Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vicious 2010 Goals

Vicious 2010 goals
This is very complex and I don't have time to do it all as I would like but I'll keep updating it

30+ dates
3+ LRs
20+ makeouts
Joining a band
Dancing to an average level
Ability to converse to an average level to a wide range of people
My power of persuation

Finding my proffession
Increasing my networth to a manageable level that allows me to live somewhat comfortably, save, and invest money

Have my online buisness started by the end of the year

Achievement plan- I have a full system dedicated to my goals but to keep it short, Achieving some of my financial goals will improve my logistics which in turn will greatly increase my ability to game. Once I achieve the 1st step I will alternate between game and practicing the abilities I need to improve.

Action steps

Proffession- becoming a waiter. Looking for morning job to support me while I gain experience

Networth increase- Becoming a well experienced waiter will fix this one

Business set up- gotta learn web development, and study online business, setting up the logistics.

Joining a band- I'll practice randomly until I get financially stabilized, then I'll set a daily timeframe and touch up on what skills I'm missing to join a band.

Dancing- I'll find a girl that can dance and befriend her, and practice with her constantly.

Conversations- I'll set up a minimum amount of weekly conversation time with strangers, as well as daily converxsation practice once my networth is stable

30+ dates, 3+ LRs, 20+ makeouts- Going to set up a weekly quota of sarging once my networth is stable, and set up an online dating account and work on my logistics as well as sticking points

Current progress(I'll be progressively updating my progress here)

4/30 dates
8/20 makeouts(New makeout, 3 new makeouts)
1/3 LRs

Current focus
Proffession/ net worth increase- Looking for morning job so I can change my evening one to being a waiter

It's official. I'm The Rising Phoenix!

Suicide crew- Social Liberation.

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