Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vicious Birthday Party

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Vicious birthday party!
Hey guys. It's been litterally 1 year since I moved to DC and my birthday is coming up on Feb 25th. Since I made some pretty good friends with alot of you guys, I still have yet to meet a lot more of you guys. I'd love to do a celebration. Let me know whos down so I can plan it out.

Update- Finally updating this. I was able to get the day off on Friday the 26th. In other words, this friday. I'd love for all you guys to come. The place is still kinda undecided but its most likely going to be in 18 st Lounge in dupont. Theres probably cover so we have to get there early(Probably around 9pm) The ones who are attending please PM me you phone #s so I can contact you.

Update 2- Ok Its confirmed! 18 st Lounge. Try to get there at 7 but the official time is 9. My # 202-491-0140. My name is Jay. Any questions please feel free to shoot me a text. Btw I'm also daygaming and doing drills before this so lemme know if you wanna come out.

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