccesful one but its too long, I'll make a separate thread for it/ yea I need advice on fighting this form of cockblock)Broken limitsmore PlowsNot a single negative reaction(the previous have been 95% negative shutdowns)Not ejecting when AA is firing

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

FR 6 MAX exposure/breaking new limits!

Month focus- AA
Current progress ladder(keep in mind my AA is twice as high during day game, and 4 times higher without wing)
1 to 2 indirects(day/ no escalation)
7+ indirects(day/ no escalation)
1 to 2 directs(day/ no escalation/ wing required)
15 directs(no escalation/ wing required/ night only)
1 to 2 directs(day/ no wing req/ no escalation)
7+ directs(day/ wing req/ no escalation)
Today- ?(surprise. have to wait till end of fr)

So today being my day off, I hit up a couple people, only Superman can make it(pretty reliable wing). I hit up Foggy bottom. I decide since it's my day off, I'll do something special. I decide its time to turn this up a notch or 2. Before I meet superman I decide to warm up by going direct to this hb8. I get nervous as hell, but finally go for it. she reacts well but as usual, I eject. still good way to start the day. superman soldiers on and watches me begin to get blown out. I decide this time im gonna do 20 directs, and try to escalate. at first it seems a very far fetched goal(considering most hbs there are 8+ AA kicks harder) after a good warm up Superman has to go back to class(by this time he does an amazingly ballsy approach. 1st he totally creeps out the girl and then goes for it- awsome suicide! good job dude) now I'm alone again. AA comes back threatening to kick my ass. by this time I realize 20 directs is very far fetched and start doubting my self. but the still voice within begins to show up. cut- checkout stats and highlights for the rest of the story!

Total Aproaches- 25(20 directs/ 5 escalation attempts)
Closes- 2 # closes
Emotional impact 1/10= 9

Highlights(leassons learned will be in parenthesis like this)

HB 8.5 atm machine- Superman picks out my targets, as I'm walking, he says that one(shes going to the bank) I chase her into the bank and I go hey(loud) she takes off her headphones and looks me in the eye
me- you're pretty freaking cute. her awww thank you!
shes very receptive. lol it gets weird since I can't really face her, since shes using the ATM. at that point I do my 1st escalation attempt(yay), I don't close due to lack of balls.(The more suicide missions you do, the less out come dependant you become, the less dependant you are, the more attractive you become)

HB 9 moving target- I approach, she gives me the most disgusting look, and totally ignores me and keeps walking. so you're wandering why I put this one as a highlight?(This is possibly the worst rejection I got and it didn't sting one bit. get rejected enough and you genuinely stop giving a shit)

HB 7 corporate chick- This is my 1st approach after superman leaves, and shes also in law school so my AA is bad. she reacts very well, just when i'm about to eject she starts asking me personal questions, we chat for a bit, then I whip out my cell, and # close her. as she calls my cell I actually pick up, and talk on the phone while shes still there, she laughs(You're not always blown out when you think you are, sometimes, they're just waiting to see if you drop the ball, and see if you're interesting. its actually a form of shit test)

HB 8 corporate Asian chick- I direct approach, shes polite but doesn't seem interested, chode me would have drop it there, but I decided to stick, kept conversing, once we bring up her origin, I whip my chinese, and instantly create attraction. shes interested, but she conservative, and not easy(alot of asians arent easy) me(whip out my cell)- give me your # I'll call you sometimeHB asian- why don't you give me yours, and I'll call youMe- you're not gonna call(grining, like saying I'm onto your bs, and sticking with it)hb(laughs)- ok fine I'll give you my #(she stutters while giving me the digits, and gets nervous)Me- cool, I'm calling you right now(I point to her bag, basically saying get your cell phone)she picks up her phone, repeats my # back to me, and makes sure she got my name right(granted, Its probably not very solid, idk, but its proof of what a little persistance can do. You must constantly push your limits)Limits broken20 directs during day without wing assistance needescalation after openerclose attempts 2closes 2

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

FR 5 My emotional state

This months objective- distroying AA, the freedom consistent direct approaches

Today, I decided to hit Foggy bottom with Superman(comunity member/ not the real 1) Amazingly hot women walking everywhere. By the time I met him I had done some preopenings beforehand. we take turns approaching, Suppermans AA kicks in. we decide to beat the shit outta it. we walk around chasing women until hes able to approach. I do 2 direct approaches, and he does 1(his 1st time going direct in that area, breaking new limits). by the time this happens I have to go to work. bummer, I had only done 3 approaches(in total), and my quota is 7. I begin to get desperate since I must complete 7 and i can't find women on my way to work.(every other detail you'll find in the highlights section)

Total approaches 8(4 direct)

Highlights(leassons learned will be in parenthesis like this)

HB creapout- We spotted this hb9, it was supermans turn so we chased her around for a while, since logistics didn't help and superman wasn't feeling well. I decided to warm superman up and go for it. as im chasing her around since shes walking very fast, she crosses the street and notices me and gets creeped out.. we find her again later and I go for it. she sends me to hell(Do ballsy stuff long enough, and you begin to find consistent inner strenght at all times)

3set hbs9s- I play this game with a coworker. we choose each others targets, and we must intentionally try to blow the set. lol absolutely not a single attractive woman showed up today. were getting rdy to close and 3 hot women walk in(I lost the coin toss, had to go 1st) I wait till they sit and go, hey you're fun give me your numbers. they send me to hell. I stand there to make things more awkward on purpose(rejection really stops stinging after a while)Metro chick- I go indirect, just for the hell of it. I chat her up, and create massive attraction, and we sit next to each other, build serious rapport with her. keep in mind im horrible at rapport building. I eject cuz I have to hit work and I'm strictly working on AA.(Without AA every aspect of the game becomes easier since you have freedom of thought)

Monday, October 19, 2009

FR 4 Making a comeback, Kicking AAs ass!

My current focus- As you all know, The main thing I've been working on is my AA which has been pretty high. to cut it short, until this date I have never been able to direct approach during the day by my self.

Previous FRs overview- (Massive courage fr)last time I hung out with superman and pure money was actually my 1st time direct approaching during day. I though after that night of massive courage, I had figured it would get easier, but to my surprise, the next day I froze.(sad fr)today(making a comeback)- wake up, pretty freaking pissed at my self, my morning goes like shit. I make plans to meet with Svie(forgot his forum name, I'll post it as soon as I find out) Before I head to pentagon city mall, I see this hb9 waiting for the metro.(keep in mind to this day I have never approached directly during the day by my self) I freeze up and then I'm like fuck it. I go "hey(comanding tone)" she turns to look at me(I get nervous as hell) "you're pretty cute, I just had to talk to you"
hb9-(neutral tone) I have a bf
me- I still had to tell you
hb9-(anoyed tone) thank you
At this point I would have fled, but once again pushing my self, I decided to stay there and purposely make things really awkward by being there. I was not feeling bad at all, I got the biggest fucking smile because I had just broken new limits.Svie meeting- really cool guy, solid AA control. He needs transition, I need AA reducer. game- we each choose a target for each other, I must approach direct(AA) he must approach indirect and try to escalate(transition) after exchanging, ideas, strenghts and weakneses. He chooses me some HOT women, Confident from having approached that chick, I break through mind bullshit. again. very long fr but Cutting it short

Total approaches- 11(all direct)(leassons learned will appear in parenthesis like this)

1st approach, all ready up there(If you fear something, fuck up on purpose to see what the big deal was, woman are so used to getting hit on, they don't even judge guys who approach them anymore. so who gives a shit)
Hb10(asian)- On my way back I spot this ultra hot asian chick, sit next to her. shes reading a book. me"what book is that" we start conversing, and get really detailed about our beliefs and worries etc. she reaches her stop(SHB are people just like everyone else with problems, and aspirations, etc. they hate afcs because they treat them "different" they don't wanna be treated like aliens. they wanna be acknowledged as people)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

FR 3 This is a sad FR

Hey guys, i'm writting this at almost 4am because I didn't want to. but I promised you guys a daily fr. We don't always win and today was certainly 1 of those days. I woke up late, and didn't have time to leave home early. I went to buy food, and there were about 5 hb9s walking around buying food. I though since I had done so many direct approaches the previous night, I would have the balls to do it this time. after kicking my self in the ass for quite a while, the best I could do was doing an indirect approach to an hb9 asking her if she could cook, and telling her I wanted to learn some easy dishes, she responded very well, and I had no balls to escalate any further. then I approached another 1 in a similar fashion, same thing happened.came back home, got ready for work. not a single approach on my way to work. after work, I see a 2 set 8s. I freeze up and let them pass. go back home, go online, and I head out at 2:40am to grab a bite. I see a 2 set and say "let me guess, got the munchies too huh" I say it in a low tone which makes them laugh, and I chit chat abit more after that and why is this such a bad fr?for one I thought id be able to finally go direct during daytwo, I promissed 7 sets a day and I couldnt meet the quotathree My text game was horrible. I got lots to learn, and I can't afford to waste time not approaching. please feel free to let me have it since I didn't meet my quota.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

FR 2 Major doze of courage!

Pre dose of courage
So I met up with Superman, and Pure money. We went to georgetown, and it was pretty dead since it was freezing and raining. We bounced around for a bit(we challenge ourselves not to leave the venue until direct aproach is made), we it took us like 3 hours but we each got to aproach like 2 sets each, then as we're giving directions to an old couple, I turn around and I say its that way and theres like 6 SHBs(the couple is gone)they're like, really? g street's that way?(Pure moneys on the phone, and Ian is next to me) I forgot what I said but that set showed interest, and I totally froze up. we all agreed that I deserved an ass kicking for that one, although they kinda did too lol. after that, on our way to furr, I see this cute asian chick. I get nervous and decide to go direct just to defeat my fear. she seems interested but very shy. I eject.

Full doze of courage
They keep me waiting in line for like an hour, I meet up with rezza, and pure money is still with me. the club is super loud, we have a hard time approaching due to loud music and AA(I suck at dancing too) Rezza is a very cool solid guy with deep inner game. I see him direct approach like 3 hbs and get massive success. thats when it hit me. I'm gonna blow sets just to see what I'm soo afraid of. Rezza tells me, go approach a girl with a dude, and tell her how beautiful she is, and tell the dude how lucky he is. I see a hot blonde with a tall dude, and there I go. I whisper in her ear, you're very cute, i just had to tell you that. then i signal the dude to come close, and tell him,shes beautiful, you're lucky. this fr is very long but I'll keep it as short as possible.
In total i direct approached like 15 or 20 sets, thats Including big ass groups of women. most of them reacted well, but I didn't know how to escalate.

Highlights(lessons learned will be in parenthesis like this)

1- group, the main chick was very into me but her friends were iffy. till a guy shows up(tall jock) a chick in the group totally eyes him down. he has little social intuition, and is shy so he passes by. I go, hold on(to the chick im dancing with) go to the guy, grab him and i'm like, here someone wants to meet you. bring him to the chick and introduce him, they start dancing, and I gain massive respect within the group. I eject and comeback. I say, how did it go, to the chick, shes like, really well, ty so much, another one "that was smooth, did you know him?" me- no. main chick number closes me, I eject and keep going on my quest. invite them for hooka later but they say no (Club game is straight up an energy battle- the highest energy wins)

2- massive blowout- I direct approach a super hot chick, her friend blows me out, Normally I would eject, this time I stayed until it got really awkward, and Ironically gained respect with the 2 chicks(This one actually cut deep but I soldired on and I noticed, that consistent acts of courage is by far the fastest way to see results)

3- HB9- I go upstairs, theres a very cute chick next to a dude, I go direct, she loves me for it, and I kino alittle bit and comfort alittlebit, but and almost go for the Kiss but I chicken out and leave(Chicks want guys to approach them, but they pay the price for the few insecured bitches that want validation by shooting guys down, otherwise why would they even be in the club)4- shit test failed- I go direct with a chick, she says you wanna buy me a drink? me- no I don't even know you. her- we'll get to know each other, I'll give you my number, we can talk after the club. me- no sorry but it doesn't work like that(she actually shows interest after this) I get so anoyed that I actually shut her down, and she tries to come to me and I shut her down again. what I was supposed to do was not take it personal, and playfully dis her and change the subject.(This goes to show that theres a big difference between reading theory, and actually practicing. must practice in order to internalize this stuff and see how it actually works in field)theres more but I'll cut it there, please comment guys, I'll really apreciate it. thank you all happy gaming!

Friday, October 16, 2009

FR 1 Awesome meeting

I found the metro seduction lair, and attended my 1st lair meeting ever. I was a complete chode and asked the most questions. Guys overall were very nice to me but didn't seem to wanna hang out with me due to my lack of field experience. I went in field and froze completely. deline gave me some advice afterwards which was money