Sunday, February 27, 2011

FRs 81-82 Vicious The Final chapter BR Pull!!! No lay.

FRs 81-82 Vicious The Final chapter BR Pull!!! No lay.
This is to be my last gathering with the comunity. I feel nostalgic. Nothing matters today. Today there's no depression, no Guilt, No Humility. I'm the man today. I came without resources, and 0 social experience. Afraid to ask for directions, with all kinds of demons in my head. and created a social empire! Met outstanding people, Made the most amazing friendships, Changed lives, and coquered my social life like Never before! I also achieved more life long dreams, than ever before!

FR 81 The final chapter part 1!- I arrive at ESL. Its been one day since my adventurous lay. My head is HUGE. I don't give a shit about anything. I Open the 1st sets. nothing special happens. I don't feel any different from the day I started my Journey. I'm still getting shut down, My state isn't the greatest, But something IS different, I know I've grown, but I can't tell in what ways. I open a set. My conversations aren't the greatest but I can read her like a Book. I know exactly whats going through her head. I also know exactly what I have to do next. I make a decent connection, And Iso while clawing and attempt to kiss her. She rejects it and I later tell her to give me a kiss, She rejects it even though shes so attracted. I seed a date and ejectly shortly afterwards. I'm not worried about gaming today. No rules apply. All kinds of flashbacks pop into my head and I'm thinking about is my departure. I hook, and seed a couple other dates. And proceed to public bar shortly after that. My friends are nearby but I no longer feel the desperate need to find them I felt before. I open a mixed 3set and hook a hottie. Then I proceed to the patio where I find a hot 6 set. I open my target but quickly notice shes kinda drunk. I don't care!
Vicious- OMG You're so sexy!
HB- Really? Aww thanks!
Vicious- I'm Vicious, whats yours
HB- Oh I'm HB. It's very nice to meet you
Vicious- You're going to be my girl for 1 hour. We're breaking up after that.
HB- Umm Idk.
Vicious- Actually 1 hour's too long. You'll be my girl for 10 minutes. We'll break up after that.
HB(Excited look)- I Can do that!
Vicious(While clawing her)- Lets go on our date. Lets explore the bar
I bring her to the midsection and sit with her on this couch with a table.
I MAke small talk and go for the makeout. she hesitates a little but quickly begins to reciprocate. We start heavily making out. This chick turns out to be a pro at this. We're doing full tongue action for like 20 mins. She starts getting horney, and I start touching her leg. Suddenly I hear these 2 random chicks whispering among each other and all I hear is "This couple" I can tell they're going to cockblock me
Cockblock- Your pants are undone(I wear my belt undone sometimes)
Vicious(Sarcasting tone)- UMM Ok BYE!
We makeout some more, then I pull her towards me and she goes on top of me, and we start dry humping! Then I put her down and we makeout some more.
Vicious- Are you adventurous?
HB- Yea I can be.
I pull her off the table and proceed to the bathroom. We go into the guy's bathroom (So I officially did a bathroom pull!). Before I have the chance to do anything, The Bouncer comes in and kicks me out of the bathroom. We then both dissappear. To think that this was impossible! to me only to realize how easy it really was. Although I felt the same as in the beggining, the fact that I had 4 potential dates for the next day, a bathroom pull, and had dry humped a girl I had only met for 5 minutes was a sure sign that I was clearly a different man!

FR 82 The final chapter part 2- Its my very last day in DC. Everyone thinks I'm gone. Cept for a few friends. I head over to a party with Live Forever, and Raven. We arrive there and for some reason I'm getting insane AA. I catch up with sonic and we wing for each other. Sonic has been 1 of the guys that I've Admired the most as far as hooking sets goes. The previous times I winged with him He would stay in set forever, and I would be blown out of the water. We spot a chick sitting by the bathroom. I forget who opens but we both game her. Sonic's convo is spot on solid, and so are my comments. We hook this girl for a while. I winged with sonic all night. to think that now I can stay in set for as long as he can and spike up conversations just as well. even if its only for today. I'm amazed by the transformation. I hook this other girl outside the party using a sonic line. We talk for a long time. I shoot for the #close but get shut down for it(2nd time since I started this) No noteworthy sets after that. Finally It all makes sense. Those suicide missions were incredibly painful and hard, but they gave me an amazing ability to pull the trigger, and a new level of bluntness. And all those approaches and experiments, gave me the ability to read women by just watching their face and bodylanguage. Combining those 2 makes me recognize oportunities, and and seize them. Mission acomplished, and thanks to all who have followed my Journey this whole time.

Special thanks to-Superman- For being my best friend, and wing ever. For having faith in me till the end!
-Live Forever- For becoming such a mentor to me, and guiding me in my process.
-Zafer- For being my greattest advisor, and always cheering me on
-Southern style- for giving me a big ego!
-Crazy Mike- For having faith in me and giving me the chance to interact with everyone here
-Biggiesmallz- For inspiring me and being a good friend to me.
-Jdubbs- For having such patience with me and genuinely wanting to see me succeed.
-Raven- For helping me grow.
-Caveman- For believing in me even in the begining when no one did.
If I forgot someone please forgive me

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