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CH 3-The fall of Vicious!/My Journey

CH 3-The fall of Vicious!/My Journey
More than a Pickup forum, this is a withness and a record of my life's Journey from the time I made some Covenants with my self. I keep a diary of my life in my blog however, at the request of Crazy Mike, I decided to post my progress while in D.C. In the Previous thread, and my last Days in DC in this thread. Warning its very long. I wouldn't suggest reading unless you
1- are an old friend that wants to catch up with my current life,
2- have followed my Journey and wish to step in someone else's life for insight Purposes
and or 3- Are bored and want to read a short true Soap opera!

Flashback- My time in this forum has been short but I've gone through so much that it seems like its been years. I've been recently made a Field leader. I can do some stuff I definetly couldn't do before. I have my peer's admiration and respect. I have lead as many as have requested it but this Void I feel does not go away. Nothing makes me happy.

Jan/Feb 2010 Killing off Vicious- At this Point The name Vicious is worth more than the Person using it. I can feel like my time in DC is soon coming to an end. The winter has made it Very hard to game and I've hit plateaus that I simply can't overcome. I have worked my self to exhaustion! and Still can't get past that point. My peers are looking to me for help. At this point I can't even help my self. Let alone helping anyone else. I didn't come to this for tittles or fame. Its time I dissappear. I disconnect my self from the world and I'm dead broke, and getting sick.

March 2010 The disgusting truth about Vicious!- The commotion about Vicious has died down and I feel a relief. The disgusting truth about Fight club is that its real! Long Before I got into this I started using the name Vicious(Taken from the Cowboy Bebop series) and made it this powerful creature that would save me from life's challenges (I had the lowest self esteem) and it did take up life within me. Suddenly when I had a fear, I would call Vicious. I even gave it a different voice. and Sure enough. I became incredibly courageous and strong. Once I used it in the comunity. It took a whole new level. I became so dependant on this thing that it forced me to work harder and harder each time and pushed me past the point of exhaustion, only to steal my achievements leaving me an empty shell. Granted I have become a little crazy due to severe trauma from my past, but sane enought to fight for my dreams. At this point I have only revealed this to Superman Knowing full well he won't Judge me. He is determined to get me to Kill off Vicious

April 2010 The Fall of Vicious- I Have been proclaimed The Rising Phoenix and it turns out my days in DC are counted. my recent discoveries are impressive. I have developed such a strong personality that even without game still, I can achieve things that were unthinkable to me when I first Joined. I have managed to get a Lay from my Biggest oneitis while in my time here, and have pulled a girl to the bathroom, and have gotten countless makeouts. I have done some of the most awkward and boldest moves, and have made them work. I have made golden friendships. I don't want to destroy Vicious I finally do, and the credit for these achievements finally goes to me. (Yes LF when you made that Joke about Imaginary friends because I said I was bidding farewell to an old friend. Ironically your Joke was true. I was saying bye to Vicious!) My life here has been incredible. and my emotions have been burning since day 1.

The Fruits of Hard work!- To follow up on my Future before I writte my latest adventures. I did end up going out with this girl, and she has been AMAZING with me. She treats me like a king. Its long distance but we've been seeing each other on a consisten basis(2 days a week, or sometimes 3 days every 2 weeks) She's met my friends from NJ and we have gone fishing, clubbing, to the beach, hotels, expensive restaurants, etc. On a side note, one of my dreams was to pick up an Asian woman(My GF is Japanese)

My Life Lessons of my time in DC
- Life is Beautiful in its own way
- Faith is the Greattest form of Power in the planet. It has the power to bend life to our will.
- Core Values Defeat skills. ALWAYS
- A true leader is the greattest Servant of all.

It's official. I'm The Rising Phoenix!

Suicide crew- Social Liberation.

Follow my Amazing Journey

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RE: CH 3-The fall of Vicious!/My Journey
That fuckin' Vicious was one wild motherfucker, it's a good thing we killed him right before you left haha.

Good to see you're still learning and improving yourself homie!

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