Sunday, February 27, 2011

FR 65 Back up!

FR 65 Back up!
I'm feeling down the whole day. I listen to my Ipod and ignored the world around me. Wandering how long it's gonna take me to reach my goals, and doubting weather I can make it or die trying. At work I had no will to talk to nobody. Lately I've been tired since I've been going out alot. I got off work early and called a bunch of people. No 1 was going to make it early and the night had just started so there weren't a lot of sets. I'm stuck solo (I still struggle with solo). I'm ready to throw in the towel and give up for this 1 day. I'm extremely anoyed by women in general. I go to the back patio of ultrabar, find a seat and fall asleep!

Evil Plotline!- I finally get woken up by a loud bang on the table. I open a couple sets to warm up and have small talk. Soon the crew starts showing up. Including Southern style (Glad you're back! I missed you buddy!) I open a few sets and they're going fairly well, Including a hot 2set that I hook for a while, and the obstacle tells me to hold her drink. I drink from it (Credit to Deline) But she gets pissed off and blow out!LOL. I soon decide that it's time to play a little antagonism and attack the ego!
Vicious(To the whole group)- I have challenge that's stricktly Vicious cu'z NO one else can do it(Everybody stands there feeling defeated)
Live Forever(I'm well aware that he's extremely competitive)- Oh here we go again. What is it?(Feeling anoyed cu'z he knows that his ego is gonna force him to do it)
Vicious- Open by touching a girls butt(Live forever walks)
NO hesitation, this dude pinches this girl's ass and I'm like OH CRAP she works here! Needless to say she turns around and all hell breaks loose. We both try to explain but shes not listening. We both get kicked out.(Oh well that sucks)

Back up!- We head to science club, and the rest of the crew follows. Although I had fun before we got kicked out I'm still feeling down and un acomplished. I see Wolf howls handling business. I open a very cute woman and hook her but I'm absolutely terrified of touching her. Live Forever comes over and commands me to over escalate (Sorry Live Forever I'm really choding) Live forever lets me have it for not escalating her. I make no excuse and say "Sorry. I have no excuse. I choded" I feel even worse now, but 1 by 1 the PUA buddies I haven't seen in a while come up to me and tell me how impressed they are by my progress.
Amarro- Dude you're getting so good in such a short time its impressive. You're almost as good as Live Forever. I remember you were so awkward and nervous, and used to creep girls out. Props dude!
Vicious(Surprised)- Thanks dude. It means alot to me coming from you guys.
Southern style(a little later in the night)- You're so good now!
Vicious(Again very surprised that I'm hearing this)- You really think so?
Southern style- Look at you. You're hooking sets like Sonic and Jdubbs, and all those guys you've always admired.
Vicious(Inner battle since I really don't feel good inside) I feel a little progress, but I really don't feel that change everybody is talking about.
Southern style- You've pregressed faster than anyone in the group.
Live Forever made a good point on the phone and said that I shouldn't rely on external validation since it makes you reliant and creates ego problems. In this case I relied on it and it felt good. Specially since they pointed out good things about me that I couldn't see. My mind helps me a lot but it can also be brutal at times and really demand much more than I could give so this was kinda good for me. I started analyzing my self better and their support helped my own mind be kinder to me. I spot this very hot woman in a red dress, follow her upstairs and hook her. I'm closed to getting the makeout but really hot women are still not fully part of my reality so I hesitate alittlebit and I get scared to escalate(Still have sexual fear) She senses this and bounces me downstairs. I meet her friends and build some comfort with her. Do a little group masterminding. Jdubbs comes over and tells me he's leaving. I have the choice between taking the risk and trying to take her home, or running away and going with Jdubbs. I Choose to run away and number close her (UGH I'm soooo pissed!) I go home still feeling kinda down but I realize its gonna take alot of effort so I'll be patient.

Revealed lessons

-when opening watch out for distances. If you're kinda far, you won't be able to really connect and its gonna be extremely hard to get closer and kino.
-When in set its clucial that you consistently check for compliance, otherwise you might be wasting your time since you can still hook even when they're not into you.
-When number closing make sure you set up a solid date other wise you exponentially increase your chances for a flake.

Revealed sticking points

-Gorilla mentioned that I've had many chances of F-closing chicks and I'm sure he's right but I'm still too scared, and uncalibrated to recognize these oportunities and take advantage of them.
-Still have a lot of sexual fear.
-When I hook sets I need to spike them more and build deeper comfort. Need to make my interactions more solid in general.
-Text game
-Logistics on the follow up.
-Logistics in general

Revealed advantages

-Opening pretty much any set. even the 1s that seem impossible
- 80% number closing rate
-Solid phone game
-Solid hooking
-Strong identity

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