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FRs 71-74 Vicious lost chapters part 2!!!

FRs 71-74 Vicious lost chapters part 2!!!
I lose all comunications. Thanks to that I'm forced to flake on everyone. So Everyone's pissed at me. Even my best buddy Superman! Actually. specially Superman.

FR 71 Newbie meetup- My arrival is unexpected. People greet me. I don't know most of these guys in person. Only handles, and rep. No one's saying anything, but their desire to see me game is noticeable. I'm used to this kind of preassure, but considering I'm in a terrible state, and I don't wanna game, This becomes an issue. also, I'm not that used to big groups of people focusing on me. Er at least thats how it felt. I have dinner with Crazy Mike, and Superman. I open sets but they're not lasting longer than 1 min. Suddenly Aqua shows up and basically tells me to stop choding. My issue is not that. My issue is my sets are sucking due to such a negative state. I disappear from site since I don't want preassure. In my head I'm thinking, Fuck this meet up, and the people in it. I'm all that matters right now. I need to do well for my self. After a considerable amount of blown sets something in me awakens and I start delivering energy charged approaches. My set hooking increases. Aqua is my main wing for the night. I open a very hot spanish woman, and she hooks but the group cockblocks me. Then aqua opens her. Same thing. Overall my energy level allowed me to successfully hook even the toughest sets. I've developed Quite an opening ability but I still have the conversational sticking point. This 1 has been by far the worst sticking point/plateau No matter what I do, I seem to fix it but it keeps coming back.

I make Eye contact with a somewhat decent looking target. She isn't the best looking but I recognize the signs well when I see them. I hook her hardcore, and Dance with her. Shes super interested, Because I'm still uncalibrated I decided since this chick was definetly into me I'd just get exposed and overescalate. I kissed her once but she would not go for the makeout. I pretty much blew my self out with my aggresive approach. Aqua later came and approached her. He did pretty well with her and eventually isod her.

Today's Topic- Stay longer, learn faster... in my opinion Aqua's method although effective, It seemed to be too safe and slow. Mine is just the opposite, But although I opened shitloads more sets, and hooked and attracted a decent amount, watching his game, showed me a big flaw in my game. He approached the same chick and got all the way to iso and could have possibly taken her home just because he slowed down and played his cards slower. in this scenareo, he learned more than I did because he was able to get further with her.

FR 72 Suicide crew chodeout?- Live Forever, Zafer, and I meet up in Mcfaddens. We've all become independant, and haven't gamed in a while. We're all super rusty. Considering those 3 names are known for their courage, you'd figure all being together would mean death to chodeness. Far from that we all chode out. Live forever barely struggles to open 3 sets, and so does Zafer, and so do I. Suddenly we spot this very hot tall woman. We all want to approach but no one has the balls. Finally zafer pushes me into her. She turns around, and I go direct. She hooks, I do some light kino and number close her, and set up a date.

FR 73 Self reliance- I'm still with very little comunication. The name Vicious is starting to die out. Even my closest wings stop hanging out with me. For some reason instead of depressing me it feels good to roll solo. I get to focus on me, and analyze my sticking points. I go into public bar but as I'm standing in line, 5 dudes show up, and decide to cut me. I call them out on it, and they don't like it
Vicious- You're back there, stay there
Asshole- no you fucking stand back
Vicious- I'm not fucking moving
Asshole- The cops are right there
Vicious- I don't give a shit whos there, I'm not moving(He tries to physically move me) DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME. get back.
Funny enough, this confrontation raises up my energy. Biggie smalls shows up and is waiting for me down there(I fought over the line for nothing) I don't normally drink but once in a while. This time I get a drink so I can relax since I'm kinda nervous. If you read my recent FRs. I don't go out as often so I always have AA and without wing support AA can be a huge cunt! I tell Biggie to wait for me to close out my tab. There's a very cute chick standing next to me. I hesitate. The chode in me is kicking my balls! I finally man up
Vicious- Hey you now whats kinda weird?
HBchic- What
Vicious- We're like bumping elbows and not even talking. WEIRD
HBchic- Lol I know, People in DC are assholes.
Vicious- Thanks for calling me an asshole I take it you're just visiting?
HBchic- No Not you Yeha I live in Chicago, and there the bartenders, always serve the Women 1st. Here, they don't even acknowledge me. I'm flashing my boobs, and still no service.
Vicious- (I actually forgot what I said but I qualified my self a little.)
I hooked her playing the nice guy, and then turned into vicious by cracking some Jokes, etc. Since she talked about guys being gentlemen, that became the center of conversation and she said that I wasn't like the other assholes
HBchic- my whole night has been terrible
Vicious- I'm about to make your night
HBchic- really?
Vicious- Meet rico Suave.
I grab her hand, and do and oldschool bow, and kiss in the hand. Shes loving it. I'm rushing since Biggie is waiting for me, so I eject early, and I also decide not to close her since shes leaving to chicago. I leave and half way there, I turn back and ask her when shes leaving, and set up a date for the next day, and number close her. I head to science club with Biggie Smallz. I really admire that dude. Hes got the heart of a lion. I Hooks sets left and right. Its in these FRs that I just started seeding dates. It seems like I'm finally where game really starts. I opened some more and seeded a date.

FR 74 Becoming a man- By this time my comunication is up, but I'm getting absolutely no phone calls from anyone, nor am I calling people. And the only phone calls I get are from wings telling me their frs, or asking for advice. Its saturday night and I'm off early, I can either use the phone or not. I choose not to and head out to public. walking in, the chode in me starts bitching louder and louder as I approach the patio. I have no one to come back to. AA is still there. Did the Suicide missions really help? will I go back into Isolation again? Am I fighting a useless fight? all these questions pop into my head simultaneously. I begin to chode crystalize. I need a drink pretty bad. But that breaks 1 of my rules. Eventually I fuck the rules and drink up, but the alc is not working. I'll settle for anything, I just wanna flow. I don't care if I get wasted. I just wanna do good for once. Suddenly I spot Raven, with Andrass. we chat, and I feel relieved but dissapointed that I wasn't able to do this. We game and my game inst terrible but its not the sharpest. We bounce to madhatter. As I'm walking there I decide I need to stop being a pussy. As soon as we arrive, I purposefully lose Raven. I spot a dancing 2set. come in dominantly, and completely caveman 1 of the chicks. Shes immediately into me. I'm still experimenting overescalation so I start sensually rubbing my hands all over her body. Shes so turned on and her bt is so high that she blows her self out by desperately introducing me to her friend and ejecting far away from me. (Weird) I probably could have persued her more but I don't Instead I remember to Iso since I'm not used to it. I build comfort with the friend, and bounce her to a table across the lounge. As I approach the table, I sit 1st thinking she'll sit next to me (Huge mistake) She sit in front of me. That diminishes my chances for escalation. I chat her up and try to number close. I give her my cellphone, She types it but the moron forgets to save it, and I being the bigger moron close my phone. But fuck it I'll just blaim her. I bounce shortly after that. But I walk away with a big smile on my face for kicking the shit out of my retarded LBs(Limiting beliefs) yet again!

Today's topic- Leading... My 1st mistake was giving her a chioce of seat, and my second 1 was trusting her to save her number. This brings me to the conclusion that people are retarded and therefor you should always take the lead and impose on them what you want them to do.

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