Sunday, February 27, 2011

FR 67 The Price of Leadership!

FR 67 The Price of Leadership!
This is a Very Long fr but I'm gonna really shorten it. Its also kinda old.

So this starts with my daygame meet up. I met up with many of the new guys. We exchanged stories, got to know each other and walked around georgetown.

The new PUA breed- As I get to know these dudes, I realize that I'm probably the newest one when it comes to social interactions. Its clear that although these guys might be new to game or the forum, They're very social and just naturally cool guys. Everyone of them. They're also very ballsy. I've seen this more and more lately. Guys like Flip, Getting high on life, Soma, Plus1, Quincy, etc. I noticed I was here to withness the new PUA transformation. We split into groups and each start gaming. I don't day game much lately so I start feeling preassure. Specially since all these guys are looking at me to lead. Lately I'm starting to focus on stuff like instadates, or other stuff. But this time the Theme was Social freedom, and opening. I gave them some challenges. Such as "The flower challenge" and they did well with it. Plus 1 started exploring metro game, and GHL(Getting High on Life) Started doing some seriously ballsy stuff.

Vicious Vs The prodigy!- While we game, it becomes very noticeable that GHL has a lot of spirit. We're eatting and this cute chick eyes him. We insist that he opens. He does, and Soma wings him. I could tell this guy wasn't gonna be weak and make excuses like alot of guys do when I challenge them. His 1st challenge was to go up to a seated 3set and use "The flower routine" He was very nervous but he made no excuses, got up, and did it. He somewhat hooked but he ejected prematurily. (Well done soldier) Came back and I insisted him to go back and shoot for the number close. He was twice as nervous but he did it, and got shut down for the number (As I suspected he would). As we walked out I insisted to say bye to them in a retarded way (Social freedom right?) He did. I put him through hell but it was my turn to pay (Ugh Here we go) I gave him a tuff challenge with the promisse that he could give me any challenge
GHL- Walk up to a set of granies and tell them that you're attravted to older women, so that means them
AA spikes up. I spot a grany with his 2 grandsons?(Probably my age. Ugh this is gonna be rough) I walk up to her and say hey! She can't hear me.(Must be hard of hearing) I go much louder and say HEY! She turns around and I say "I''m attracted to older women, So I'm into you" She gets creeped out(As she should) and starts walking faster, and the dudes walk closer as in ready to kick my ass. I walk some more and ask her If I can have her number. and they all just walk away.

The price of Leadership!- We hang out all day, and night. I'm getting tired. This day is very exhausting since usually things either go well or not. But today, I'm getting ALL kinds of results. I get chicks ignoring me, others are receptive, then I get some crucial blowouts, then some almost makeouts, then some numbers then some shutdowns, and my energy dies off to the point where I can no longer game and therte's SO Many puas everywhere I won't even take the time to name them. Then My energy comes back full force. I have to improve! I start overescalation challenges with Jdubbs, and we have a hard time pulling them off due to the venue, and also our pussiness. We don't complete them all but do some. This was a hard fought battle and a well lived day!

Revealed lessons

- Its actually very possible to get really good really quick, especially in night game since its all about sexuality. 1 of the fastest ways to get immediate results during night game even if your social skills are not good is to verbally and phisically over escalate. It really makes a Huge difference

Revealed sticking points

-Digging deeper in conversations
-Sexual fear
-Bouncing/ Iso

Revealed goals

- Although I've improved alot and I'm definetly getting better, I want some serious results now. Including getting the lays.

Revealed Focus for the next month

- Over escalation
-Digging deeper(Conversations)

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