Sunday, February 27, 2011

FR 63 Back to earth!

I'm afraid writting FRs is becoming a huge addiction to me, worse than freaking heroine. Its killing my time but its very important for my development so I have to figure out a way to spend less time writting them without taking detail or emotion out. Ok this 1s super short since it only lasted like 1 hour.

Social circle saga- Ok as you last read in my last social circle report, I had a faceoff with a guy with tight social intuition and kino. To make a long story short, Like 4 of them gang up against me, but I was kicking their trash, until I played a jelousy plotline, and it worked but the target reversed it on me since those guys were all ready so desperate about gaming. I got very reactive and because of it I got destroyed in the frame battle. The last thing that sealed my fate was when we were using the BF GF frame I made her choose between me and the dude(Huge mistake) She chose the dude since she was trying to get me jelous.

Comeback!- Now we fast forward to today, after my birthday. As you know I was on an altered state and my game was at a godly level. But this time I was coming back to work and my state was gone. This was gonna test weather I truly leveled up in a way. I was kinda nervous cuz I had the odd against me, but my birthday truly changed my reality because when I got there, what I used to think were special girls, and players, turned out to be nothing but average chicks and chodes. Just because they work with me does not make them special. Immediately the chick tried to get me jelous, and the dude tried to diss me. I laughed within my self and this mindset was impressively powerful. Without really trying hard I Mega tooled the guy, and was completely unreactive to the chick
Work chode- Vicious, you need to learn how to be cool like me
Vicious(Smirk in my face)- Work chode let me ask you a question. How often do you think about me at night?
Everyone breaks out laughing! The chick tries to get me to translate flirty stuff to the dude, I do and with no hesitation. Its funny cuz the chick starts getting reactive. Shortly after that the dude tries to advance more, and the chick is a bitch to him and shuts him down. Now I'm back to my free self which means I'm flirting with all kinds of chicks, and every time they throw shit at me, I'm just thinking to my self "Bitch I made out with 4 chicks hotter than you last night and got 14 numbers"
After a while, The chick tries to flirt with me. I'm friendly but not complying. She desperately plays her last cards trying to do some hard core jelousy. She dealt her whole hand and missed. (My turn)
Work chode- You're not a good gf
Work HB(Turns to me making excuses as to why she doesn't like him anymore, even though she never has. Now shes trying to switch the frame around)- Vicious. You my BF?
Vicious(Smiling and happy)- Ummm(Sarcastic tone)- No
Everyone- Damn!!! OMG What a shut down!(Laughing at her)
Vicious- Sorry Going out with G now(Another HB at work) You shut me down and she said yea .
She gets extremely reactive and doesn't know what to do with her self. the rest of the night she did notthing but try to use weak excuses to touch me and flirt with me.
Its a long story but I basically anhialated every1 again.

Back to earth- I leave work late as hell. Meet up With The Suicide crew for a bit. The ratio is terrible, and not many attractive chicks. and most of them come in big ass groups, and with dudes. Here's where I'll really find out if anything from yesterday will stick for good. I walk up to a seated 6 set, and Open them. Hook them all. There's nothing but hard ass sets, yet I'm still hooking. I walk up to a dancing 2set.
Vicious- HI
HB1- Not interested sorry
Vicious- Whats your name
HB2- Not interested
Vicious- Thats a weird name
I couldn't hook this 1 but I noticed that my witt and sharpness stayed. I hoked some more after that and noticed that the powerful tonality and energy level stayed. I sat down with Zafer later to catch up with him, and opened some more but nothing memorable

Revealed lessons

-When being direct its important to make it very explicit and specific. Just telling them they're beautiful or what ever is not enough, which is why Live Forever's frames such as the Marriage 1, Or the BF GF 1 work so well.

Revealed Sticking points

-Still have a few conversational issues but almost through with this dreaded sticking point
-Kino- Need to be more agressive
-Bouncing/Iso Not used to doing it. Gotta remind my self
- Logistics
- Text game

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