Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FR 60 Dual Matrix!!! (Day game)

Ripple effect- I am astounded! by the Monumental impact Terminate her, and MR Bs workshop had on this comunity. Live forever reached an unheard of level shortly after the workshop. Zafer by just hanging out with Live forever also reached a new level(Almost 3 makeouts in a day) Considering he rarely ever escalates. This also brought on the Daygame makeout challenge! And Superman's latest FRs have been packed with Instadates, and bouncing chicks etc. I haven't hung out with the Suicide crew since before the workshops. I was itching to meet with Superman and do some daygame again.

Hunting images- I can not sleep for the life of me. random images keep popping in my head. I start thinking about every aspect of my game, and the new tougher challenges that await me. Just thinking about attempting consistent makeouts during the day, bathroom pulls during the night, and some crazy solo missions makes my skin crawl! the insecurities combined with, hope, and courage, and all these hardcore emotions won't let me sleep...

Testing the waters- I get up early. I'm very excited, and energetic. I meet up with Superman. As we take the shuttle we talk game, and exchange recent experiences. Everyone in the bus can hear us but we don't give a rat's ass. I can tell Superman is excited and nervous, by the way he rattles his feet. I feel like when You have a fight after school and you're walking towards the place and all you keep saying to your self is "Somebody's getting knocked the fuck out!!! and I'm not sure who" the bus suddenly stops and its the moment of truth.

Vicious/ Superman unleashed- Immediately I see Superman open a hottie and hook her with 0 hesitation. No traces of AA. Girls were all runing towards their classes but Withing 5 minutes I managed to attract, hook, and get 2 numbers from hotties. Superman was amazed by my ability(Its been a while since we last gamed together) We walk into some buildings and this guy is a complete monster at conversing and getting chicks to invest in him. I'm like WTF is this guy. Totally different from the guy I met. We are simply astounded by the growth we see in each other. I was getting they were free water, and he was hooking chicks like he was the president

Dual Matrix- We decide to go on a tag team adventure. We buy some sushi and I spot a chick sitting down so I go in and sit down with her, and Superman follows. Just as I'm ready to open my mouth, the chick opens us with a very friendly HI. We are comfused "Is our game that tight?" Nope I had opened her 20 minutes ago! I begin the convo but quickly start fucking it up (My convo is still weak) Superman spikes it up and get her to completely open up to us. Suddenly this chick is complying and DTF! We don't know what to do after(Lack of coordination) We lose the set.(Big leasson here) Pissed at our selves we come up with a series of codes to comunicate better. We walk around and we spot 2 chicks sitting in a bench close enough to hear each other but not together. They're each listening to their headphones, and theres a statue dividing the bench. Superman goes in. "What are you Jaming to" The chick opens and hooks. I go in with the other one "You guys look like statues" Chick laughs. Its funny because we're having 2 different conversations but we can all hear each other. I start synchronizing with Superman. and after a while his chicks looks my way and I ask them if they know each other. They respond with no
Vicious- Let me introduce you guys (Turn to my chick) What was your name again?(They both laugh)
Vicious-(Turning to Supermans HB) Whats your name?
Vicious- HB S this is HB V. shes crazy. HB V This is HB S. shes awesome.(Turn to Superman) This my boy. The coolest guy ever Superman. And I'm Vicious.
They all laugh and we do alittle group chat, and we each turn back to our HBs shortly after that. Superman attempts the bounce shortly after that while I take notes. She wasn't down unfortunately. I quickly use my # closing routine after that and close my chick. I'm walking away with a smirk in my face. Its was the best form of training. We each got to see our strenghts live and in set, and learned from each other on the spot. It was a very weird and amazing experience. Superman is taking pointers on agression and number closing, while I'm taking pointer from him in conversation, and Bouncing. We start approaching random girls in the street with a double direct. "We both think you're very cute" LOL I recomend you all to try this at least once. Its so fucking educational and fun!. Some start hooking. some don't but over all. Great fucking experience

Balls time- I've been known for my balls, but this time this dude is going equally as hardcore as I am. He even used the kissing bandit(Last time we went out he could NOT do this) I stop a VERY hot woman. Probably hottest I've seen in at least a month. I go in and shes friendly but not down. Oh well. Then I spot this really cute asian chick with like 3 dudes. They're all carrying cameras. To make matters worse. The chick is litterally in the middle of these dudes. This 1st set in the day that truly makes me hesitate. I go in Direct, and the dude is like WTF. Whos this guy? It turns out they all work for 1 of the most powerful TV Firms in Japan. Again. The chick is somewhat friendly but not down. This was horrible calibration but I had no choice. It was either approach with horrible logistics, or not at all. I had friendly conversations with both of these ultra high value chicks, but they weren't down.

I had to end my day shorly after that due to work. I was kinda bummed because the environment didn't lend it self for me to attempt the makeout but I learned SO MUCH!

Revealed sticking points

-Gotta ask better and more questions
-Gotta stop talking at people
-Need to work on seeding d2s
-need to work on bouncing

Revealed lessons

-If the chick is ultra high value you really do need to plan your game better. Balls alone aren't enough
-Tag team is awesome. Its like doing drills but with hbs as opposed to dudes

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

FR 59 Double Edged Sword!

Kinda long but very interesting FR. Its Mardi gras, and I have the day off. I talked to an old friend of mine prior to this day, and agreed to meet up with her on this day. There was going to be an event. She has liked me for a while but I dissapeared. Shes got a huge social circle so I had decided not to game her, and isntead get to know everyone.

Social circle test- The previous times we met and I was in big social circles, I had a very hard time holding conversations, and sucked in general. This was gonna be a good time to find out if my game has improved. They arrive, it turns out she has a bf now. To me its actually no big deal. I meet up with everyone and do some very light C&F. They dig it. Impressively enough I notice how I begin to control the flow of conversations. This has been impossible for me for the longest. The BF doesn't seem to like me. I think he feels threatened by my pressence. I want nothing but friends here. I make some jokes at his expense(In a good way) The dude laughs and I win him over shortly after that. Once I go to the actual gathering Usually people branch off and I end up standing by my self while everyone chats and gets to know each other. To make a long story short, I was able to hook like 4 different people long enough till we left.

My Krypnite- I'm pumped about my acomplishment, I find out the crew is going to Mc faddens. I wasn't going to go there since I was all ready invited to dupont, but it turned out to be really near where I was. For some reason, even though Mc Faddens is a great venue, I never do good there. My energy is usually horrible, and I get shut down alot. It also usually ends in an almost fight. This time it didn't dissapoint. I'm dancing to the music and AA is bad specially in this place. I open a few sets, and the don't respond too well, so I ignore and move on. On the downstairs I drop my phone, as im picking it up this douchebag decides to be a hero since I was near some random girl he's trying to game
Douchebag- Yo what the fuck are you doing!
Vicious(Murmuring to my self in an anoyed tone)- Not another retard
Douchebag(Thinking I'm scared of him)- Whats that you said?
Vicious(Loud voice)- I said SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH FAG! thats what I said
Douchebag(trying to hold his ground but kinda scared)- Just walk away
Vicious(Ready to kill him look)- Listen Douchebag, I'm no animal. Don't ever fucking talk to me like that! don't give me no gay lines, don't fucking talk to me. Learn to be a man.
Douchebag(retreating yet still trying to act tuff)- Well I didn't know what you were doing, don't do that around me, because
Vicious(I cut him off)- Shut the fuck up! you're a douche. go away
Douchebag murmurs some more then leaves.
I'm out of state, and struggling once again. But I'm determined to turn the night around. I open some more but as is to be expected, weather they go well or not, I'm just not feeling it.

Vicious gone bad- Everyone is drinking, and cheering. I decide to break loose today since its Mardi gras. I'm also curious to see how much alcohol really helps. Live forever brings me back to my senses. Unfortunately, the alcohol seems to be doing nothing for me since I stopped relying on it.

Vicious Recovers- I go out to Catch some air. Live forever joins me. His night isn't going as great either. We chat and I go back in shortly after that. I've been collecting beeds so I have a bunch. I forget about everything, and just feel the music. Still nothings happened. Suddenly within the shuffle I find Zafer! Hes very happy and tells me how he madeout with a chick he really really liked. This is inspiring, and kinda brings me back to life. I suddenly have this surge of energy.

Crazy Makeout and Tylor swift story- After talking to Zafer I head towards the dancefloor. I spot this somewhat cute chick. I grab her arm, and talk in her ear. She digs it. I put my arm around her neck and as I'm talking to her They start playing a Taylor Swift Song. Coincidentally I spot this Very hot Taylor Swift look alike. Time to do a little masterminding. I Open her while still with the other chick. I bust on her about looking like taylor swift.
Vicious- Whats up Taylor swift, Whats your real name?
TS- LOL My name is (fill in)
Vicious- I like your stage name better. Hold on lemme get your auograph,
TS- LOL, blah, blah
After some more bonding, I use a random chode to use my picture routine. Now I'm hughing them both and for some reason this other random girl and 2 chodes pose for the picture as well. I don't know how TS dissapeared, but next thing I know I'm walking with original target. Oh yeah, my target tried to mini iso me, and I kissed her, and next thing I know, she sticks her tongue down my throat, and we start making out while the dude is still taking pictures. I try to Iso her but She didn't trust me too much, I guess I was kinda creepy about it. We makeout some more, and I overdo the tongue and she leaves shortly after that. I open some more after that and they go all right.

Project overescalation- I meet up with Liveforever and I use my dancing opener on the Very tall girl. She hooks, but its kinda hard to use spins since shes so tall. I dance her around for a while and Live forever Insists I over escalate. I grab her waist, and her head, and touch her all over. She resists it but also finds it very cute. I tell her "Omg I love you so much I wanna marry you" and kiss her in the cheek, and touch her all over. Shes still reluctant but laughing. I know I lost all chances with her, its still funny. Live forever was inattentive and doesn't notice how much I overescalated, so he goes, in and does the exact same to the chick(including the kiss on the cheek haha) I get them to take pics of me with her, and shes reluctant as she should be(I just touched the crap outta her) Live forever drops my best wingman and kills him! (My camera) anyway. I decide to go for the number anyway. She leaves 1 digit out, but I wasn't expecting it anyway.

Double Edged Sword!- Its been an interesting night and I've learned alot but for some reason I start breaking down, and get really pissy. We go outside, and I lash at Live forever. He's giving me advice and trying to bring me back to my senses. I bum ciggaretes for the crew, and start smoking them as well (I NEVER smoke) We spot 2 hot bitchy girls. and try to bum cigarettes from them. They tell us to go away, unless we have a lighter. I'm in no mood for bullshit
HBitch- If you guys don't have a lighter just go
Vicious(we do have a lighter but I don't care)- Ok Lets get the fuck outta here
Hbitch- blah,blah
Live forever- We do have a light
Hbitch 2- Light my cigarette(about to take the lighter)
Live forever(takes it from her)- No. Not unless you give us a cigarette
Live forever managed to bum a cig from them, but they were still rude and he called them out on it. we're both pissed and leave shortly after that. Something was giving me all these crashes, and putting me in a really pissy mood. I analyzed and I realized my greattest strenght was also my biggest weakness. Since I started devoting my life to my development, as time goes on I demand more and more from my self. This is good because it makes me extremely productive, and is the source of my drive, but its also bad because I can be very hard on my self and infict a lot of self punishment. This also clouds me from seeing my own acomplishments, and it undermines my successes. The rest of the crew tried to bring me back to my senses on the ride back.

Revealed lessons

I noticed, every time I approach, or begin to tell a story I get interrupted. A lot of the times these are accidental cockblocks. I need to remind myself to watch interactions for a second before I approach

Its always a great idea to study surroundings beforehand

Revealed sticking points

-have huge wing dependence
-Lack of self trust and belief
-Need to watch my words sometimes what I say makes no sense
-Gotta learn to forgive my self
-Need makeout practice. Gotta remember not to stick my tongue all the way down a girls throat right away

Progression ladder

-Better dancing skills. I can hook chicks dancing for longer
-Better conversational skills which allow me to bond better with people
-More witty

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FR 58 Immunity!

Live Forever and his best friend who appears to be his 1st wing man are meeting up. Live Forever has been wanting to introduce him to the Suicide crew. Zafer is recovdered (he was sick) and ready for action. I walk out to the Patio full of snow and kinda dark. I see sillhuetes but they seem familiar. It turns out to be Biggie smalls. I'm happy to see all these PUAs back in action, though we all agree that this place is very hard to game unless you're a good dancer. The music is loud and everybody is dancing.

Vicious Signature Openers!
-Greeting Opener- This is a very high energy opener which is very effective for generating receptiveness.
-Head Opener- This is a very fun creative opener that instantly creates massive attraction, and quickly establishes kino, as well as compliance.
-Face Opener- This opener is a guaranteed blowout. I've gotten the worst blowouts with this opener which is great for building courage
-Dancing opener- Best for building kino and good for dance floor game.
-Mood Cold read- This one is great for breaking the ice with bitchy, or moody chicks, and making them qualify them selves

Project Suicide- I hang out with Biggie smalls, and we give each other challenges. Although I don't usually agree with a lot of canned game, biggie smalls is a very impressive guy. He fights hard, and has balls. I had previously opened a 2 set. As they're walking outside Live forever, and Biggie smalls reopen them, to good success. Things are going great, but I notice that Biggie smalls can be outcome dependant. as you all know this feeling can be a plague in PUA progress. His next task is to get blown out 5 times, But this can be very tough when you're not used to blow outs. The best way to encourage someone is through example. I spot a chick I had previously opened and hooked, whos now in a 5set. I figured this would be the most dramatic blow out so I go in with My Face opener. They get creeped out and start lashing at me.
HBs- Go, Just leave, we don't want you here, go away, etc.
It was weird how incredibly unreactive, and unaffected I was. While they're lashing at me, I'm laughing and talking to Biggie smallz. Showing him how its really not a big deal. Biggie smallz wasn't able to complete his task, but I'm hoping he got something out of this experience.

The power of high energy!- The whole crew forgets about targets for a second, and we truly enjoy our company, our energy is up the roof, and we're dancing and Jumping. We are litterally the life of the party. Suddenly I turn around, and notice we hooked a 5 set just through our energy, Whats even more amazing, it turned out to be the set that had blown me out 5 minutes ago!

Project Kino Suicide- Live forever and I decide to work on Kino, and its been my experience that its always better to go overboard, and then come back to normal levels so my next task was to over escalate until I got blown out or shut down

Target 1- I spot a hot woman leaning against a wall. I go in and shes receptive, then I grab her neck and pull her towards me. She gets a little defensive but still doesn't fully shut me down, so this time I put my arm on her back, and caress her head, to which she shuts me down.

Target 2- I had Previously opened a cutie, and she was interested but it was a somewhat friendly conversation and you guys know what that means. Live Forever goes for her friend, and begins to Over escalate hard core. Kisses her on the cheek, touches her everywhere, etc. My target tries to push him away from her, at this very same time I begin to overescalate her, LOL as expected, she gets pissed off, and reads me the right act.
HB- I like you I think you're nice, but you shouldn't be touching women like that, you're not gonna get anywhere with them. That stuff doesn't work on me, blah, blah, blah.
If she only knew she was part of an experiment she'd be even more pissed off lol.

Project Conversation- I decide to switch back to conversations. I open a few sets, but I'm not hooking them.

Target 1- as I'm walking towards the Patio, I spot a lonewolf standing by the wall. I use my mood cold read opener. She hooks. We talk about traveling and I make her qualify a little. After a while of talking she Isos me. grrr I always forget to Iso. I chat some more, and go for the kill. She denies the number. I could have pushed it but I also wasn't as interested in her so I didn't bother.

Target 2- I see a cutie walking towards the exit. I use my Head opener, followed by mood cold read. She hooks. We talk some more, and she Isos me yet again (OMG I'm so pissed at my self cuz I always forget to iso) I kino a littlebit, and Qualify. Its late, I'm tired so I try to dance with her, but I'm too worn out, and quickly run outta gas. She laughs, I go for the kill and she complies.

Immunity!- Live Forever seems to have risen to a whole new level. Hes not the same guy he was last month. He seems to have this huge shield that prevents anything from affecting him, which in turn makes his game killler. Little did I know that I developed the same shield in a smaller extent. I opened a few more sets after that and we decided to call it a night. I went home pondering all this.

Revealed lessons

-Even more proof that chicks don't reject you, but your opener, its amazing how you can literally walk up to a chick with a bad opener, and she'll shoot you down, and reopen her 5 mins later with a good one, by that I don't mean what you actually open with, but rather your energy etc, and she'll hook.

-Gotta be careful not to fall in the friendly conversation trap, though the chick maybe receptive, and friendly, doesn't mean shes into you, and you might just be wasting your time, so you have to quickly escalate.

Monday, February 15, 2010

FR 57 Mission impossible!!!

LOL I gotta say this is 1 of the funnest FRs I've had. I got outta work and as usual. I tend to be a little tired when I just get off work. I met up with Jdubbs, and Raven. It was 1 of those hard days where you really struggle. I was opening but again. wasn't hooking. chicks were interested but they would quickly get bored, unless I cavemaned them. As the night went on I was getting more and more tired. I was ready to call it a night.

Cockblocking duel- Jdubbs kept insisting that I stay for longer. I felt like a chump if I didn't stay but I was so out of it. I stayed. Opened a couple more sets. Then as we're talking, We spot a very attractive 2set dancing by themselves with the bitchy look. As its been my experience with these types of sets, they usually go there to see how many people they can shoot down, So I knew they were gonna be tuff nuts to crack. I decide to go attempt. Right when I'm about to touch them and open my mouth, This random drunk chode tries to grind up on them. They blow him out. Right in front of my face(Great. What an incentive to approach) I wait a couple of minutes. As I'm about to approach again, the douche shows up outta nowhere, yet again (must have a cockblocking radar or some shit!) I had no choice, as they're chewing him out, I go in with my signature opener(its great for putting them in a receptive mood) They open well(Sigh) Jdubbs Wings me, We start to hook. But mr drunk chode comes back yet AGAIN! ugh. He's hitting on the friend, but my target is still distracted my him, suddenly their friends see them(they were part of a big group) And the 1st thing they see is 3 dudes "hitting on them" and they pull them away. Ugh thanks alot douchebag!

MIssion impossible!- So we chat some more. Raven had met up with a chick earlier that night and he's trying to get her to come out. He calls her and shes on her way. but shes not alone. Comes with the respective not too attractive friend aka the granade!

-Take them to Ravens appartment
-Separate the granade
-Raven to close target!

War hero- They finally show up and Someone HAS to take the granade. Jdubbs absolutely refuses. Raven practically begs me to take the granade. Damn, this sucks. After a while, I decide to take the granade. Raven bounces the target. I iso granade, and run monologue. She takes pictures, etc. They close the place down and its the moment of truth. I get nervous. My mission is officially to bounce the granade out of the appartment. We head down, and I'm planing how I'm gonna pull this off.

Puppet master- We arrive at the appartment. As you all know I'm not a very conversational guy but lucky for me, Jdubbs is amazingly good at this. He can run monologue and keep people interested for EVER. He quickly controls the setting, and engages granade. I step back and watch. Meanwhile Raven sits next to target on the bed`and slowly what was a group conversation turns into 2 different social events. Its time we take the granade. Jdubbs keeps runing monologue. Times flying and we still can't take granade away. Raven gets impatient.

War Hero/ Puppet master teamwork- It turns out the granade is Muslim and strongly believes in sex after marriage. This poses 2 problems. shes gonna be hard to game, and shes going to be actively cockblocking Raven. Finally after a While its time I get the job done.
Vicious- Guys, I'm kinda hungry! is there anything to eat nearby?
Jdubbs- hmmm oh yea I think julias is open
Granade(reluctant to go)- At this hour?
They talk some more, and I'm like "I'm really hungry!" Finally granade mentions a 24/7 kramers. Jdubbs pulls up the map and I start walking towards the door. The granade turns to the target and says "We're gonna grab a bite we'll be back" The target really likes Raven so she doesn't wanna be alone with him so the target insists on coming with us. Jdubbs does a great Job at convincing them "Its litterally 2 blocks away we'll be right back" I realize that If I leave it up to granade and target the mission gets screwd up so I turn to raven
Vicious- You wanna come dude?
Raven- No I'm pretty tired, gotta get up early tomorrow
Target- I'll go I'm hungry
Vicious(to Raven)- Oh so you are coming?
Raven- Just go ahead of us guys, we'll catch up to you(the we'll catch up to you part was genious!)

Buying time- So we head to kramers. Motherfuckers have the most expensive meals! and I'm broke as hell! And I can't even back down because "I'm hungry" So I order a meal, and watch Jdubbs run monologue again. His ability is amazing!. Granade how ever still insists on cockblocking so she begins to text target, and tries to call her. Jdubbs somewhat successfully distracts her. the chick is LOVING Jdubbs. After a while of back and forth spiked up banter, its time to go back, We finally head back after about 1.5 hours. On our way back home all the crazy stuff I learned keeps running through my mind. Once I arrive, the 1st thing I do is pull out my laptop and desperately begin to take notes of all I learned. In the end Raven couldn't fully F-close her, but he did get to know her better, made out with her, and shes anxious to see him!

Revealed lessons

-A little antagonism can definetly go a long way as far as hooking sets go
-A great way to escalate, boounce, iso etc, chicks is to distract them with good monologue. This is key because it makes things happen "naturally"

Revealed sticking points

- When people give me conversational threads I don't know what to do with them
- In group gatherings I don't have a strong enough pressence to control or captivate people. I'm sworta always the obscure guy in the background people have to make an effort to include in the conversations(Still have yet to figure out how to change this)
-I'm not good at extracting info out of people so it makes it harder to build a bond

Sunday, February 14, 2010

FR 56 Attributes vs Sticking points!

This one's not too fresh but Between this 1 and the coming 1, Solidified my field experiences. Today after work I got to see some new faces, and also chilled with my homies. We hit up front page. As you all know this snow combined with metro malfunction, have been brutal to game. My AA was back, and here came the struggle again. The problem in my particular case is that although I'm always able to overcome it, when it comes back strong, I lose my closing mentality, and I stop kinoing, or I start ejecting too early, etc. It was like starting from square 1. I always love meeting new guys cuz I get to see different game styles so this time I was looking forward to this.

Attributes VS Sticking points

- Very consistent opening, and have no hang ups about opening the hottest 1s
-Dominance- I'm kinda rough around the edges but I'm very blunt and I can be very commanding at times, which is good in set
-Strong identity- Because of my roots, and costums I have a very strong identity which allows me to be very passionate of what I speak. This is great for comfort

Sticking points
-Tonality- I have a very hard time speaking in loud places, also sometimes my strong accent makes me sound drunk in loud environments
-Conversations- Complete lack of conversational skillset, and I'm outdated to the world around me. This makes me look ignorant and is terrible for building a connection.

I saw Jdubbs open hot targets and hardcore hook them. His sticking point is he usually doesn't escalate much. He doesn't sexually kino much or iso. But this time he bear hugged a chick and lifted her up(talk about dominance) A couple chicks opened me but i couldn't hold the conversation. It was time to use my weapon. Live forever pointed a set out. I walked up to a table of cuties. there were a couple empty chairs but they had crap on them, so I moved them out of the way and sat down, and opened the chicks. As usual, they were receptive, and attracted but conversation quickly started dying down. I plowed and miraculously managed to pick it back up. It went stale after a while but as I'm about to leave, this chode that knew them comes in to try to blow me out(Ugh bad timing) Now I could't just leave with my tail between my legs, So I engaged him, and talked some more. After a little longer I ended up ejecting. I did some more warm ups

My game- So While everyone is able to stay in set forever I always end up being the 1 standing by the corner even though I open many more sets. I spot this tall cutie, and as much as I like to practice, I knew I wanted some results too so I reverted back to my strenghts. I came in high energy. She responded well. I chatted for a second but I knew where it would go if I didn't do something about it. I used my identity to hook her, and cavemaned her a little bit. The crew was leaving so I had to follow. I number closed her and left for the other venue. I spot 1 of the guys I met. Very tall good looking dude who has a natural vibe. He hooks 2 hotties, but then I see the typical happens. No escalation. It starts turning into a regular friendly conversation. Once I see he is ready to eject I decide to give it a shot. I come in and cave man her. As I'm moving her around, We chat. I find out shes Mexican just like me. Easy kill after that. Again I Number close her and eject(fear of screwing it up with my conversations)

Kino practice- We venue bounce again(most places were sausegy) I decide to switch to kino practicing. Live forever coaches me, and most of my attempts fail, how ever, I'm able to extract more knowledge from these Suicide kino approaches.

Ending the night-At the end of the night I decide to slow down and mental masturbate a little bit, while I people watch. This night clarifies to me chicks mindsets and the way they feel. The knowledge I got here is not something I can describe in writting but its a type of awareness that I guess comes through field practice. This night I swort of regressed and nothing major happened but it was well worth it.

Revealed lessons

-The venues make a big difference as to what works on chicks(I didn't believe much in this but I've seen it so much now its impossible to ignore) As you gain Intuition you start to learn what works on which venue, and specific area.
-The angle you're facing targets makes a big difference as far as escalating goes, which is why, Iso is so important.

Revealed sticking points

- Kino- Usually my initial kino is not smooth, I have a hard time spining chicks, or clawing them unless they're fully engaged. Still have yet to figure out what the flaw is and how to fix it
-Coversations- I usually don't know what to do with threads people give me, I have a hard time effectively getting info out of targets even if they're into me, My lack of cultural knowledge can totally kill off a conversation when they metion something and I have no clue what they're talking about

Monday, February 8, 2010

FR 55 Uniting the pieces!

This is an extremely short FR but very gratifying.

My boot camp/back story- I started with day game, transitioned to nightgame, and later started doing drills.

Abilities gained

Daygame- Gave me my courage and ability to consistently push further, Good # closing ability, Higher direct success rate

Night game- Kino escalation, sexualizing conversations, Some iso, Ability to get makeouts, Dominance, Social intuition, people reading

Drills- Conversation skills, set hooking, Phone game, text game, Frame control

Uniting the pieces- I'm not claiming these skills I mentioned above, are very developed, they're still in their larva stages, but keep in mind they've been nonexistant, This made me realize how important it is to have a well rounded practice system. Today at work I talked to a coworker I rarely ever see. I was able to comfortably kino her, and she ended up # closing me. When I got off work, I was waiting for the metro when I spotted this cute nerdy looking chick. I opened her while waiting for the metro "what book is that?" Normally i wouldn't be able to hook, but due to the drills I hooked her, and due to night game I was able to tell how interested she was in me, and was able to behave acordingly, Due to day game I was even able to approach women that hot. She ended up really wanting me but wasn't complying. normally I wouldn't even check for compliance, but I knew better this time, and instinctively used the reward punishment system. She thought she had lost me and was bummed about that, and then I came back and number closed her. she was shocked and very happy.

Masterminding- I went into public and met up with Raven and Jdubbs. Had like 30 minutes to game since metro was closing. I opened a sitting 2set. they were in a work meeting or something like that. they were very bitchy and tried to shut me down, but thats 1 of the things we practiced in the drills so I knew how to adress it. I ended up attracting 1 of them and the other one insisted on cockblocking me till the end. I ejected shorly after that. I approached another one but she kept walking. overall there weren't alot of sets. Then I spotted a mixed 3set with a very cute tall woman. I went in, hooked them, befriended the guys, and attracted the chick. Ignored her a little, then she personally came to me and asked me personal questions. I pussied out since i'm still not too experienced with mixed sets.

Revealed lessons

-Using engaging questions is one of the best ways to get people to qualify themselves to you, and get them to invest in you.
-When targets invest in you, they try so much harder.
-A good conversational tool is to listen to their answers, and provide whart ever input you have to that as well as what ever knowledge, then tell true stories about your self or relatives that have to do with what ever feeling they try to convey. This makes you much more legit.

Revealed sticking points

-group control
-lack of common knowledge

Project Restoration!

Project restoration

Story- There’s a huge snow storm and most places are closed. I assume most people are bored at home with nothing to do. I’m pretty good at getting numbers but I tend to let them die off, by not calling or setting up dates. Some I didn’t ever contact so they don’t even have my #. I figure this is a good time to practice my text/phone game, and try to restore some of my old numbers.
Mission- Reintroduce myself and recreate attraction, get massive dates
Plan- Send a massive text to every girl on my phone, and reply witty responses to whatever they respond. Once attraction is back, call every chick that replied and set up a date.
Mass text- Snowball fiiight!!!


Ayami- Yea haved fun shoveling ur way out of this winter wonderland… Happy snowday!
Carmen- (called)
karly- Lol u wish
Grace- Lol sweet!
Mandy- Who is this
brenda- Hey! How are you man?!
Michelle- Who is this?

Vicious Responses

Ayami- Yea had no clue santaclaus was still in town. Have you been behaving?
Carmen- (Phone)
Karly- Don’t even think about leaving your house I’ll make a snowman out of you!
Grace- Leave your house and ill make a grace snowman!
Mandy- You somehow showed up on my phone so I figured youre probably cool [text 2] Lets hit the reset button. Hi im jay aka sexy Mexican!
Brenda- Don’t even think about leaving your house. I’ll make a bren snowman!
Michelle- You somehow showed up on my phone so I figured youre probably cool! [text 2] Lets hit the reset button. Hi im jay aka sexy Mexican!

HB Responses 2

Ayami- Santa??? u mean that big weather man? I’ve been workin as usual. Big meetings coming up. U hitting ppl in the head w/ snowballs as usual?
Karly- Lol wow u such an ass
Grace- lol
Mandy- I am cool lol it’s trish
Brenda- (no response)
Michelle- What’s the name on it? I don’t have ur number saved on my phone.

Vicious Responses

Ayami- Well I hit a couple gods too if that counts. Big meeting? In this weather?
Mandy- I like tacos, snow and cool landscapes!
Michelle- Michelle esl. So im guessing 18 st lounge. Lol nice to meet you!

HB Responses 3

Michelle- Oh! Yeah I remember you. I got a new phone and didn’t retain all the numbers.
ayami- Don’t be mean to the doggies… no, our meetings are in 2 weeks so snow should be gone by then

Phone conversation rough estimates

Conversation – Chick calls right after I text her
Carmen- Hello
Vicious- Hey what’s up (I have no clue where I met her)
Carmen- whos this?
Vicious- Um Jay(solid tone)
Carmen- Jay who?
Vicious- Sexy Mexican dude. (I said something about the snow and talked to her like I knew her)
Carmen- (thinking) Oh! Jay I remember you, blah blah blah
Vicious- Yea you somehow showed up on my phone so I figured you’re probably cool. LOL I got cought in the snow blizzard, and I looked like I was drunk cuz I kept slipping, etc(can’t remember clearly)
Carmen- Yea I’m about to take my dog out blah blah blah
Vicious-(I still don’t know who she is but I’m making her attracted through my tonality) Um so who are you exactly?
Carmen- I think we met in 16 st.
Vicious- Hmmm 16 st? how exactly did we meet
Carmen- You came and talked to me and said I was really cute, and then you asked me for my number.(like that’s gonna help. I do that to a million chicks but of course I can’t tell her this)
Vicious-(Thinking. Finally hits me after a while)-Oh yea you worked in the government! Blah blah blah (now I remember she’s the chick I approached when I had 1st started suicide missions on that fr called MAX Exposure! But I still didn’t get to know her that well) Ok lets hit the reset button. Hi I’m Jay, you’re really cute nice to meet you!
Carmen-Lol blah blah blah
Narration- We talked some more, about mexico, food, dogs, schindlers list, etc. I brought her to my realm and recreated attraction, as well as built connection. She said she had to take her dog out but to call her, or she was gonna call me later, Therefor successfully bringing that number back to life

Revealed routines

Reset button- HB- Who is this? Vicious- You somehow showed up on my phone so I figured youre probably cool [text 2] Lets hit the reset button. Hi im jay aka sexy Mexican!(Most likely they’ll remember you by your nationality since that’s your main connector subject, and it refreshes the interactions as if you first met)

Holiday spirit- What ever event is going on, such as snowdays, holidays, etc You use it to send relevant funny texts that are inviting yet don’t require a response exe- Snowball Fiiight!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

FR 54 Shattered reality!!!

Lets start by saying this was an epic night for Suicide crew all together. Live forever did some amazing shit! And my game reached a whole new level!

There is free RSD seminar. I'm working so I have to miss it. I meet up with Live forever, and Superman before work. Everyone seems to be in an especially good mood due to the RSD thing. We hit marvin center to grab a bite. As soon as I walk in the building I'm getting massive IOIs from different chicks. Haven't done daygame in a while so I'm choding. While we're sitting in the table theres all these hot women walking around. Although I haven't gone out as consistently lately, I've been heavily studying my game, and working on sticking points, through drills and self made systems. I know its going to be time to pull the trigger at some point. This nervous excited feeling takes over. We finish eatting and suddenly the hottest chick in the building shows up. Easily a 9. I shortly make eye contact and she IOIs me. I'm nervous, and I know its time to go. She walks and stops right in front of us, and seems to be waiting for her friend(oh crap, It must be destiny lol) while shes staring directly at our table, I get up and start walking against my will. Make some more eye contact
Vicious- Hey(Confident tone and smile)
HB9-Hey(receptive tone)
Vicious-I like your style(Dominant friendly vibe)
HB9-(receptive attracted) Thank you so much
I Use my tension release and build some comfort, Suddenly her friend shows up(I kno whats next.) After some more banter and introducing my self to the friend, I go in for the kill. She denies me(friend was a passive cockblocker)
Although I didn't get the number, Just the fact that I'm able to approach and attract a rich very hot woman, shows me my improvement. I know its gonna be a great day. We practice guitar and I head to work shortly after that.

My boss meets Vicious!- I'm at work and Suddenly these 2 really hot women show up. My boss is choding, and very attracted to these 2 girls. I never approach at work so to me this is beyond the Vicious capacity. My boss goes and weakly attempts to talk to them but hes got a submissive tonality. He comes back
Vicious- Have you ever heard about Vicious?
Vicious- You ever heard about Vicious?
Boss-Huh? no.
Vicious- You're about to meet Vicious.
Boss gives me a comfused look, I'm shitting my pants but I start walking towards them. I look like crap and have a shitty uniform.
Vicious(I arrive at their table and wait for them to finish talking)- Hey whats up
HB blonde- Hey
Vicious- Well you all ready know you're hot, And you all ready know I came here to hit on you. And yea I also like your style
HB blonde(Surprised receptive look)- Oh thank you! Yea I worked hard on this style
I banter some more after that, and the friend is not digging me(should have engaged her better) I go for the kill, and the same as the 1st one. Gives me an excuse and I'm not able to close her. this nervous happy laughter takes over. I've only done 2 approaches today, but being able to attract women that hot is new to me.

Shattered reality!- I'm done working and anxious to meet some guys and sarge. I meet up with Southern style, Live forever, and an RSD dude. This guy is chubby and not very good looking, and style is also not the sharpest but he seems very confident. Live forever, and Southern style say good things about him. I'm skeptical but very curious. So far 1 big sticking point of mine is when I'm out of state, its very hard for me to get in state, unless I drink which to me is not an option. This seems to happen to me particularly when I'm in this particulare venue. I still approach, but as expected, I can't hook for shit. This hb opens me and I bore her to death(not very creative when I'm out of state) I approach some more, and the night seems to be going shitty, but This RSD dude is impressive. He tends to overkino and very unreactive. Little do I know, I'm minutes away from watching the sceene thats totally gonna change the way I look at game and completely shatter my reality. I approach some more to no success. Suddenly as we're walking out. I spot a hot 2set(you can clearly tell their snubby and bitchy)Immediately I see this dude going for the kill(Oh crap he's about to get chewed out) He grabs them by the butt and hughs them very hard, while pushing them towards each other(they look like they're ready to kill him) this dude completely dominates them and tells them to kiss each other. They comply. Before they even have a chance to shoot him down, He grabs one of them and completely stripps her away from her friend and starts kissing her. They start laughing! Within 1 minute I withnessed these girls go from totally hating him to completely giving up to him!! My mouth is open! Amazing!

Next level game- I learned a big leasson from this guy. He showed me how weak, and pussyfooty my game really was. I couln't get this immage away from my mind. He suddenly says "brad from RSD just texted me, lets go wing him" We're all excited and as we're on our way, Southern style forgets to close out his tab. I go back with him and miss out on winging Brad. Live forever and him meet up with Brad, and Live forever does something amazing! but I'll let him tell you him self through his FR. On my end of the deal however, I'm stuck in the same place and my energy level still low, and that image runs through my mind over and over. Suddenly Something overcomes me, and I spot a 5set sitting by the bar. I grab 1 of the chicks while shes sitting un the stools and yank her away from her friends, and start heavily cavemaning her. Litterally I toss her and pull her and dance with her. She starts laughing(Very familiar reaction to the other snubbs) The friends are impressed, and I suddenly start pulling them all away from their chairs and dancing them all at the same time. I kiss my target, and dance her around some more. All I kno about this chick is her name. We have said almost nothing to each other. Within seconds I was in a killer state. Finally the antidote a very tough sticking point! Another even hotter friend joins them. I start hitting on her and she diggs it. My target cockblocks me since shes pissed for some reason. I eject shortly after that. The same chick that cockblocked me was the 1st one to follow up game me(this usually never happens, so it was a big deal) The massive levels of attraction dominance can create are amazing!

The road to success- We left to Southern style's place since it was late. Southern style, Live forever, and I talk till the morning and observe how our lives are transforming, and looking into the future 2010 holds for us. Big epiphanies for all, and awesome friendships.

Revealed sticking points

Not aggressive enough

In conversations I can either do C&F and other attraction skills to great success or I can connect deeply, but I have a very hard time having a mix of both at the same time which is essential for hooking sets

Still need cultural awareness

2 Huge revealed lessons

The Boundaries of whats acceptable are so much further than we think. as long as you believe in it

My way of immediately getting in state is to completely dominate and caveman a chick

Over all lessons

Finally found my game style according to my personality- Its wild, rough and extreme. Must be completely dominant other wise they don't bite.

Deveping listening skills is one of the best ways to improve your game.

Monday, February 1, 2010

FR 53 Strong foundation!

I meet up with Jdubbs, Raven, and Soma. I come late as usual. Everybody seems to be warmed up but compared to solo missions, these nights are a breeze. Jdubbs as usuall is playing very solid game, And Raven with his new found mindset is absolutely killing the place. Its very dangerous when you combine balls with looks. I'm in for a challenge. I begin opening and hooking sets. Although I wasn't warmed up, I had done some very powerful drills with superman that day. I usually focus on escalating or trying to get as far with the chick as possible but this time my focus was to just have regular friendly conversations till I can get decent at conversing(big sticking point)

Vicious is cheating- Every guy is performing well and I need to be up to par. I open some british girls and the interaction goes very solid. they're interested but they're leaving tomorrow(damn) so I don't even bother getting their number. Eject and open a few more. Thanks to the drills, I'm witty as hell, and my flow is very decent. I start teasing chicks with glasses about how people with glasses always look smarter even though some are complete dumb asses. I eject early in many sets, partly because of fear but mainly because I really am only interested in conversing. These drills gave me a whole new level of competence. Balls combined with flow go a long way. I also open a seated mixed set, and hook for a while. On the nights I try to really escalate I usually get some number closes or sometimes makeouts. the latest nights how ever, I've gone home completely empty handed but feeling more acomplished. its because I'm finally overcoming some very hardcore sticking points that have fucked me my whole life.

The man challenge- We've all been very solid but Jdubbs insists its time to step it up and comes up with the man challenge(going direct on a mixed set) Everyones panties start to drop. I spot a mixed 2 set use my classic line specific for mixed 2 sets "(tap them both on the shoulder and get their full attention) I don't mean to be rude but I just wanted to say you're very beautiful(turn to the guy after delivering the line) You're a very lucky guy" The beauty of this opener is that it shows a massive display of balls which is a big attractor, and if the chick diggs you and they're not going out, she'll let you know and hes done, and if they are, they'll both still respect you and you can even befriend them. Jdubbs went for a very hard mixed 3set and hooked the chick hard core. Raven was having a hard time but finally went for a tall cute blonde chick with like 4 dudes and also hooked her for quite a while. I was still craving another one of these so I spotted a very cute nerdy looking chick with 4 dudes, and specifically waited till they were all fully engaged so I can purposefully interrupt and get all their attention. this time I didn't even acknowledge the guys, I barged in while 1 of the guys had the girls arm, and told her she was very beautiful, and followed it by teasing her about her nerdiness. She hooked, very hard. We talked for a while. it was clear she was into me. The BF was watching all of this and didn't know what to do about it. She totally forgot he was there. Finally I went in for the number, and I could tell she was dying to give me her number but the BF was literally watching. She turned to see if he was watching, and when she found out he was, she said "oh I'm sorry I can't, he is my BF" I smiled at her, and she smiled back

Getting aquainted- I wanted to get to know soma better since I had just met him, so we talked for a while and he turned out to be a pretty cool dude. We exchanged view points and values, 2 drunk chicks joined us on the table(I really don't like drunk girls) but it was a chance to practice my converssations. As it was to be expected, they were so drunk that they couldn't hold a normal conversation. Later on that night Raven bounced a chick, and over all it was a pretty solid night


Good-I found a way to exponetially improve my game through drills
-I found some big sticking points in my conversations that prevented me from being able to keep a conversation like knowing when to ask good questions
-I usually do all the investing and have never known how to get people
to invest in me, but I finally learned how to do it and I applied it today
-My game style is finally emerging and getting internalized, and so is my material
-I used intrigue very effectively which got my targets way more interested in me.

Bad-As usual, I forgot to test for compliance, and also forgot to iso or bounce chicks
-Absolutely 0 sexual kino
-Ejected too soon on most targets
-got lazy towards the end
-wasn't pushy enough

Today's lesson- Conversations

A lot of the time when people open, and start a conversation, they tend to ramble on and jump from subject to subject, attempting to make the conversation interesting. This of course only makes you sound needy, and makes people wander how long you're gonna stay talking to them. If instead you start a conversation and quickly find out clues about your targets, and ask them about such things, then you get them talking, and you truly listen to what they're saying followed by feedback. What this does is, it gets them to invest more, and allows you to better control the flow, and you also get to learn more about your target, which is essential to Comfort building. Most importantly you become muhc more legit in their eyes.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

New chapter to my book of life/ My Journey!

I'm going to be making a progressive time line of my life so I as well as anyone following me can see for them selves my transformation as its happening. Its going to be tittled My Journey, and the 1st chapter is the thread called "there's hope for all/My journey" this is the sequel.

Flashback- After all that has happened I have aquired a rock solid foundation composed of a very strong belief system, as well as steel determination. I have made abit of a name for my self in Jersey but my game is still very weak.

1 year ago- I choose a date of departure and embark on my Journey to DC. Although I have a very strong foundation, I'm very ignorant of the world around me. I bring my room mate from Jersey. We're all we have. He is great at finding resources, and I'm a good leader. I have a very positive outlook on life but still have yet to live it.

Feb 2009- We're struggling to since our new setting is totally unknown. I celebrate my 1st birthday away from family. Room mate and I have a very different mindset and start fighting Its a shitty birthday. As time passes it gets harder and harder to make ends meet. the only social interactions I have are with coworkers. they're the only social circle I have. They're all very attracted to me but unfortunately thats as far as I can get. I notice that chicks around me such as my neighbors, co workers etc. are constantly hitting on me but I lost touch with the game I thought I had. I lost faith in all the gurus, and all these methods out there. My number 1 priority coming here was to learn game and fix my social life, but its easy to fall in the daily routine and pushing my self gets harder and harder. Specially since I have to push both my self and my room mate.

July 2009/Self discovery- Thanks to my Room mate I get to meet some very powerful people, and because of our struggles and conflict. I'm finding out things about me that I had no clue even existed. I'm working as a promoter. I'm really getting exposed to many people but my social skillset is still very horrible. I try to get the only person I can truly trust here, my room mate to go out, and do drills with me. I know this is the perfect spot to learn game. He refuses. We continue fighting and it gets worse and worse.

September 2009/Self mastery- My room mate and I have fought so much we don't even talk anymore. Finally all the unsettled scores from our past come to life. It turns out hes always admired me but on the same token hated me due to envy. He's been disloyal and has done everything in his power to slow me down and stop me. I explode, he admits to everything and asks me for forgiveness. I have done nothing but help this guy even though hes been so ungreatful so forgiving him is kinda hard but I still do. We try to forget all that has happened but there's irreparable damage. I'm pretty much alone and so is he. Really finding out my weaknesses and strengths and learning how to use my revealed abilities to my advantage.

October 2009/Vicious unleashed- My room mate is too weak to handle living on his own so he moves back to his moms house. Its been almost 9 months and although I've learned alot I still haven't even started the missions I set out to achieve. I try to gather will power but its very very hard without someone around. Its time I start. I open my old files about game etc, and remember the forums. I go on looking for wings. Some dude posts about a lair website in DC. This could be the 1st time all the resources have aligned them selves, the environment, the people, and the system. I join the Lair and quickly become involved. So far I have ok fundamentals, balls, and certain talents I've discovered on this journey but 0 game. I'm as big a chode as they come. I decide to toss all out the window and work on each aspect of my game.

November 2009/Suicide crew campaigne- I meet up with Superman my very 1st wing ever. My social innexperience quickly shows, and its clear I have WAYs to go, but on the sane token, all that power thats gone unrecognized, unused, and unappreciated by the low value people I've been mingling in Jersey is really starting to pay off. 1st by the Promoter team I joined where i quickly became the operations manager, as the right hand man of the leader, barking orders to the promoter team. And now by the comunity of PUAs. I'm used to fighting very hard for stuff and I quickly start getting attention from the Forum members. I meet a bunch of very determined ballsy guys, and form whats known as the Suicide crew. This crew turns out to be exceptionally gifted and our progress begins to sky rocket. I'm still struggling moneywise but I'm really starting to work on social interactions.

To this date- The Sucide crew is quickly rising to the top, and I've been made Field leader. My inner self is consistently making it self known to me in different ways. I plan to rise to the top and this is the perfect time to do it.

Progression ladder

October 2009- I have a very hard time opening directly and when I do I get blown out.

November 2009- Through Suicide missions I've overcomed this step but getting girls to be receptive is almost impossible to me, and when they are I'm terrified of touching them

December 2009- I finally learned how to get girls to be receptive but the interactions die very quickly. I can't hook for shit, my kino is much better, I can sometimes get makeouts

To this date- I'm just starting to be able to consistently hook sets but I still chode a bit, and Need to work on more technical stuff.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

FR 52 Loneliness!

Very short FR. I've been in a really shitty mood and very antisocial. I'm tired of people, everything around me is anoying me for no reason. My co-workers try to have conversations, and joke with me. I don't feel like talking so I act really boring on purpose so they'll leave me alone, My managers get on my nerves and my patience is very short fused with customers. This rarely happens since I'm usually a very stable, happy guy. but today was just not my day. I'm sarcastic, and a smart ass. As it is to be expected my customers start giving me shit and it just snowballs.

Against all odds- So it has been about a week and a half that I haven't gone out to game since I've been on that retarded job hunt. It was almost 12 and I'm just finished with work. My Crew is split, and I have multiple hang out offers, but I know I have to go solo since its been a big sticking point of mine. I put on my headphones and I'm standing in line of lucky bar while the music is blasting in my ears. I watch people interact but can't hear what they're saying. This allows me to truly analyze what they're REALLy saying. I come in the place distracted and completely unwilling. AA skyrockets. Usually what people tend to do when they're solo is pull out their cell phone and pretent they're texting. I choose not to since its a big urge of mine. I'm fighting the lack of energy, fear, anger, and lack of social proof.

Sting- My original goal was to hook 5 sets for at least 3 mins each. But in my state, and with the lack of targets(big sousage fest) I realize this goal seems unatainable today. also my AA is rudiculously high. I realize I have huge wing dependance so I shift my focus back from conversations, to Social fear, and decide to shoot for 10 direct approaches. I never usually need alcohol but today it would be extremely helpful. I spot a very hot 2set(probably the hottest in the club) grab their shoulders and say Hey! one of them starts laughing(I think its because they've been hit on so much that night) I say Yeha I know you've probably been hit on like a 100 thousand times today(forcing my self to smile since I really don't feel like talking) HB acts receptive but not too interested and says "you need a drink. Don't even talk to me till you get a drink." in a playful way yet basically telling me my energy level is very low. I Plow, she keeps insisting I get a drink so I can losen up. I know thats not an option so I eject and move on. I chode for a while longer. To keep it short basically every approach was a struggle to even open but in the end I managed to open 11 sets including some groups. I was only able to hook 1 and I got shut down more times than usual. I felt like I was back in the very beggining but I learned some very good lessons

True winging- While I was choding I was observing every interaction, and I saw how 2 dudes opened these chicks and started dancing with them. When 1 of the chicks was going to eject, the other dude would dance with her friend right in front of her. This engrained in her mind that her friend was having fun and she was gonna be left out so she would start dancing more vigorously again. they did a number of other things together and Eventually bounced them out of there. Impressive display of skills and botherhood.


Venue influence- Depending on the area of the venue, game varies. for example by the dance floor the most effective way to game is to caveman chicks, and heavily kino them followed by a bounce. While by the bar area, too much kino can screw up the set, and conversational skills are much more important. This is a good time to iso to a seated area. This is obvious but if you're not aware of your surroundings you can get confused.

Looks vs Vibe- This night I looked especially good since I took a while getting ready and got heavily hit on during the day, but my energy was crap and I couldn't do crap whatsoever. A strong energy will always beat looks no matter what.

Sticking points
-Gotta watch my accent. sometimes when the music is loud and I don't speak clearly I sound like I'm drunk.
-Social fear duriing solo missions.
-still conversations

Thursday, January 28, 2010

There's hope for all/ My journey!

I write this post for a certain group of people. Let me start by saying I'm far from reaching my destination, and I consider my self a newbie. Every so often I hear people say, we'll I'm not good looking, or I have a disadvantege because of.... this post is to you guys.

transformation process

My childhood- due to negative teachings, and little to no direct family in my childhood(most of them left), combined with low social value due extreme financial difficulties(to the point where I live in a tent, and hunger strikes everyday), in a country where social differences are enough for people to verbally, physically, and morally abuse you with no fault of your own. kids can't control logistics.

Highschool- Used to resolving issues through violence and hate, just arrived to this country, social rules are unknown due to the differences in countries, combined with a childhood of complete isolation, and an endless list of hardcore limiting beliefs, and bad habbits. needless to say, I went through highschool at the bottom of the social foodchain(virgin) only 1 girlfriend(dissabled unattractive girl) at almost the end of my highschool life. very few friends

5 years ago- complete outcast, socially awkward, people hate me, my future looks none existant, suicidal thoughts, complete lack of knowledge of any subject regarding this country. If you guys have seen pink floyds movie, brick in the wall, thats kinda how my life was(but without the fame)

4 years ago- I meet a guy whose as close to a rockstart as anything I've seen, throws concerts, gets laid, etc. we become best friends, he begins to help me. for the 1st time in my life I start seeing girls even acknowlege me(even though they do it for him) a small ray of hope.

3 years ago- Because of the limiting belief build up combined with an entire life of isolation, I stupidly believe that nothing can change or be learned, people are simply born lucky or destined to rott in hell.
After a very very humiliating defeat and treason by my best friend(not the rockstar guy, but my highschool best friend)(due to a girl. one of the very 1st few girls to ever show interest in me), my frustration, rage, and and pride, finally serve a good purpose.
her last words to me- You're a loser.
Exhausted of hearing this fucking word(I still hate it) I decide to prove to my self I'm not a loser.

Still 3 years ago(How I built my persistance)- after seeing my rockstar friend's lifestyle, and going through that last humiliation, I start searching desperately for answers to my questions. with alot of willpower, I cut all connections to nevative people(my rockstar friend goes away at this time too. I'm pretty much alone again) I start my 1st cologne bussiness, I do good, and put up my 1st store. The flood takes it away. I meet the very 1st woman I wouldn't mind sharing the rest of my life with. due to lack of game, and her family taking her away from me, I lose her. I cry and become depressive again. I go in a destructive pattern, and start getting wasted everyday, and destroying public property. but after losing her, my anger, and frustration become such, that they become a fuel strong enough to completely dominate my life to this day

2.5 years ago(I discover the comunity!!!!)
after searching and reading self help books, I find yahoo answers, and start asking people why women don't like me, and why was I born this way. braddock finds his way to my question, and sends me a reply, with a double your dating link, and some brief advice. I become obsesed with it. and then I find out about mystery and the game etc. I have no friends and live in a small town. but my hunger for liberation, and increasing determination completely take over my mind and body.

Rock solid surge of power- I devote my 110% to my transformation project, begin to study all kinds of materials, practice all kinds of excercises, work on tons of issues I have to improve on. After becoming a keyboard jockey, I decide to go away and work on my fundamentals

To this date- Having that stain in my past and the overwhelming fear that I won't make it in life, leads me to having an obsession to achieve not only standard results, but an extremely successful lifestyle. Because of all this lifetime of failure, My determination becomes solid as steel, and my faith indistructible. I set up another store, and it becomes somewhat successful. becoming addicted to my struggle, I decide that I have it too easy in jersey and decide to come to DC and make a fresh start.

thats a pretty undetailed version of my story, If I wrotte in details, I could writte entire books.

overall lessons/beliefs

Determination completely wipes out all logistics and unfavorable circumstances

excuses are for the weak.

anything is learnable, no matter what it is. anything can be overcomed(cept for death)

there are no shortcuts, or free passes for anything lasting and worthwhile.

You really can't fool anyone but your self, Integrity is lifes most respected virtue

life is like a huge store, you can have absolutely anything as long as you're willing to pay the price. I can go on forever. but This thread as all ready super long. This is 1 of the very 1st times I actually speak about this. reason is, this has been hunting me my whole life, and now iis my time for complete transparency and freedom. fuck judgements. I don't care anymore.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Suicide crew members profiles!

Meeting- So The suicide crew decided to hold a meeting in order to start applying the system. There were some disputes and dissagreements, thanks to this we really got to know our selve on a deeper level. The purpose of the meeting was to identify everyone's strengths and weaknesses, and keep track of our progress, as well as making our sarges much more effective, While holding each other more accountable

Personality profile- this profile is based on 3 fundamental stages

Value- This is a list of traits of abilities that make the particular member useful to the suicide crew

Qualities- this is their level of game, and particual skillset in field

Sticking points- This involves their strongest sticking points in field, as well as their negative behavior patters which prevent them from progressing

Southern style

Resources- Has weels, a nice place, money, etc
Friendliest vibe- by far the most likeable suicide member
Theory- Has a mental guide as far as game goes
Consistency- Consistently goes out no matter how he feels
good motivator- consistently puts people in good state
Connector- amazing ability to draw. and introduce people to the crew
Loves and can connect with people

Hooks sets very well
Very high energy when in state
Creates massive attraction

Sticking points
AA- member with the Highest Social fear
Ejects early- hates getting shut down, prematurely ends sets
Not accountable- Loses focus and tends to give up when in despair
Winging- Very little winging experience
Fast tonality- Tends to speak really fast when nervous
Lack of motivation- again, gives up when his state is down
Lack of self belief- Needs to work on his inner game


Connector- Again, knows many capeable people, consistently introduces you to high value individuals

Good tour guide- Probably the best source to go to for setting advice.

Very active forum member- tends to be the face of suicide crew and 1 of the best known members

Plows well- Knows how to lead a conversation
Iso- very good at iso
Bounce- consistently bounces target to different locations
Text game- consistent dates through texting

Sticking points
Social fear, AA- Worries too much about what people think
Voice tonality- Consistently repeats him self, sounds insecure
Kino- Very high sexual fear, rarely kinoes sexually
Energy-Too serious, has low energy at times
Nervous body language
Accountability- Refuses to listen to advice, refuses to be pushed at times, doesn't like to be accountable for much.

Live forever

Most Experienced- Huge learning potential with his due to his vast field experience

Knows good sarging places- Knows the difference between venues and can adapt well to them

Theory- His vast theory knowledge gives the entire crew a road map

Consistency- 1 of the most consistent members when it comes to sarging

Coaching- Very good at finding sticking points and giving advice

Tonality- very overpowering tonality
Kino- consistent makeouts, very comfortable kinoing
Energy-very magnetic energy that draws people to him
Dominance- Very strong personality, and commanding.
Iso- consistently isos with no problem.

Sticking points
State fluctuations/emotions- is very unstable, and loses composure quickly, makes many emotionally based decitions.

Drinking reliance- very alcohol dependant, has high AA when sober.

Bouncing- rarely bounces chicks to places.

Closing- Doesn't push for the close, and rarely gets it.

Sober day AA- His daygame AA is very high, and has little daygame experience al together.


Funny- funniest member
Resources- weels, money, etc
Positive state- by far most positive suicide crew member
Maturity- most mature member, and very stable, great composure
Good motivator-consistently motivates members
Follow instructions well- keen, and dedicated when in comes to instructions

Consistent opening- This man doesn't know what AA means

Hooking sets- almost always hooks sets, and is very good at creating attraction

Conversations- never runs out of stuff to say, creates very interesting conversations

Sticking points
Iso- Almost never Isos girls
Overall Sexual escalation- big sexual fear, almost never sexually touches targets, of makes sexual comments.

Friend zone- His conversations usually lead to being friendly more then a pick up

Dominance- is not very commanding, has a hard time keeping the frame

No theory knowledge- needs to learn a little game theory to have
somewhat of a road map, and comunicate with other comunity members

Lack of participation- rarely posts on the forums, doesn't keep track of progress, doesn't get involved with people

Vicious wildfire

Leadership- Best leadership skills, and experience, true leader qualities

Self discipline- By far the most self diciplined crew member, great ability to focus on task, and goals, very onganized.

Motivator- great motivator due to his deep understading of people, and by example.

Good learner- very good at applying teachings, and truly internalizing instructions.

Teacher- Due to his vast life experience he is able to articulate, leassons well, and pass them on to others, has the ability to understand his students.

Consistency- Consistently goes and is constantly improving

Consistent opener- probably the most consistent crew member
Energy- very high energy
Balls- ballsiest crew member, great ability to overcome fears.
Day game experience- Most experienced day game member
Number closing- consistent solid number closes

Sticking points
Lack of self belief- Doesn't believe in his ability to game, and this projects in field

Style- needs to improve his style, such as clothing, and hairstyle, etc.

Sexual escalation- Needs to improve his way to escalate, and rarely escalates

Tonality- Very low volume, people hava a hard time hearing.

Conversation- Is not able to hold a conversation very long, rather boring conversations

Set hooking- due to lack of conversations, and tonality has a very hard time hooking sets.

Lack of cultural awareness- Has a hard time relating to people due to lack of cultural awareness, such as current events, hollywood, pop culture, etc

Negative conversations- sometimes shifts conversations to negative subjects

Action plan- Now with these stats we decided to take an action plan, which I will post in a different FR due to lack of time. Have fun picking us appart

Sunday, January 24, 2010

FR 51 Teaching the raven how to fly!

I had been meaning to meet some of the guys that have been requesting to hang out but for some reason we haven't able to coordinate. The crew split up today I was actually looking forward to today cuz it meant that I was gonna either have to do solo(big sticking point of mine) or I was gonna get to meet some of the guys. Some people hit me up but I could only respond when I was out of work which was very late. Raven was the only one still available since everyone else had all ready done something. I was anxious to meet this guy and a little nervous.

First impressions- I finally met up with him. I'm not gay but this guy was supper good looking! I was like "damn thats cheating" I also noticed he was a very ballsy kid since he moved out here by him self just like I did, and is the type of guy that goes after his dreams. How ever I don't think he was aware of the tremendous potential he has. I was privileged to be assigned with the task of teaching Achillies how to weild a sword!

Teaching the Raven how to fly- We went inside the club. Raven was humble, shy, and just all around a good guy. This kid needed chaos in his life so I basically gave him a talk of our style of game, and how it worked. Everyones biggest obstacle in the begining is social preassure. I noticed that the advice from 99% of the gurus is useless in the beggining at least since we're so socially terrified. It makes you fear the rejection that much more. We started with a series of challenges. while he was giving me textbook challenges(which are useful btw) I was giving him social freedom challenges. At the begining just like every other guy I've met, he questioned it and didn't see the point of doing it. He got really nervous and asked me to perform.

The flight- I started with my usual head opener, and followed by just straight direct or retarded openers. My sets were hooking hard, and I controlled a couple of groups. he was amazed. He was also not used to sober game, so the 1st rule was straight up sober. He followed and began to apply suicide missions. His mind was blown away as to what was possible, and he realized the amazing potential he had. The looks advantage he had, combined with the balls and desire to improve also helped quite alot. We broke just about every social rule in the book and to great success.

Breakdown/victory- By the end of the night he had a bit of a breakdown. He felt extremely acomplished but at the same time, the Social preassure these suicide missions created, took a toll on him. I knew exactly what he was feeling because I felt many of those breakdowns when I had originally started the suicide missions. They kinda make you realize how shy you really are. and how long a road it is, but at the same time the speed at which you progress is amazing! As we retrieved our coats and he was feeling a little down, he opened a chick standing next to him. and with absolute honesty tells her hes shy and that he wants to meet people. The chick of course hooks, forces her number on him and starts kissing him. He had a huge feeling of acomplishment, and so did I. Knowing that I had the oportunity to pass something unto someone and watch it immediately completely shatter their weak reality and change their world for good. It was an undescribable feeling!

FR 50 The battlefield!

So as you know from the 1st part of this FR, we came up with an assesment list for each Suicide crew member and from there we gave each other challenges customized to our sticking points. I was all ready crapping my pants cuz I knew I couldn't slide with my typical suicide missions.

Challenge of the night

Southern style
Focus- AA destruction
challenge- Open 10+ sets completely sober

Live forever
Focus- Sober game AA destruction
Challenge- Open 10+ sets completely sober

Focus- Sexual escalation
Challenge- Can't leave until he gets a makeout

Vicious wildfire
Focus- Set hooking
challenge- Must hook 5+ sets for at least 3 minutes each

The Battlefield

Southern style- I'll let him detail better in his own FR but from what I saw, he was struggling alittlebit but his energy was killer, and so was his state. He was piling up the numbers although he seemed to be ejecting prematurely

Live forever- I could tell he was definetly having a hard time approaching due to his consistent asociation with state and alcohol, but after a few warmups his solid game created good reactions, a couple chicks panties were dropping, and his state was starting to pump.

Zafer- He was definetly having a hard time even approaching. The only time I ever saw Zafer state crashing was when he was completely new and it was his first night out. His state control is the best I've see. And today he was definetly out of state. I was surprised to see this happen.

Vicious wildfire- I have a very hard time hooking sets in night game. I was very very nervous. I knew hooking 5 sets for at least 3 minutes was going to be very tough. I've had quite a few state crashes in the past so now I'm able to recognize them, and prevent them. My state was about to crash and I knew it, so I went in. To my amazement, this focus gave me creativity and before I knew it I had hooked my first mixed 2set for about 10 minutes. Things were looking alittle brighter.

Final battle

Southern style- We switched venues and as the night went by, he slowed down and began to chode alittlebit, but after what seemed to be some pushing from his teamate Live forever he picked up again, and finished his challenge.

Live forever- It was aproximately 1am and Live forever had been the 1st one to finish. although I could tell it wasn't easy for him at all. I was begining to get nervous

Zafer- His state got worse and worse until he completely crashed. For the guys who have field experience know how hopelessly hard it is to recover from a state crash. It was time to cut our losses and bring out the sub challenge which I believe was to open 5 sets. Zafer Fought himseft until he completed his sub challenge. The crew celebrated and cheered

Vicious wildfire- I had managed to hook 2 sets in our previous venue local 16s But had not been able to do it in our new venue grand central. Normally my way of hooking sets and getting makeouts is through straight up dominant bodylanguage, and heavy kino, but I couldn't rely on my dancing opener or anything since I was focused on hooking sets through conversations. It was getting late, Live forever and Southern style were done, and I was beggining to despair, I hooked a couple of sets but for under 3 minutes. ugh. I found a girl leaning against a railing. opened her, she wasn't very receptive, but I kept plowing until she hooked(thank Goodness) I stopped another 2set and stuck with them until 1 hooked, we talked for a long time, and I genuinely liked this chick but I was so focused on compleeting this challenge that I had to move on. Unbelievably I was only 1 set away from victory. It took me forever but I talked to a chick leaning against a wall. I practically forced the conversation, and grabbed her hand and danced with her to buy me time, and after a while, she hooked too(What a relief!)

Suicide crew celebration- We cheered and celebrated our true return to the sceene. The system we created was a smashing success. We each faced our own demons and won this night. We looked at each other thinking about our potential with satisfaction. I'm sure the same thoughts were going through all our minds "I'm so lucky and blessed to have met these guys" I had learned some very big leassons today. I got lost in thought for the rest of the night.

-Doing these focused challenges got us each to a new level of game
-I finally learned how to hook sets through conversations

- I played it too safe alot of the times
- I choded alittle bit in the beggining

Revealed leassons

-your focus ultimatly determines your state, and altogether game. If its too high, you will get a state crash, If its not high enough, then you don't really respect it and throw it out the window.

-A way to keep a conversation interesting and fun is to embed little spikes such as playing guessing games, and exchanging opinions.

Revealed sticking points

-I tend to get desperate I'm going to run out of stuff to say, and start to ask random questions
-I overqualify my self when chick is all ready into me
-I don't qualify targets enough, and tend to give them too much reward when they jump my hoops

Thursday, January 21, 2010

FR 49 The return of chode mode!

Gonna keep this one very brief since I'm rushing

Mc faddens- I got out of work late and was tired. I hit up MCfaddens. Met up with Live forever, Southern style, and Sonic. all these guys did great. But as of lately I've been doing alittle better with conversations, and imediate attraction, how ever today for some reason I seemed to be back in square 1. My AA was kicking, And my conversation skills were less than perfect. I began opening very unenthusiastically. the 1st few didn't go well, then Southern style pushed me to approach a very attractive 2set. I went in. good response, of course they got turned off right after due to my lack of conversation skills. I approached some more but nothing noteworthy.

Operation creep out- Live forever challenged me to creep a set out. Since my AA was kinda high I thought it was a good idea, and I went up to a mixed 4set and used the only suicide crew opener that has a 100% Suicide rate. I mean not a single suicide crew member has been able to ever make it work. I call it the face opener. Went just as expected cept for 1 thing. after the chicks got creeped out, 1 of the dudes(drunk guy) slapped my hand, and I got PISSED!

Vicious(walking towards him, really pissed off tone)- Don't you ever, ever, fucking touch me again!
Chode(trying to look good but still pissing his panties)- Well you shouldn't be(I cut him off)
Vicious(really close to him)- No, don't ever fucking touch me again, I will punch you in the face!
HB- Calm down
Vicious- No fuck you, You're pissing me off

After that, this other dude tried to calm me down, and I did, Live forever as usual, supported me, and stood up for me. I relaized I probably shouldn't have gotten so pissed off, but anyway, lol It made good drama, and gave us something to talk about haha. I kept opening the rest of the night but nothing too noteworthy

Highlights(leassons learned will be in parenthesis like this)

2set HBs cockblocking battle- So I opened 2 cuties, it went well, and I started dancing with them, till I realized I had competition. there were 3 dudes, 1 was trying to DHV me, while the other 2 were trying to cockblock me and steal my target. After a while 1 of the dudes bodyblocked me. as you all know this is very effective so I knew I was in deep shit. I kept dancing and moved to the other side where I could reengage from the side. The dude saw me and tried to body block me again, but this time the chick saw me, and we made eye contact. It was time to pull the atomic bomb on him. I whipped out my camera, and grabbed the chicks hand, and asked the douchebag to take a picture of us. He had no choice but to be a tool and take pictures, but just as he was about to take the picture, her cockblocking friend came and pulled her away(Always be sure to bring a camera, its useful in many many ways)

Leassons learned
-its always good to observe sets to identify what type of person they are, this will tell you if they're the type of chicks you'll click with.
-Its always great to spike up conversations by using intrigue(credit Superman, its worked like a charm)
-Even in my weak days I finally found out how to get a chick to almost always respond to me with tonality but its hard to explain in text.
-after you start the conversation make sure you shift it to a more personal level and less general or you kill the sexual tension and it becomes just a friendly conversation.

Revealed sticking points-again lack of cultural knowledge
-I need to become more of a challenge

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This is my initiation in whats going the be my personal diary in my social life. I'm greatful for the amazing experiences I've had in life! I named this blog Hero's Jurney because I am a hero, and in this blog I will keep record of my growth and the thrilling adventures I go through while in the chase of an undying dream!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

FR 48 Suicide crew vs PUA frame battle!

Setting- Local 16's
Wings- Zafer, Southern style, Live forever.
Mission- N/A
Focus- social intuition

I entered the venue, and found some guys I've been wanting to meet, such as Crazy Mike, Quick kill, and Magellan. I chatted with them for a while, and went to do my usual thing, but for some reason I wasn't hooking a single set. The place was packed, and I had a hard time focusing. I go to the downstair to try to regain focus.

Suicide crew vs Pua frame battle- It was hard to get wing assistance, or do the usual challenges, etc because it was extremely crowded. I guess it was time to roll solo. as I'm trying to shuffle my way through the crowd, I spot a guy giving another guy pick up instructions. he reeked of PUA. I was like, hmmm things are about to get interesting, I watch for a while, then move on. As I'm going up the stairs I spot 2 other guys, and 1 asks the other one, was she your target? I approach them
Vicious- So how long have you guys been in this?(friendly tone trying to get to know them)
PUA-(getting nervous with a sarcastic pissed off tone) What are you talking about?
Vicious-(thinking, damn are you seriously so ashamed of what you're doing) How long have you been into pick up(smiling pretty much letting him know hes being a chode by acting this way)
PUA-(shifty, and stuttery, with a really sarcastic tone trying to tool me)what are you talking about, dude you're so weird. (the dude turns to the other PUA both trying to tool me) did you hear this guy? what is he talking about(instead of leaving it alone, making a big deal)
Vicious-(smiling, pretty much giving them the its ok, I understand you're a tool look).........
PUA 2-(probably thought I was gonna call him out in front of everyone) So we still don't know what you're talking about. we thought you're were gonna say something funny, but you're not funny(weak attempt to get me to qualify my self)
Vicious-(giving them the I gave you the last chance to be open and make more pua friends) ummm(sarcastic tone) Actually that is pretty funny(implying that what they're doing is retarded and silly)

After that they stared at me for a while. I walk up the stairs and find Live forever, tooling 2 other PUAs. I tell him dude this place is crawing with puas. Live forever says, yea I just told this dude I'm a 3 toed cammel. We decided to bounce. It must have been a bootcamp

The tides turn- We bounce to grand central, And for some reason, my success increases exponentially. Chicks begin to open me left and right. the chicks I open are super receptive, and the rest of the night goes excellent. Souther style makes a rebirth and is back in full action.

Revealed sticking points-In social settings, after hanging out with chicks for a while, I start runing out of things to say and stuff to do, and start losing value, until interactions go stale.
-I sometimes don't know how to behave in big groups

Monday, January 18, 2010

FR 46 Insanity! (Day game)

Setting- Georgetown campus
Wings- Superman, Andras, Bruno
Mission- 15 approaches
Focus- Set hooking/ # closing

So I'm still rusty, but confident daygame wise. I'm going to the Proffessional pick up meet up, and I'm pumped. We meet up with andras and bruno. We make 2 teams, and sarge in different areas. Superman and I take the campus. and Andras and bruno take the local shops.

I start out with a moving hb with some big ass books. Its not like me to go indirect but W/e I give it a shot and tell her I'm interested in finances and checking out the schools(Its actually true btw)
HB- hmmm IDK, what type of business?
Vicious- Online bussiness, but they don't seem to have anything like that here, blah, blah
HB- hmmmm I don't believe there's a department for that blah, blah, blah
Vicious- I figured since you had the biggest books(playful tone, implying shes nerdy as hell)
HB- hahaha, yea they're my (insert proffession) books. I had to take them to class blah, blah
Vicious- Just don't hit anyone with those, you'll kill them.
Sha laughed, we chatted some more. I go in for the kill, she denies me, I move on. So I realized why people like indirect game. I thought it was just because most are big pussies, but in reality, the ability they have to create conversations, and hook sets is very good, how ever transitioning to showing interest is much tougher. Indirect are not my style I thought to my self but maybe I can find a way to somehow use their ability.

New weapon- preassure release!
My usual direct approaches After I go direct, in the beggining I used to get complete shutdowns, later I was able to get numbers, but very few times was I able to build a genuine conversation, because after the opening, there would be so much preassure on them, that it was impossible to have a normal conversation after that. even when they tried. So this time I went in for the kill as usual, but I quickly transition to something indirect

exe 1(normal direct)
Vicious- hey
HB- hi
Vicious- You're so freaking cute I had to come over and say hi
Massive preassure build up- as the HB is about to talk even if she likes me she can't even concentrate cuz its so awkward
HB- well thank you
Awkwardness- at this point, randomly talking about anything seems contrived, and the chick is looking for anyway to get away from me to release the awkward preassure(remember awkwardness is chick's kryptonite)

Exe 2(preassure release)
Vicious- Hey
HB- Hi
Vicious- You're so freaking cute, I had to come talk to you, but you look mean(funny facial expression)
Preassure release- the little extra line there with the facial expression all ready gets their mind away from my being put on the spot like that, yet they still know I'm making no secret about my intentions
HB- LOL I'm not mean, blah, blah, blah
Vicious- I'm actually scouting the area for schools, blah blah(Indirect approach concept)
Preassure release- Now the indirect completely ocupied their mind, and I can enjoy the benefits of the indirect, while at the same time I don't have to beat around the bush. at this point, going for the number is not awkward at all, and it also gives her a chance to like me even more by my stories and subcoms.

My set hooking thanks to this increased exponentially, and though I only got 1 # close, I definetly saw the massive improvement, and btw the number was from a chick who had a bf, and was trying so hard not to like me, and she couldn't resisit in the end.

Highlights(leassons learned will be in parenthesis like this)
HB9 indian chick- So the place gets super dark and approaching get creepier and creepier, but with my new weapon, chicks are still very receptive, I spot this chick all covered up(its cold outside) She looks like she might be ugly, but I can't see her well and there aren't that many targets so I go in. after I say hey, she looks at me, and is BEAUTIFUL! she catches me off guard, and I actually stutter alittlebit, but quickly gain my composure. She super hot but confident in my new weapon, I proceed, and she hooks hard. I walk with her for like 20 mins. I go in for the kill but she denies me. I can tell she wants me though. instead of pushing I eject(When chicks are very hot, even if they're into you alot of the time they still refuse because they don't wanna feel easy and defeated. I believe this is where witt combined with persistance completely shatters their frame. Had I not let her looks defeat my balls, I would have closed her)

asian hb8 cool chick- I mentioned how I liked her style, and used my same weapon. she hooked but before she did, she threw a curb ball to test me. hb "really, I didn't know my style was any different than any of the people here" Vicious "well, you have the assholish, yet cool vive, and it kinda goes well with the whole conservative look" she laughed and hooked hard after that. again this chick was so my type, and I was so attracted to her, that I ejected and didn't go for the kill. ugh! She cought me off guard, but since I genuinely liked her, and I know what type of chick I like, I was able to improv.(transparency, and honesty is by far the strongest form of game there is)

BF chick- Same deal. I went direct, then used preassure release, and didn't give her a chance to answer. she got attracted to me, and after a while I went for the kill. she said oh I have a boyfriend. Normally when they say this its bullshit, but I can tell she wasn't lying, and I could also tell she was definetly into me. I said, who cares, as friends or something. She said "it doesn't matter?" me "nah" HB "ok(smiles)"

FR 47 Suicide crew's counterparts, Faz, Djinn

So its my 1st time day gaming since the whole month of december and since my Jersey travels. I feel rusty and the anxietys building up. I'm about to give my big speech about the Suicide system. I meet up with Superman, and he happens to be with his 2 original wings(my predecesors) Faz, & Djinn. It didn't click right away until later I realized who these 2 dudes were. It turns out they happened to be our counter parts! except in different scenarios, and different time frames.

Vicious counterpart Faz- In suicide crew I seem to be the expert in day game, and my closing rate is rather good. it also happens to be where the suicide missions were born, and I'm known for my ability to act when the going gets tuff. as I got to know them better I recall Faz was the dude that completely burnt his rep. in his entire campus, and even got the cops on his ass for being so ballsy. I mean this guy is 1 of the few I even heard of really putting everything on the line for his dream! His main experience is day game, and from what I noticed has done tons of day Suicide missions, but just hasn't called them that. I had been anxious to meet such a dude. As soon as I got in the building, I spotted a hot 4 set of asian chicks, and my AA was kicking, but I was still determined to approach them. At the same time I see Faz walk up to this other seated 4set of caucasian hbs, and hook them for a while, with no hesitation whatsoever. I'm like WTF. I go and open my seated 4set of asian hbs, and hook them for a while. Our game styles seem to be rather similar, and so are our stories. Impressive! I see him open anything, with not a single sign of fear. and uses the craziest lines on chicks(wtf he was just way too similar) I go outside to talk on the phone and I open this cute chick standing next to me and I forgot if I number closed her or not. While on the meeting, he spots a cutie, leaves the meeting to go approach her(damn way, way too similar) after some more system discussion, I spot this cute asian chick walking. I leave the meeting to approach her. she happens to walk outside, and its dark as hell and its a little alley. she notices I'm behind her and gets creeped out since its so dark. I acknowlege this right away and tell her "I don't mean to be creepy but I had to come and talk to you"(this seemed counter intuitive, but I recall AFC adam talking about bringing shit up before it becomes an issue so I tried it and it totally worked.) She was very receptive, but I had a hard time comunicating with her after that since her english wasn't that good. I ejected. As we head back to the metro(usually my strongest game) I talk with faz. He opens this cute chick waiting on the metro which will arrive in 20 mins. hooks her the entire time, and walks in with her. I go and wait for my green line. Open this chick sitting down, and after alittle chit chat, close her as I'm arriving home. I don't think he got to know me well enough to realize what was going on, but I did, and it was a weirdly awesome experience!

Live forever counterpart Djinn- Live forever Happens to be the master at night game, his AA tends to hit him hard during daygame, but when it comes to night game, I've seen no equal to him. his kino is flawless, and so is his frame control. he consistently gets makeouts, and day 2s in night settings, and the last lays he's gotten have been through night game. I talked to Djinn but didn't really see him game, but I heard that he completely tared the night when they all went out(I was working so had to miss it) I also heard that Faz tared things up during day game that same day. Djinn seemed to also have a similar mindset to live forever, and so was his personality abit. I wasn't really there to see him with my own eyes, but I could see resemblances just from interacting with him in that Suicide meeting

Leassons learned
The game gives you experiences that people would never even dream off!
No one should ever bitch about things being too tough. theres always someone else doing the same or more than you are.