Sunday, February 27, 2011

FR 66 Chodeville!

FR 66 Chodeville!
Shortest FR. If you recall my SCC reports. There was a dude whos been consistently trying to compete agains me, and challenging me to come out. He finally insisted today that he should tag along. It was my chance to show him a glypse of pua land. His standards are VERY low. My 6s or 7s are his 9s and 10s. Needless to say as we waited on the metro stop he was all ready impressed by the hotness of women surrounding us.

Chodeville- To him it was inconcievable to even speak to such women. He spot a 7 standing by the metro
Work chode(Skeptical impressed tone)- Would you dare to approach a woman like that?
Vicious- I do it every day
Work chode- Are you serious?
I get up while he's still talking and open her. She acts weirded out and leaves (WTF this usually never happens to me anymore) I'm thinking to my self I don't give a shit what you think cuz you're a chode. But he's still impressed by the mere fact I had the balls to approach. I open a few more, and all shutdowns(Wtf maybe I'm getting cought up in the whole trying to impress thing.) I'm trying really hard not to open to impress but rather because I want to. We sit by the metro and I open a hot 2set and hook them(Finally) This dude is with his mouth open
Work chode- What did you tell them, blah,blah,blah
We then arrive to the place and to my bad luck theres almost NO sets(Great) I try to get the dude to open but he's Frozen!
Work chode- Um A Um let me get a couple drinks. You need a drink?
Vicious- Um no. But thanks.
I approach. Keep getting shut down. No clue why(I think deep down I was still trying to show off so it was backfiring) I manage to semi hook a couple of sets. I meet up with Raven and we venue bounce. I find a seated 3set(These sets seem impossible to people when they're new or chodes) I open and hook. They're not the best looking but its all right. I proceed to sit with them and hook for like 20 mins. Then I eject. (Not too interested in the chick) I feel acomplished cuz I just completely shattered this dude's reality. Even though my game was weak, and so was the environment. The dude tries to act like its no big deal but he can't fake it. We chat about my set and (Yes I'm guiltiy of trying to validate my self and show off to this dude) I mention how I can # close that chick and seed a date. He insists that he wants to see me. I go back and the chick gets super excited when I number close her. Then I seed the date. After that he opened up to me abit more, and I decided to be less of an asshole to him. My innate urge to help people showed up and I stopped compeeting. And He stopped seeing me as an enemy and instead tried to bring value to me through buying me drinks, and food

Revealed lessons
-The more sets you approach, the more your standards raise.
-I'm naturally bulding conversation muscles
-1 of the greatest gifts of pick up is the companionships built due to 1 common goal

Revealed sticking points
-Making interactions fun
-Sexual escalation
-Follow up game

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