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FR 62 Vicious Wildfire!!!! (New Level!)

FR 62 Vicious Wildfire!!!! (New Level!)
First of all I wanna start by thanking everyone 1 that showed up to my birthday! You guys were amazing support!.

The true Fairy tale!- Some friends had thrown a dinner for me yesterday, and Today Was the big day. Last year I had just arrived in DC. I knew Absolutely NO ONE! except my room mate from Jersey. We were arguing! I was barely able to talk to my family and spent a misserable birthday by my self! This year I had over 15 friends over dinner and a proffessional chief cook it, as well as a home made cake!, and a following party of at least 20 people the next day! I was doing drills with Superman and Some of the newer guys. both very impressive guys. Today I was feelling hyped up and I had agreed with my self that I was just going to live it up and forget about everything else.

Meet Vicious- I was doing drills with Superman and a couple of new guys that turned out to be Super ballsy! Jdubbs also Joined us and provided great insight on the drills. After hours of drilling back and forth we decided to go outside and game before my birthday celebration. I had some initial AA but I was willing to go crazy. I did a few approaches. Nothing memorable. Then I went in for a moving target out in the cold with a completely ridiculous opener invented by Jdubbs. The chick made a funny ass face! I could sense this was going to be a great night. It was going to be a memorable night. Tonight I take away all the handicaps, and become a total sleezeball. I was going to drink, and use my birthday as an excuse to become a total douchebag! We sat down and I told the new guys some of my crazy stories.

Collective power!- I Arrive to ESL with Superman and our drill partners. Seraph is all ready waiting for us. Next thing I know, the whole Suicide crew shows up, followed by Flip, Jdubbs, Wolfhowls, Psykat, Raven, Plus 1, Amarro, Andras, Bruno, and some of his friends to name a few. Its hard to pay attention to everyone, and I feel so empowered! Everyone is cheering for me and buying me drinks. I'm talking to everyone while at the same time opening sets. I Give some guys challenges. Its early in the night and theres a really cute 2 set. I have a special and very powerful energy today. I open the 2set
Vicious- Hi
HB1- Hey
Vicious- You guys are Litterally the cutest chicks in here right now(With great energy)
HB2- Aww thank you!
Vicious- No I mean it look around you. Check out the girls in here
HB1- Lol I don't really check girls out
Vicious- Oh thats right, you like guys. You have Horrible taste(Sarcastic tone)
HB1- LOL I guess you have a point blah, blah blah.
Vicious- I'm Vicious by the way, blah, blah
HB1- I'm HB 1 Blah, Blah we're celebrating my friend's birthday, blah, blah!
Vicious- No way. Me too.
I wen't into the whole Mexico frame, this chick is DIGGIN it. The BF shows up. I hook the dude and manage to attract the chick. I effortlessly control their whole group and get them to basically kiss my ass. I have HUGE social proof due to everyone that came to my birthday. Combine that with the greatest state ever, A full day of drills, as well as getting hammered by free shots! and you have a MONSTER!!!

The True war hero!- Its my birthday and I want nothing more than to game hardcore and have fun with everyone. I Instruct Superman, Jahson345 on how to handle night game. I open absolutely everything in sight! I'm hooking EVERY set. Hardcore. Seriously it feels like cheating. I have a HUGE advantage. My state is unstoppable! Its around 11 or 12 and I all ready hooked more sets than I can count. chicks show up from out of nowhere, greeting me. I've opened and hooked so many that I start forgetting that I opened them. pretty much everybody in the place is coming to speak to me! I'm introducing people to each other left and right.

Vicious Wildfire!!!!- It's not even 12 and I've all ready collected 9 phone numbers! and seeded dates for all of them. They're melting! I'm destroying the Venue. Somebody asks me how its going and I respond "All ready got what appear to be 9 solid numbers but I'm kinda bummed out because I haven't gotten any makeouts" I'm winging for many PUAs left and right and hook ridiculous sets. I mean Even Jdubbs doesn't stand a chance hooking sets, and Live Forever doesn't stand a chance escalating today! Not today! Chicks are getting me drinks, and beers. With some I use the birthday thing but not with most, My buddies are also DHVing me!

Makeout Frenzy!- I keep opening mixed sets, single sets, absolutely everything. I open a mixed 4set, Iso the target, and dance her around. I kiss her. She kisses me back abit but I still don't get the makeout. I dance her some more
Vicious- Have you ever tried the Rico Suave kiss?
HB-(Excited tone) No, what is that?
Vicious-(I pull the standard Suicide crew Rico Suave makeout move) We start making out Hardcore. She gets horney, I use the Live Forever line
Vicious- You're an all right kisser
She doesn't respond but she starts tonguing me hardcore! I dance her some more. The friends are watching me and want to cockblock me but they don't stand a chance. NOT TODAY! I makeout with the chick like 4 times, and rub my hands all over her body including her butt.
I don't remember how I left this set, but maybe I just ejected. I spot this other chick by the bar area. This 1 is cuter than the previous 1. I forget who but 1 of our comunity buddies is in set with a very hot chick. I ocuppy the obstacle. I hook her. I guess my wing doesn't do 2 well with his target
Wing- Lets switch
Vicious- Ok
I open his original target(Shes even hotter than the obstacle) Not sure how I end up in Isolation but next thing I know I'm making out with my wing's original target. The obstacle shows up shortly after that and takes her away.(Oh well. It was fun) Its my second makeout and I'm horney as hell. I walk towards the patio, and before I have time to meet up with anyone, I get this beautiful smell. I turn around and there's a beautiful woman standing by the DJ booth. I go In. Don't even remember welll how I opened, But I know it was something direct and aggressive. She digs it and asks me a few questions. I stare her in the eye, grab the back of her neck and start making out with her. She really turns me on. I know I'm supposed to stop 1st but I don't want to and can't control my self. I make a weak attempt to bathroom pull her but shes not even moving. I stay and makeout with her like 5 times. She kinda wants to stop so she's the 1 consistently stopping but every time I reenitiate it, she keeps making out with me hardcore. I begin touching her body, and kissing her neck. I could taste the perfume on her neck. I say a few more words and makeout with her like 2 more times. she gets aroused and shuts me down after that (Guess she wanted to prevent getting aroused) I spot this other chick walking by. I head open, and hook her. I manage to kiss her but she won't go for the makeout. Oh well. I rememeber my buddies told me they're dipping to lucky bar. I Bounce to lucky shortly after that.

Meet Rico Suave!- I'm standing in line to enter lucky bar. There are 4 good looking well dressed guys, but they seem to be chodi. I talk to them, and they're good guys. They start talking about my spanish heritage.
Vicious- Dude, you don't even know. Call me rico Suave!
Dude 1- Yea everybody, this is rico Suave!
Vicious(Turn to a hot 2set behind me)- Whats up guys(Super high energy)
HBs- Hey
I forgot what I told them, but I hooked them hardcore. I was feeling selfish so I introduced them to the dudes. These dude stay in set for a while, but by the time we're by the door, they all ready lost the set. I spot another 2set and hook them, and as I get to the door, the doorman greets me, and doesn't card me
Dude 2(To the doorman)- This is Rico Suave!!!
Doorman- I know! he's VIP. thats why he doesn't get carded!, and he doesn't wait much!
Vicious- I'll see you guys inside. You gotta meet my buddies. They're the biggest pimps ever (Its funny how I've been talking outloud in front of the same sets I open right after they heard me, and they still hook) I go in, and can't find my friends. I open some sets, and # close 1 of them, and seed the date. I introduce these guys to Raven, and some other chicks. These guys are kissing my ass, and I show them how to successfully open. We dip to another venue shortly after that

Unstoppable- We get to the new Venue. Again, I'm opening mixed sets and hooking them. I introduce some to Raven. I hardcore hook most sets. I start getting my very 1st shutdowns for the night but, they're minimal. I # close 2 sets after that, and seed the dates. I instruct Raven to go direct on a mixed 6 set. He gets early gitters so I decide to go, but before I have time to open direct, they all focus their attention on me and I somehow end up in the middle of the circle dancing. I pull my target in, and dance her a while. I do some more crazy stuff after that and we leave shortly after that.

Post game- I hit the metro and I'm sitting next to a very cute chick, and a dude. I purposefully open the dude with a subject I know is gonna interest the chick since I see her receptiveness before I even talk. I figure If I get her to be the aggressor she'll be that much more attracted. Sure enough, after some interesting subjects she opens me. I use the drill practice and hook her hard. I # close her. and seed a date for 2morrow. I arrive at the chinatown station. As I'm waiting for the greenbelt metro, I spot a cute 2set. I open them, hook them, and sit with them on the metro. I check for logistics but they're far. I number close them and seed a date.

Ending the night- Lol I arrive at my station, Over the course of the night I had Hooked and open more sets than I can count. For the 1st time I was the 1 in set longer than every other guy. I had gotten almost 4 makeouts, and collected approximately 14 numbers, and seeded dates with them. and the most important thing is that the amazing friendships I developed were all there helping me succeed. and It was also interesting to see how every single guy there could run circles around average chodes. I go home doing what I do best. dreaming of tomorrow!

Side note- Lately I've developed a habit of putting on my headphones, and singing outloud as I walk down the street (My singing is terrible) this way I get to practice my singing and work on social preassure. LOL I'm kinda sick and drunk and singing my lungs out! the loudest possible, and it sounds absolutely attrocious!

Revealed Lessons

-I learned the true power of unreactivity
-I noticed how all this time I wasn't loud enough when opening sets
-When people are not as receptive, if you plow while adding value, there's no reason not to hook.
-Chode game is the best form of game there is
-Using compliance when interaction is on a high note is key

Revealed sticking points

- Screw sticking points, I wasn't even trying to game. For today I'm Perfect

It's official. I'm The Rising Phoenix!

Suicide crew- Social Liberation.

Follow my Amazing Journey

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02-27-2010, 03:40 PM Post: #2
Brother James
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RE: FR 62 Vicious Wildfire!!!! (New Level!)
Fucking A! What a great night! Sorry I missed it, but let's go out soon....

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02-27-2010, 03:43 PM Post: #3
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RE: FR 62 Vicious Wildfire!!!! (New Level!)
"Let's Switch" HA! That was me, Vicious. WHAT A NIGHT!

The girls had ordered 2 tequila shots and I signaled the bartender to make it 4. I didn't pay for them.
(read my field report - I gained rapport with the bartender very fast that evening, and he was my man).

The best thing I remember about the 'let's switch' move at the bar was the tequila shot. I sucked my lime while the brunette HB7 made the 'I just did a shot of tequila' face. I kept the lime in my mouth and got her to pull it out of my mouth.

I don't know why I ejected that set, but i'm glad to hear you made out with one of them. I didn't have a target. I was just opening and having fun.

But now you owe me one. Pass me an HB next time.

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02-27-2010, 03:53 PM Post: #4
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RE: FR 62 Vicious Wildfire!!!! (New Level!)
Look at the progress..Good Shit!!

02-27-2010, 05:14 PM Post: #5
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RE: FR 62 Vicious Wildfire!!!! (New Level!)
Damn Vicious!! You're such a fucking slut!! Hahaha... It was an awesome fucking night man and I love to see the progress you've made. When I come back to doing this shit again, I'm going to look to you for my own development. You've been a great friend and wing.

Happy Birthday, Man!! Keep it up and you will reach your goal before you know it.

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02-27-2010, 07:13 PM Post: #6
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RE: FR 62 Vicious Wildfire!!!! (New Level!)
14 Numbers...Looks like you had a blast. Couldn't miss it for you. The Wild Fire has spread, watch out!

02-28-2010, 06:00 AM Post: #7
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RE: FR 62 Vicious Wildfire!!!! (New Level!)
Thanks so fucking much guys. I Love all the great friendships and Support. Definetly owe you guys. We gotta hang out consistently so I can repay you!

It's official. I'm The Rising Phoenix!

Suicide crew- Social Liberation.

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02-28-2010, 03:43 PM Post: #8
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RE: FR 62 Vicious Wildfire!!!! (New Level!)
True Story: I was taking the metro home Saturday night, look across the platform, and there's Vicious gaming another girl. Beasting it.

Well done homes.

I won the DC Metro Seduction 2009 Master Wingman award. Whowouldathunk?

02-28-2010, 11:57 PM Post: #9
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RE: FR 62 Vicious Wildfire!!!! (New Level!)
Wow dude. That's some impressive shite right there. It was good to finally meet you, and thanks for motivating me into doing the head opener for the first time.

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