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SCR- The Japanese Fairy tale part 1!!!

SCR- The Japanese Fairy tale part 1!!!
This is the story about 1 particular chick that became more than "a Set" and no its not oneitis crush er w/e labels we use although I did grow to care about her. This story is full of interactions, and from, Social gatherings, to dates, to cold approach etc. This chick would disappear and show up every time I plateaued, or had a sticking point to overcome, and somehow would always get my game to the next level, she would then disappear again. She became my own personal mentor and never even realized it

Lesson 1 Opening- This story starts back in Halloween. I was still very fresh in the game, The name Vicious was just starting to become known. I was in my early learning stages of dominance. I was very nervous in cafe citron and my focus was to dominantly caveman women. She wasn't wearing much of a costume. I grabbed her arm and pulled her away from her friends. She tried to leave but I held on to her, and engaged her. We connected hardcore, and at the time my standards were much lower, so I thought she was a 9+ and she was asian. I tried to contact her multiple times but she never responded.

Lesson- Dominance is key to opening

Lesson 2 Phone game- After a month or 2 she called me back. I was precisely plateauing on follow up, and my phone game was absolutely attrocious. The chicks that I even managed to get on the phone would never come out nor contact me ever again. Because she was 1 of the only chicks I was able to truly connect with and 1 of the few Very solid interactions, I had a bigger threshold for mistakes. She was also a very good conversationalist, so she whipped conversation out of me. I learned how to stay relaxed on the phone and how to generate energy charged conversations. I also learned what to focus on in phone conversations. We talked for hours. It was an almost instant fix since all my phone conversations with the rest of my closes were very solid after that

Lesson- Using what happened in your day, and bringing up how you guys met are 2 things that always work in a phone conversation. The focus is to re-spike the attraction and connect a little. This will buy you time, and make your relationship much more solid.

Lesson 3 setting up dates- I had a huge phobia of setting up dates and didn't know how to go about them. Because of the comfort and connection I built with her, I became a little ballsier, and eventually asked her out. She Rejected my date request and instead invited me to a group hangout. I didn't know what to think of this. Because I was so bussy and uneasy, I flaked. We talked some more and eventually I asked her out again. She again turned it down, and Invited me to another group hangout To which I flaked again. This Engraved in my head that setting up dates was very simple and that getting shut down for a date wasn't exactly a deal breaker, nor was it a big deal. After that I got my 1st date with another target. I talked to her for hours at least once a week. I connected with her on many levels and this was slowly diminishing alot of my phobias. Eventually things started to stall out, and one day She sent me a text saying "Have you been calling me from a private number at like 3 in the morning? cuz thats very creepy" I got offended and deleated her out of my phone. I lost my phone shortly after that. All my numbers were gone. She dissappeared out of my life. Months passed.

Lesson- Make small talk and be very specific and straight forward about wanting to see your target. set up times, etc.

Lesson 4 Social circle thriving- Up to this date I've had absolute phobia of social circles, since. Well we all know why. I'm not learning any of this through cold approach. She suddenly sends me a random text. I later find out its her, and I reestablished the relationship with an inside Joke. We talk some more, I try to set up a date. She rejects it!!! yet again! ugh. And Invites me to a group hangout. I finally comply and go to the dreaded hangout. I also bring my best wing Superman. She has about 6 friends. Among them 2 dudes.(This Sucks) I start panicking and completely chode crystalize. Superman aids me and forces me to make small talk by threatening that He'll expose me in front of everyone "JERK OFF" I make small talk with her and the rest of the group. I leave shortly after that. This interaction clearly shows me what I need to work on. and the reason why I can't get over my plateau. although at the same time it makes me realize how much my standards have gone up since I don't consider her as attractive as I did before.

Lesson 5 Social circle Building- This is the spark that I needed in order to come up with the Social Circle concept. Superman and I start experimenting this concept with another Girl we gamed a long time ago who was down to meeting up with us. I call her again and Invite her out. Superman and I go on a date with her(Both at the same time) We make a killer team as usual. We anex her to our social Circle. Later on we start introducing our circle guys with women. We're calling the shots. The Japanese woman(I'll call her Mai which is a fake name to protect her identity) Later invites me to another picknick event. I go to that and bring Jdubbs, and Iceman. They're great support, and Jdubbs closes Mais friend. I get super nervous again and Iceman saves the day. 90% of the sarging we did after that was meeting chicks through social circle. I notice that I can talk to Mai for hours in the phone but I can't do it in person.

Lesson Find at least 2 or 3 Solid guys who are willing to make sacrifices for you. every time you get a number, Get her to bring friends instead of trying to take her out on a date, and Introduce her to your close friends. this means if theres 5 of you. For every 1 woman you pick up, you meet 5. and you also get to learn closer from you wings, and well as making women part of your circle.

Lesson 6 Date- I've been talking to Mai and its amazing how much I've grown because of her. I'm Planning an exclusive wine and cheese party. This is going to take place 3 days before I'm finally gone. I'm Leaving DC and no lays ever since I joined, and no Dramatic progress, But I'm finally making some real breakthroughs. Its time to lay all my cards on the table I Invite Mai along with other women I know. I select a small group of efficient wings to come to this and they're each to bring at least 2 women. The expected ratio will be insane. My wings don't understand my particular attraction to Mai, but I haven't connected like that with a woman in a LONG time. I take the chance to Invite her out on a date 1 day prior to the event. She FINALLY accepts. I'm kinda nervous. I don't plan ahead. (Crucial Mistake) We meet up
Mai- Where are we going?
Vicious- Um. Lets walk around
Mai- LOL. There's a theater down that way
Because of lack of preparation I start getting seriously Nervous. Its so bad that she starts taking the lead. I can't let this happen
Vicious- Um lets play pool(We had plans for pool before the party)
Mai- I thought we were doing that tomorrow
Vicious(Nervously)- Um yea but I just wanna beat you today
We go in, and pool turns out to be EXTREMELY Boring! I'm getting even more nervous. The conversation dies out and the awkward silence makes its debut. We play for about 2 hours and I drink desperately attempting to get my flow. Nothing. I closeout the tab and go in the bathroom, and desperately call wings, seeking advice.
Live Forever- If you're all ready fucking it up, Get blown out. Completely fuck it up(Normally great but not the advice I need today. I want this to work. I've invested way too much on this girl)
Zafer- Stop Playing pool and watch the caps game with her, and chat her up.
I follow Zafer's advice and sit next to her. This actually saves the date from complete dissaster. Our flow comes back. We start talking about how we met and our perceptions etc. Normally at least a kiss on the 1st date is almost guaranteed, but I make no moves on this girl (FUCKING ONEITIS) We've been on this date for more than 5 hours and all I manage to acomplish is some light kino. She says she has to go to sleep. I claw her for a second, but her trains about to leave. This date is attrocious, and If it weren't cuz I built a very solid connection with this girl it would be over by now.

Lesson- Always have a plan, Bringing up how you guys met, and daily occurances are great for spiking up a convo. DON't Play fucking Pool. No Matter how good you are!

The big event is tomorrow Thursday. Shes leaving to NY on Friday. I'm very attracted to this girl. Specially her personality. It's my last chance to make a move...

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