Sunday, February 27, 2011

FR 64 Got balls?

FR 64 Got balls?
I'm Sry guys but my FRs will have to get shorter. Ok So I met up with Flip and we Hit up MCfaddens. By the time I had got there, Flip had Sarged half the venue all ready. This showed a great level of balls since most of us tend to have some serious issues with solo game. He was doing some shit that even to me was super ballsy, but at the same time I noticed he was very reactive to people and outcome dependant. (WTF. Weird combination since balls and outcome dependance are just opposites. How does someone have both?) This meant that my usual methods weren't gonna be as effective.

The apprentice flip- He reminded me of me 2 months ago. He was doing some very ballsy stuff but wasn't hooking, and was getting massive blowouts. Of course I had to keep in mind that the venue was very hard. This was going to truly test if I was really over the hooking sticking point. Enough to teach someone.

Hooking test

Test 1
Flip- Opens a cutie by the bar area. Shutdown
Vicious- Opens that same cutie by the bar area. Hooks, followed by opening another hottie and introducing them to each other, then later to flip.

Test 2
Flip opens a sitting down 5set. Shutdown
Vicious- Opens same set hooks, intruces them to Flip, and gets number

Test 3
Flip opens a dancing 3set. Shutdown
Vicious- Opens a 2set of lesbians!(Didn't know. thought they were shit testing me) HOOKS!(Didn't go for number lol)

It had been 3 tests. This showed me that I really had learned the art of hooking and was now ready to pass it on. I never like to preach something unless I can efficiently do it. So I started showing him the art of tonality and dominance. He was taking notes, and I also got to learn a new level of social freedom from him.

Escalation dominance
this is not something I'm very good at. I'm either on or not. Still don't have full control of this so I did it as a challenge as opposed to teachings. This dude OVERescalated a chick that was part of a 3set. I wasn't in the Zone so I coulnd't notice he needed my winging. Then he Hardcore over escalated a chick and danced with her. If he would have pulled the trigger, he would have gotten the makeout. I focused on my conversation skills and got a few number, nothing special.

Got Balls?- I had put flip through hell and it was payback time. He challenged me to open a chick by touching her butt(OUCH!!!!) I was terrified once again. I have only 1 rule for my challenges. As long as it doesn't create confrontation, jail or gets me kicked out I'll do any challenge! And this 1 was risking the 3. My ambition got the best of me. I walked up to a 2set, and pinched the chicks ass. She turned around and I didn't know how to react to it. She looked at me like I had just killed someone in her family(OH crap, here it goes!)
Vicious- Hi
HB- DON"T EVER touch my butt again. Don't ever do that
Vicious- Sorry
HB- Thats so offensive don't ever do that, blah,blah,blah
I know some of you will think I'm a douchebag for this but believe it or not, this was important for my development.

The entertainer- Flip and I got to know each other and exchange stories and values. We then hit up this other place, and he opened a seated 3set and hooked them. I then intructed him to sit with them, and the 3 of them were HOOKED. He then tried to introduce me and for some reason they didn't like me much LOL. Oh well

Revealed leassons

-When approaching, the positioning is very important
-always give your sets a little time before approaching until they're stationary, other wise its much harder to hook cuz they're going somewhere

Revealed sticking points

-Still conversations alittlebit
-Kino dominance and escalation
-Comfort. Its almost un existant
-Iso and bouncing(Need to get in the habit of doing it)
-Text game

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