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FRs 68-70 Vicious lost chapters part 1!!!

FRs 68-70 Vicious lost chapters part 1!!!
Ever since I fried my comp, and have been arranging my departure, I've lost connection with the forum, however I haven't stopped my progress, nor have I left my wings. Since there's so many FRs to catch up to, I will condense them, and make them each into short sections. also keep in mind the detail will be considerably poor since its been so long

FR 68 regression- I haven't done day game in a while. My once strong point. Due to how incredibly busy I've been and how many responsibilities I've had lately. I come out with Superman, and Live Forever like old times. AA is up the roof once again. Live Forever is not opening much but his game is more solid than I recall. I on the other hand open despite the massive AA but my game is atrocious. women are receptive and attracted but just like old days. I have no content and conversations get awkward. I open a chick by saying "Hi you're cute but you look kinda mean" MASSIVE Blow out
Bitchy girl- Leave me the fuck alone, how dare you say that, blah, blah, blah
Vicious(I'm sry guys but even if shes having a shitty day I'll make it worse since shes still being a bitch)- My point exactly, Your life's gotta suck, I'd hate to deal with you, blah, blah

Today's topic- Inconsistency... I'm noticing inconsistent results are the number 1 reason why people quit. I'm also noticing there's nothing you can do about that. It just takes a lot of time and practice before you start getting solid.

FR 69 The 2 titans- So I meet up with Biggie smallz. We get to bond a little and share stories. We both man up and start running game. Biggie is controlling all kinds of sets and kissing chicks I on the other hand I'm focusing more on solid conversations and comfort, etc since they've been my biggest sticking points. At this point Getting makeouts, and doing the caveman stuff is not as big a priority to me. This night my comfort game is incredibly effective and I'm getting what seems to be more solid numbers.

Highlights- I open a 2set (decent looking asians) Instead of doing the all out there crazy game I'm used to running I focus on getting to know the chick and connecting. We start talking about our traditions, etc. I'm used to doing things on the spot and barely planning. But this time, my slower style of game allows me to think better. I finally remember to iso. So I direct her to a nearby couch and wrap my arm around her(To me this is a big accomplishment since I NEVER Iso) We chat some more and I love the connection finally after some more connecting I get the urge to kiss her so I do. We do some light kissing and suddenly I sense some evil eyes in the bg. I notice the dreaded cock-block coming our way. I number close her but also due to the high level of flakes I've been getting I'm very selective about number closing, So I finally remember to seed the date.

Today's topic- Self analysis... I initially fell victim to a trend which is the belief that just going out, and opening a lot or just experiencing things is the best way to improve. To my surprise this is a very slow and painful process. Just as important if not more is the process of assessing, and analyzing every interaction. Just experiencing something will get you comfortable with it which is a vital part of learning but it won't necessarily get you good, so the follow up analysis is just as important

FR 70 My alter ego!- I meet up with Sonic, Wolf Howls and a couple new guys. I'm not very used to the venue, and since I go out much less consistently than before, My AA tends to always be kinda high, although because of all my past field experiences, its never enough to stop me. this time I spot a group of hot women. I'm being a big pussy and cannot gather the balls approach them. Wolf howls comes over and eases my tension telling me its OK not to approach and all that weak sappy shit. I don't like making excuses but this time the chode in me is making me break my own code of honor. In my head I'm thinking, wolf you're not doing me a favor, but I wont say nothing cuz I'm a big pussy. Next thing I know, He pushes me into the group!!!(This was just 1 big set up. ASSHOLE! ) I reluctantly open. but basically do a hit and run, and eject quickly. Wolf will not let me eject, and Sonic comes in and embarrasses the shit out of me (ASSHOLES!!!!) I needed some tuff love, and although savage, it was a great way to warm up. I was still a pussy after until suddenly something in me snapped and my memories came back. I started kicking some major ass after that. Sonic observed my game and gave me advice on getting laid.

We're in flip's car, and as we're leaving the parking lot. We spot 3 hotties walking down the street ready to get to their cars. Every dog in the car is eyeing them. Considering its like 3 am, its dank, and there's no angle to approach them, There's no way to not be creepy about approaching them. Everybody's resigned to watch them go. I see flip rolling down the window. Since we can't approach them, the next best thing is to yell something. Midway through the window I Yell "Stop. Don't yell. Let me off here" Wolf is like "Are you seriously going to approach them?" You can't be serious.
I had no idea how to approach them but as I got closer I realized that the best way was to lay my cards on the table
Vicious(As I'm walking from behind them)- Hey guys
HB(All ready giving me creeped out looks)- What!
Vicious- I realize this is kinda creepy, and the darkness, and the whole scenario don't help the situation, but...(Pause followed by a funny tone) You're hot. I just couldn't help it. Hi I'm Vicious!
(The chicks start laughing)
HB 1- LOL did you follow us all the way from the club here, Cuz that would make it even more creepy.
Vicious- Nope I was in the car and I saw you guys, then I asked my friends If they thought it was gonna be creepy, and they said "Umm YEHA"
(They start laughing again and Introduce themselves to me) I start gaming them in the middle of the street. Then Flip comes driving and wings me via car, In the middle of the streets. Mind you there's cars behind us waiting for us to clear the streets while we're gaming these chicks. We Hook them for quite a while, and try to bounce them but they refuse

Today's topic- Engaging issues... As AFC Adam says. When an issue comes up, bring it up before it becomes an issue, and chances are it will no longer be an issue

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